Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Pallidum, French Foreign Legion, boots are in, I have worn them and they are mega-excellent! My Military mountain bicycle has been back ordered----bummer. I am working and evaluating my solar/wind system but no workee yet...........No parts in yet for the Rovio although WowWee advised that they would send a new charger and battery-------------life at work plods along like
Joe vs. the Volcano--------------
READING: The Forgotten Legion by Ben Kane
Simulacra and Simulation
VIEWING: The Road----Peacock (both absolutely excellent)
PROJECTS: The mountain bike is the current project but it is delayed due to backorder.

The garden is progressing beautifully! Our potato plants are huge---and hopefully the potato crop will be as well---the automatic watering system JoJo installed is working perfectly and is a real labor saver. Sunflowers are up huge, tomato plants are getting big, and we spaced our corn further apart this year and maybe even we may get some ears this time. This year's temperatures are much better than last years---112 degrees last year 90 this year. My Prius MPG average on my commute is up to 51.2 miles per gallon thanks to the new hubcaps.
Just life in the matrix.

The back and forth and back and forth---good or bad spin in the media on the economy continues insanely....there are just these little inconsistencies against the "the economy is improving" rap........such as extending the unemployment benefits again...the potential bankruptcy of multiple cities and states ( not counting the 72 banks that have failed so far this year)...and that many predictions are coming to be...James Kunstler predicted societal shift in the suburbs years ago in his book Home from Nowhere, hit the link to the NY Times reference below and you'll see he was absolutely correct.
The truth of the matter is that our long descent is in motion---we have only witnessed the small edge factors--the Government is what is keeping our economy and society afloat at the moment---this cannot last forever----since the G is also keeping up the scam that we are still a superpower. There will come a point soon where it will be Afghanistan or social security, Oil clean-up or unemployment benefits, secure the border or medicare.....this either or point is on the event horizon and this will be a difficult time for Americans. We have never had either/or's it will be a new thing for us.

Upcoming Social Security demands has not and will not be spoken of....this problem is to be pushed under the rug. Those responsible for dealing with the bankruptcy of Social Security will be able to live like kings without it---but you and I have to be prepared for a long hard road ahead.

I'm done. I'm stopping smoking.
Not because i have seen the light on health--or any of those bullshit reasons. I've never been afraid of smoking--you couldn't scare me....
It's the cost.
Over my upcoming vacation the end of June my wife and I are going to stop. I simply cannot do it while working---the tenderness of job stress you know? We are going to lock ourselves away for two weeks and stop.
I thought long and hard before writing this...
You see I've been smoking for 46 years---i started when i was 12 when i started working...i never saw anybody there to help you know? Smoking kept you awake and stopped you being hungry. Where were all you activist shits then?

Due to the new laws and taxes I lost my little guy in Panama who was mailing me cheap cigarettes. He stopped being afraid of the new laws. Cigarettes will hit about $70.00 a carton here locally soon. That is just crazed---crazed.
No one who actually works for a living can afford that. So we are stopping due to cost, the only reason, money. I have tried my best to not let this society push me. I've stood outside in the snow, I've waited hours through airports, let fuckers stare as if i was a piece of shit while smoking outside a hotel. I've put up with it all. I cannot now survive the cost. A supporting thought however is the fact that you will no longer receive my cigarette tax money. You'll have to turn elsewhere--as the new taxes on soda many communities are enacting---yes now the attention has turned on you assholes. Fatness is next...having to stand outside because you are fat and it disturbs everyone else at work?
I will miss smoking with friends.

I have no idea what life without smoking is like? How will i drink coffee, or drink coffee and talk with friends? How can you have an intense political discussion without the fuck can you be a musician? What do you do when you are waiting? Driving? Conspiring? Gossiping? What do you do to calm down?
All these things I learned to do as a smoker---not as a weeb. I must relearn many,many social situations and develop new social skills. I really hate you out there for this--I cannot call it quitting. Quitting is what happens when people want to stop something. Stopping is when you are forced to quit something there is a huge,huge difference involved.

I had a feeling deep down that it would eventually come to this. When they stopped manufacturing Gauloises in France I knew for sure my world was going to change. I actually have never really tried to stop. I never wanted to. I would try to slow down on the numbers but this never worked because of WORK! It will be interesting to observe how, if i am successful in stopping, i will then deal with stress at work? This should be interesting for the people that work for me? Perhaps when all is said and done they will all contribute to buy cigarettes for me---which would be an interesting case of socialism in action?
We are going to lock ourselves in the house...take every prescription--quit smoking drug the doctor will give us...and like junkies, snot, puke and scream our way through this---and don't tell me about how easy it was for you! We have enough cigarettes left to reach the vacation and then there will simply be no more. I've

Friday, May 21, 2010

Arizona is just being it's own stupid usual self with their immigration law----just like no daylight savings time or no Martin Luther King day----the sun bakes their brains. If Arizona was a music CD it would be titled "The best of Stupid White People"..................

