Friday, October 28, 2011

Do not be fooled by news announcements spinning the concept of "it's getting better" either by the corporate press, or the owned politicians from any party. It's not ever going to get better.

Roller coaster up and down rides by crashing societies/empires are the norm. This is why so many throughout history were caught by surprise when their world collapsed around them. Why, in Britain do they dig up hoards of Roman gold coins all the time...Romanized citizens believed the spin, clawed for any sign that things were going to remain the same. Until it was too late and they ran out to bury their goods, never to return. The basics of what you need to do to survive the new normal remain the same.
Store food and water
learn to garden
have weapons & know how to use them
develop a skill which will survive the fall of globalization
keep cash on hand
pull your funds from the stock market
invest in personal supplies which will be viable after the fall
own high MPG vehicles or bicycles

The corrupted system we have developed is in the final stages of attempting to grift you of your last remaining wealth.

This is the time for substance...for investing in a greenhouse you can walk into and pick vegetables for dinner instead of investing in the Uranium wells offered by wall street. There will be no government solutions....the bar for the Government has been set so low by selling out to anyone, that failure is now deemed as a success. It's not getting better...those days are gone forever. Understand this now and come to grips with it as best you can. There will be no better.

The 1% have begun attacking OWS movements in several cities at night, of course, crushing the skull of a resistance member who happened to be a vet for peace. Changing laws overnight on street habitation, confiscating generators with the hope of strangulating OWS access to the Net. It is the first sign of fear...a change from Wall Street Bankers laughing at the demands of the people over cigars and brandy----to them releasing their paid for Political and Police lapdogs to begin active repression. It will become worse---much worse.
The OWS resistance members are hero's...

I revisited TERMINATOR SALVATION this week by purchasing a copy of the directors cut for all of $6.00. This was a movie that when released, I viewed by rental, and originally just checked off my, to see, movie list without much thought. I was very wrong.
With personal purchase of the film I actually sat down and watched it, compared to just hurriedly viewing it when it came out, I discovered what a GREAT movie it actually is. I find myself loving the anarchist styled resistance army...their practical, but ad-hock, personalized uniforms--great weaponry and excellent textures. John Conner has an Esse Izula (my personal favorite) knife strapped to his wrist, a beautiful technical detail....the backgrounds of a destroyed society are perfect....i think the best parts are when Conner broadcasts by radio to the resistance. It seems to be real feelings against the world these people face.
I'll watch it again this weekend. This was a movie i originally, quickly, dismissed as SF action schlock, but on a second look it is quickly becoming a favorite. If you are into SF films take another slow look at Terminator Salvation.

The Invicta Russian Diver Chronograph discussed previously arrived...It is excellent, huge and I mean HUGE on the wrist and easy to read with a snap of the wrist. I had to order an additional was just not enough. It appeared that this line of watches was loosing supply as if the model run was being completed. I wished to make sure I had what i needed before the access to this particular model of watch ended.

I just ordered a standard, non chronograph, black ion coated, Invicta Russian Diver watch copy pictured above. It has the same 60mm case diameter, same Arnold like hugeness on the wrist...but time, date, GMT only operation. Watches and knives----- my weaknesses.

The most recent military surplus clothing order arrived this week and my wife JoJo loves her new Arctic bomber hat, and My XL used German naval sweater is in perfect condition and fits.
....a good job ordering this time...

I am waiting for my tattoo appointment, had a consultation last week.
I will no longer be owned.

Despair and frustration will not shake our belief that the resistance is the only way of liberation.
Emile Lahud

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David Scott said...

I saw a Westfalia VW van while driving my Reba around and thought of you out a week ago for the first time. Glad it is working out for you.

Being lucky usually is the result of prep and sweat and that is definitely what you and your Jojo are doing. Just don't forget to take time to enjoy it.

Post photo of watch on wrist.