Thursday, May 13, 2010

I viewed LEGION this week....I definitely give it a B+. Lots of guns, weirdness, shooting grandma off the ceiling was definitely a plus scene. There were moments of wtf especially toward the end, the archangel Gabriel was way overdone-overplayed especially compared to Michael the hero who was played low key and competent. I liked it---not enough to buy it...but I liked it very much.
"let me see your teeth".

I've been in a fail cycle lately. My Rovio's not working and i am awaiting replacement parts from WowWee.....My solar/wind system is disconnected awaiting parts....I am having to rework my Prius birth control hubcap security camera's and light system stopped suddenly---even the mouse on my computer's mouse is failing and I've ordered a replacement. Just fail--fail--fail--fail lately. Too much failure for a random striking of coincidence.
Edison appreciated failure as a signpost towards success----i am definitely not a mental supporter of that concept! I like my shit to work and to keep working. I like it when a mental project develops into a physical reality in my hands....the overriding importance to me however is function!
I don't like failure---or the repeated try's....that is not fun to me---it is painful!
But needless to say I am continuing on trying to make the Rovio, the hubcaps, the power system function even tho a conspiracy exists against my success. I understand now how the intermediate wiper guy or the 100 mpg, carburetor guy felt when the automakers when after them! It is easy to be destroyed by failure.

The future has already arrived. It's just not evenly distributed yet.
William Gibson

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