This week has been well bad...there is so much media spin on the state of the economy---It appears as if they believe that if they tell us often enough that things are looking up economically that it will actually happen. Our real unemployment numbers are at 21%------1 in 7 homeowners are in foreclosure status one way or another....The wall street journal did an article on 19 locations in the US that will not be coming back online no matter what happens to the economy-------------- Greece has gone bankrupt. The weird thing about Greece is they collapsed at 100% debt vs. GNP we in the US are at 90% debt vs. GNP. we and the Greeks may have to share space under the overpass--and they are a hairy and smelly people. Let's not even speak of drill baby drill you know? it's way too depressing to speak of the BP spill---what a foul species we are soiling everything with our touch.

I solved the hubcap problem and all is well...i had to determine a new method of securing the salt flats covers to the standard plastic beauty rings. 5 days of commuting-- car wash--and no babying over potholes---they are still there. the problem seems to be solved and best of all my mileage weekly average increased from 50.6 mpg to 51.0 mpg. right off the bat. Well worth the previous effort. Solving this has also made me feel better about my projects......that it may take me numerous attempts---i still may be successful. I have repair parts in route for the Rovio----maybe my luck will continue.

I will explain the reasoning behind this in several future blogs but i am in the pre-launch stages of becoming a bicyclist.
I recently ordered a Montague Swiss folding Paratrooper mountain Bicycle shown below. Of course I had to order a ton of accessories to go on it--bags, water bottle etc. Accessorizing------------- better to do on the initial order rather than the death by a thousand cuts later.
This was the bicycle selected to replace the Swiss standard infantry bicycle which had been in continuous service for 70 years. OD green, 29 pounds, built like a brick can pull the specs up at the website if you like.
My wife JoJo has a state of the art recumbent is star wars quality. I wanted to start riding with her for those reasons to be explained later...but of course i had to find just the right Bicycle with just the right weird factor. The Montague has strange how pleased i am to be looking forward to bike riding...of course there is the added Peak Oil factor of having a durable, collapsible bicycle for the end of oil times. I'll post pictures of my actual bike and bike rides in the future.

Years ago I had a pair of actual issued French Foreign Legion desert boots. They were incredible and I loved them...lightweight-----cool on the feet---amazingly comfortable. They of course disappeared in one of the divorces never to be seen again. Many a time i bemoaned the loss of these boots---

I was forced to await the arrival of the Internet to find these boots once again-------------------- Palladiums. I surfed I found I ordered.
The following is a description of the history from the Palladium website:

Palladium was founded in 1920 to make tires for the

fledgling aviation industry. Tires were made by layering

canvas bands underneath vulcanized rubber.

Palladium’s expertise was so advanced that soon the

majority of Europe’s aircraft were using Palladium tires.

After World War II, with aircraft manufacturing screeching

to a halt, the demand for tires decreased dramatically.

Palladium decided to open a plant in Pont De Cheruy, France

, to start producing footwear that was as hard wearing as their tires.

In 1947 the legendary Pampa boot was born, and the functionality,

comfort and durability were so outstanding that the

French Foreign Legion adopted it for their use.

The Foreign Legion put the boot to the test in the harsh desert

conditions of North Africa, and throughout

the rugged terrain of the Atlas Mountains.

I am completely beside myself over relocating a supply of these my wildest dreams i never considered that they were still being produced. This is the reason I love the French and their products---it matters not to them that a boot has been produced for 60 years in the identical style and quality---there is no reason to the French mind not to continue the totally unchanged production of something that really works in the exact same building in the same village.

This boot has a utilitarian--Maoist---dependable----French---- visual quality. A sincerely different visual vibe compared to say the Viet Nam jungle boot or any available commercial hiking boot. French military surplus that's me all over

The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years.
Deepak Chopra

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I viewed LEGION this week....I definitely give it a B+. Lots of guns, weirdness, shooting grandma off the ceiling was definitely a plus scene. There were moments of wtf especially toward the end, the archangel Gabriel was way overdone-overplayed especially compared to Michael the hero who was played low key and competent. I liked it---not enough to buy it...but I liked it very much.
"let me see your teeth".

I've been in a fail cycle lately. My Rovio's not working and i am awaiting replacement parts from WowWee.....My solar/wind system is disconnected awaiting parts....I am having to rework my Prius birth control hubcap security camera's and light system stopped suddenly---even the mouse on my computer's mouse is failing and I've ordered a replacement. Just fail--fail--fail--fail lately. Too much failure for a random striking of coincidence.
Edison appreciated failure as a signpost towards success----i am definitely not a mental supporter of that concept! I like my shit to work and to keep working. I like it when a mental project develops into a physical reality in my hands....the overriding importance to me however is function!
I don't like failure---or the repeated try's....that is not fun to me---it is painful!
But needless to say I am continuing on trying to make the Rovio, the hubcaps, the power system function even tho a conspiracy exists against my success. I understand now how the intermediate wiper guy or the 100 mpg, carburetor guy felt when the automakers when after them! It is easy to be destroyed by failure.

