Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Pallidum, French Foreign Legion, boots are in, I have worn them and they are mega-excellent! My Military mountain bicycle has been back ordered----bummer. I am working and evaluating my solar/wind system but no workee yet...........No parts in yet for the Rovio although WowWee advised that they would send a new charger and battery-------------life at work plods along like
Joe vs. the Volcano--------------
READING: The Forgotten Legion by Ben Kane
Simulacra and Simulation
VIEWING: The Road----Peacock (both absolutely excellent)
PROJECTS: The mountain bike is the current project but it is delayed due to backorder.

The garden is progressing beautifully! Our potato plants are huge---and hopefully the potato crop will be as well---the automatic watering system JoJo installed is working perfectly and is a real labor saver. Sunflowers are up huge, tomato plants are getting big, and we spaced our corn further apart this year and maybe even we may get some ears this time. This year's temperatures are much better than last years---112 degrees last year 90 this year. My Prius MPG average on my commute is up to 51.2 miles per gallon thanks to the new hubcaps.
Just life in the matrix.

The back and forth and back and forth---good or bad spin in the media on the economy continues insanely....there are just these little inconsistencies against the "the economy is improving" rap........such as extending the unemployment benefits again...the potential bankruptcy of multiple cities and states ( not counting the 72 banks that have failed so far this year)...and that many predictions are coming to be...James Kunstler predicted societal shift in the suburbs years ago in his book Home from Nowhere, hit the link to the NY Times reference below and you'll see he was absolutely correct.
The truth of the matter is that our long descent is in motion---we have only witnessed the small edge factors--the Government is what is keeping our economy and society afloat at the moment---this cannot last forever----since the G is also keeping up the scam that we are still a superpower. There will come a point soon where it will be Afghanistan or social security, Oil clean-up or unemployment benefits, secure the border or medicare.....this either or point is on the event horizon and this will be a difficult time for Americans. We have never had either/or's it will be a new thing for us.

Upcoming Social Security demands has not and will not be spoken of....this problem is to be pushed under the rug. Those responsible for dealing with the bankruptcy of Social Security will be able to live like kings without it---but you and I have to be prepared for a long hard road ahead.

I'm done. I'm stopping smoking.
Not because i have seen the light on health--or any of those bullshit reasons. I've never been afraid of smoking--you couldn't scare me....
It's the cost.
Over my upcoming vacation the end of June my wife and I are going to stop. I simply cannot do it while working---the tenderness of job stress you know? We are going to lock ourselves away for two weeks and stop.
I thought long and hard before writing this...
You see I've been smoking for 46 years---i started when i was 12 when i started working...i never saw anybody there to help you know? Smoking kept you awake and stopped you being hungry. Where were all you activist shits then?

Due to the new laws and taxes I lost my little guy in Panama who was mailing me cheap cigarettes. He stopped being afraid of the new laws. Cigarettes will hit about $70.00 a carton here locally soon. That is just crazed---crazed.
No one who actually works for a living can afford that. So we are stopping due to cost, the only reason, money. I have tried my best to not let this society push me. I've stood outside in the snow, I've waited hours through airports, let fuckers stare as if i was a piece of shit while smoking outside a hotel. I've put up with it all. I cannot now survive the cost. A supporting thought however is the fact that you will no longer receive my cigarette tax money. You'll have to turn elsewhere--as the new taxes on soda many communities are enacting---yes now the attention has turned on you assholes. Fatness is next...having to stand outside because you are fat and it disturbs everyone else at work?
I will miss smoking with friends.

I have no idea what life without smoking is like? How will i drink coffee, or drink coffee and talk with friends? How can you have an intense political discussion without the fuck can you be a musician? What do you do when you are waiting? Driving? Conspiring? Gossiping? What do you do to calm down?
All these things I learned to do as a smoker---not as a weeb. I must relearn many,many social situations and develop new social skills. I really hate you out there for this--I cannot call it quitting. Quitting is what happens when people want to stop something. Stopping is when you are forced to quit something there is a huge,huge difference involved.

I had a feeling deep down that it would eventually come to this. When they stopped manufacturing Gauloises in France I knew for sure my world was going to change. I actually have never really tried to stop. I never wanted to. I would try to slow down on the numbers but this never worked because of WORK! It will be interesting to observe how, if i am successful in stopping, i will then deal with stress at work? This should be interesting for the people that work for me? Perhaps when all is said and done they will all contribute to buy cigarettes for me---which would be an interesting case of socialism in action?
We are going to lock ourselves in the house...take every prescription--quit smoking drug the doctor will give us...and like junkies, snot, puke and scream our way through this---and don't tell me about how easy it was for you! We have enough cigarettes left to reach the vacation and then there will simply be no more. I've

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