Saturday, May 01, 2010

Let's see----in last weeks episode:

A Terrorist using firecrackers trying to set off his car bomb gets caught by accident.
The gulf oil leak went from 1,000 to 5,000 to 100,000 barrels a day?

The stock market fell 1,000 points and no one understands why?

A rabidly anti-gay minister hires a rent-a -boy to go traveling with him?

Nashville is under water?

"Nothing to see here, move along, nothing to see here move along."

I am sitting this week in the nerd cave gazing upon the excellence of my new Starvin' Marvin figure--when I decided to watch a streaming movie from netflicks. I'd never seen Wall-e and for the most part don't care for Disney stuff. But with an evening to kill while enjoying Marvin on display---I pull Wall-e up--just for background having never seen it. So I watch it and am driven by unknown forces to immediately order a wall-e figure! I could not help myself somehow---this must be the Disney formula for success. "Must be subliminal!"---I manage to grunt as I press the buy it now clicker on Amazon.

I've gotten a few projects accomplished over the week...ordered more freeze dried foods to vary the cases of MRE's i picked up a couple of weeks ago. I also obtained some of those 1 day---1-----("tastes like coconut" emergency lifeboat") food bar(s). These things are supposed to fill you up and give you all the food requirements for one day with one bar. They are heavy, and fairly inexpensive, I will give you that....these are either last ditch supplies or i need to cover ground and cannot carry much food. I also obtained an emergency dental repair kit for the medical supply stash I am building.
I decided to go food and medical for this month's supply run because the world seems, well, more confused than ever. When the world around me gets edgy I buy long term food and medicine and it makes me feel better.......purchases like these make it easier for me to move along on a daily basis.

It is impossible to tell where we stand right now as a society. We all must make our own guess as to what is going on. There is NO unaligned source any longer to go to for "unspun" information. Agenda's everywhere---the economy is good---no it's bad---no it's good---no it's bad----statistics, statistics, statistics....................
Working off of "feelings" I do sincerely believe we are fucked. That is the vibe I get from the surrounding world. Not fucked by outside forces, fucked from within. Don't worry about Iran and nuclear weapons------worry about the bankers that are still trying to destroy us...They hated bankers for a reason in the Great Depression....

OK, OK----- so I have 5 robots, so what???
That doesn't make me a bad person?
Out the current five robots I have either purchased or assembled 2 are running correctly--of the two one actually fulfills it's purpose---it's protocol. I am constantly disassembling, repairing and being frustrated by the other 3.
The world of robotics is filled to the brim with frustration...try to show a stranger how your new robot works, (after it just working perfectly) and it is assured that the robot is self destruct and make a liar out of you every time. It is practically a given that buying a new robot includes amazing glitches and bugs in the system right out of the box...nothing will work the way it is advertised to work. That's the motto of commercial robotics---- "everything we tell you it will do is a lie."
It may have done it once, and only once in our perfect lab but..........

This week I have been attempting to get my Rovio mobile, robotic, surveillance platform working. Which means I have been working--working--working on it with negative results---but with that occasional flash of what the system could do If it just would do. This may be the overall lure to me of robotics....the reach exceeds your grasp, holy grail of trying to get one of these fucking things to do what it is supposed to do....i'll let you know if i succeed with the Rovio. Meanwhile have no fear of a killer robot's just not going to happen---believe me.

I traded for a Kahr K-9 pistol recently, the Kahr is a very small framed, single column magazine semi-automatic 9mm pistol designed for individual defense and covert carry. It's a tremendously well made little pistol and I practically stole it in the trade---but that's the way trading works---sometimes you do well, sometimes you do poorly---this time I did well. Although the trade came with two inside the pants holsters for carry...I do not care for that method.
Therefore I was forced to go holster shopping for the first time in years.....We are the product of our experience are we not? Much more so than we wish to admit or even recognize. I had always carried concealed with shoulder holster in previous lives...I can't stand belt holsters, and now with advancing age I have enough trouble keeping my pants up a pistol on the belt would insure embarrassment...In my previous lives I would use only Galco MI shoulder holsters and as a result I purchased one for this new weapons system. They are excellent, quality holsters and were always high priced....
You know you are getting old when you repurchase an item after years away from it and the cost is now three times higher----geezer with guns---I myself am not so sure about this?

I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it.

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