The future has already arrived. It's just not evenly distributed yet.
William Gibson

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Let's see----in last weeks episode:

A Terrorist using firecrackers trying to set off his car bomb gets caught by accident.
The gulf oil leak went from 1,000 to 5,000 to 100,000 barrels a day?

The stock market fell 1,000 points and no one understands why?

A rabidly anti-gay minister hires a rent-a -boy to go traveling with him?

Nashville is under water?

"Nothing to see here, move along, nothing to see here move along."

I am sitting this week in the nerd cave gazing upon the excellence of my new Starvin' Marvin figure--when I decided to watch a streaming movie from netflicks. I'd never seen Wall-e and for the most part don't care for Disney stuff. But with an evening to kill while enjoying Marvin on display---I pull Wall-e up--just for background having never seen it. So I watch it and am driven by unknown forces to immediately order a wall-e figure! I could not help myself somehow---this must be the Disney formula for success. "Must be subliminal!"---I manage to grunt as I press the buy it now clicker on Amazon.

I've gotten a few projects accomplished over the week...ordered more freeze dried foods to vary the cases of MRE's i picked up a couple of weeks ago. I also obtained some of those 1 day---1-----("tastes like coconut" emergency lifeboat") food bar(s). These things are supposed to fill you up and give you all the food requirements for one day with one bar. They are heavy, and fairly inexpensive, I will give you that....these are either last ditch supplies or i need to cover ground and cannot carry much food. I also obtained an emergency dental repair kit for the medical supply stash I am building.
I decided to go food and medical for this month's supply run because the world seems, well, more confused than ever. When the world around me gets edgy I buy long term food and medicine and it makes me feel better.......purchases like these make it easier for me to move along on a daily basis.

It is impossible to tell where we stand right now as a society. We all must make our own guess as to what is going on. There is NO unaligned source any longer to go to for "unspun" information. Agenda's everywhere---the economy is good---no it's bad---no it's good---no it's bad----statistics, statistics, statistics....................
Working off of "feelings" I do sincerely believe we are fucked. That is the vibe I get from the surrounding world. Not fucked by outside forces, fucked from within. Don't worry about Iran and nuclear weapons------worry about the bankers that are still trying to destroy us...They hated bankers for a reason in the Great Depression....

OK, OK----- so I have 5 robots, so what???
That doesn't make me a bad person?
Out the current five robots I have either purchased or assembled 2 are running correctly--of the two one actually fulfills it's purpose---it's protocol. I am constantly disassembling, repairing and being frustrated by the other 3.
The world of robotics is filled to the brim with frustration...try to show a stranger how your new robot works, (after it just working perfectly) and it is assured that the robot is self destruct and make a liar out of you every time. It is practically a given that buying a new robot includes amazing glitches and bugs in the system right out of the box...nothing will work the way it is advertised to work. That's the motto of commercial robotics---- "everything we tell you it will do is a lie."
It may have done it once, and only once in our perfect lab but..........

This week I have been attempting to get my Rovio mobile, robotic, surveillance platform working. Which means I have been working--working--working on it with negative results---but with that occasional flash of what the system could do If it just would do. This may be the overall lure to me of robotics....the reach exceeds your grasp, holy grail of trying to get one of these fucking things to do what it is supposed to do....i'll let you know if i succeed with the Rovio. Meanwhile have no fear of a killer robot's just not going to happen---believe me.

I traded for a Kahr K-9 pistol recently, the Kahr is a very small framed, single column magazine semi-automatic 9mm pistol designed for individual defense and covert carry. It's a tremendously well made little pistol and I practically stole it in the trade---but that's the way trading works---sometimes you do well, sometimes you do poorly---this time I did well. Although the trade came with two inside the pants holsters for carry...I do not care for that method.
Therefore I was forced to go holster shopping for the first time in years.....We are the product of our experience are we not? Much more so than we wish to admit or even recognize. I had always carried concealed with shoulder holster in previous lives...I can't stand belt holsters, and now with advancing age I have enough trouble keeping my pants up a pistol on the belt would insure embarrassment...In my previous lives I would use only Galco MI shoulder holsters and as a result I purchased one for this new weapons system. They are excellent, quality holsters and were always high priced....
You know you are getting old when you repurchase an item after years away from it and the cost is now three times higher----geezer with guns---I myself am not so sure about this?

I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it.