Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am going to speak of nothing on the budget fighting--remember NO POLITICS--politics are over. We have fallen off the scale to where politicians are immaterial any longer. They are little nobodies------- attempting to gnaw on the remaining scraps of society's corpse.

It's time to relax and appreciate the understand the fact that few can say they were there at the end days of an empire an know exactly why it is relax there is nothing the average American can do...but watch it happen.

The greenhouse is finished!
My JoJo planted potatoes, onions and pea's this week in our standard side beds...and soon will be planting herbs in the greenhouse...I got the winter cleaned off the back patio and will work on the front planting flowers etc. we have to see if our rosebushes survived this Siberian winter we experienced this year....
My new worm farm is in route and once i get it up and worming, so to say, i will provide some photos...the garden is in that stage where you can what it will be like this summer....but for a good while it is just going to look like shit! no matter what we will come will come...

A link to an outstanding article on Mother Jones entitled "It's the inequality Stupid" that is an absolute must read....for anyone that thinks.
The graphs (sample above) displaying the rape of what once was the middle class---and the transfer of wealth to The George Bush strata is simply have to see this. You have to see the effect of conservative government on what was the middle class.

It is not social or war spending that has created our poverty, poverty which has turned us into the world's most dangerous 3 world is our elite, the rich who will never be rich enough stealing the future from your children...the Bush's the Cheney's, and every member of the Representative government. Robbed in broad daylight--you have nothing---

I received my Ichi Iachiago knife from Germany---it is beautiful--perfect sized for everyday carry and i am fascinated with my first Damascus knife. The only problem is that the sheath provided with the knife bites the big one....sort of a mountain man kind of thing going on---which i am definitely not involved with. So i am taking the opportunity to teach myself how to build kydex knife sheaths....I found a kit from where else--knife

The process of working with kydex doesn't really seem that hard and my goal is to create a sheath like the one pictured below to ride higher and more hidden on my belt. I ordered the kydex in OD green since i am currently attempting to leave the tactical black zone with my everyday carry equipment...I'll advise how this turns out...

Monday, February 21, 2011

I hate being correct...especially in this subject matter. I have consistently advised, and recommended, urban gardening, emergency food stocking, and the creation of as much food and gasoline independence as one can manage based on location and may be, however, too late for non-believers to act.

The recent disruptions in the middle east represent dissatisfaction with the rising price of food staples and personal economic growth....some governments that can afford to, such as the House of Saud---are throwing petrol-dollars at the problem...Saudi citizens are receiving free groceries for the next year to keep them quiet and docile. Poor nations are not so lucky---don't be stupid enough to think that this poor nation status does not includes us. Disruptions in the middle east causes the cost of oil to rise---especially when investors are unprepared for reality, making standard Agra-business, petrol-food more expensive. A vicious cycle.

Little things are happening---every month I order Number 10 can's of Mountain house, freeze dried food to put away. 10 servings in each can with a shelf life of 25 ordering early for next month due to present circumstances, there were only 6 available type selections at $36.00 a can----on all of Amazon? On this month's order I took what I could get. A bad sign.....
All factors indicate an increase in food cost, an increase in gasoline cost and possibly shortages of some specific staple foods and their resultant products---and remember the grocery store where you shop has probably only a 3 day supply on hand....

75% finished now...with the water and electric going in today...we managed to accomplish a good deal over the holiday weekend..we did have to cut and patch one set of wall panels that mysteriously would not align..but other than that there have been no major setbacks once the weather allowed for us to work again.

We are learning as we go---I'd recommend getting a kit with a double door---since the single door variety we have is for very thin people carrying very tiny objects into the greenhouse. Our plan is to line the exterior with Terracotta planters for flowers, and we are installing a utility sink inside.
Once the electric and water are complete we need to install the rear wall exhaust fan, put up the shades and we are complete. Behind schedule due to the severity of this past winter here but....I cannot tell you how happy and relieved I am insuring a supply of fresh food through the winters to come. The beds along side the greenhouse you see in the photo's are our summer planting beds....

My wife JoJo is both the brains and the soul of our gardens...I do the best I can at manual labor the moron assistant.... a strong back and the ability to use a shovel are useful other contribution to our food supply is responsibility for the worm farm. Up to now my worm farm has been a cobbled together affair out of an old Tupperware box. Today tho I decided that if the worm farm was my gardening claim to fame then i was going to do it right.

I ordered a new worm farm structure---the above 4 drawer system from and the below book "Worms eat my Garbage". This 4 drawer cabinet allows the worms to not only to have a safer, drier environment, but to be able to move up through the box to the next level following the compost placement leaving nothing but pure worm castings in the lower levels to be recovered. Excess moisture drains to the lowest level where you can draw off the liquid fertilizer....

This way I can fulfill my worm duties, educated---and with the proper equipment!

A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.

Friday, February 18, 2011

With spring, here in New Mexico, work starts on the urban garden...with the weather clear the greenhouse is once again being constructed even as i write this... JoJo has been a blur of planting already---seeds are already placed in the beds...seedlings are rising in the garage under lights---and she added new, this year, 2 Raspberry plants (we'll have to see if these work out tho)---and sweet potatoes. As for me--I am still shelling pecans and am at my 4th gallon now. But work has really held me back lately. I do have a, to do list and swear i am gonna get on it---tomorrow. We lost our potatoes and onions in storage due to the fact that we didn't dry them long enough in the sun before putting them away for the year---well, it is a good thing to learn now, rather then when our life depends on them....which may be too soon.

I have come to despise us as a society---

This cartoon truly represents the belief structure of all the conservative morons that surround me at work....they cheer on the destruction of the EPA, the SEC,the FDA, the heating assistance to the poor--until they get poisoned---until they get cheated by the bank, until they get cold, until they are out of a job and cannot feed themselves.....then they will bitch and wonder what happened to their Regan cheese....i am maintaining my vow not to write on politics...this is not politics this is abject stupidity...led by the American Taliban...that resides amongst us.
The ultimate proof of the overwhelming stupidity of this nation is that we continue to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan while we collapse, while our people are hungry, sick, out of work and our own infrastructure needs rebuilding----but no...we are forced to watch as our society destroys itself and is proud of it!

Recent everyday carry additions---one item I just purchased and one item I want....the item i just added to my pockets/bug-out-work bag are the black tactical goggles displayed below. These goggles even fold for pocket carry!! New Mexico in March is much like the planet Dune---high winds-- all day with blowing sand...standard sunglasses do nothing to keep the blowing sand/dust out of your eyes, so having the ability of pulling a Chronicles of Riddick kinda thing is so important...did i mention they were $9.99 with free shipping on amazon? Makes em even better.

The latest item on my EDC "I want it list" is this Citizen Eco Drive Military watch....Eco drive has no battery requirements. Self powered by the sun. This watch is very clean, subdued and time visible.

I have pre-ordered the dvd release of "The Battle of Los Angeles". In my hands via Amazon on 03-17.
I have been awaiting this film since I began reading news of it on the Internet. It has been however tough to get a handle on---- only recently have photo's of the invading Alien foot soldiers been released (below).
The Battle of Los Angeles has a tough problem...alien invasion movies for the most part turn out to be shit...for an example I give you.....Independence day....
The only alien invasion movie i have ever truly cared for was Earth vs. the Flying Saucers... so the construction of an invasion of earth by aliens movie will be a tough sell to me unless both the alien and military action is realistic and hopefully the ending will not be something out of Signs..... where the aliens are written as such a stupid culture that they cannot figure out Earth water can kill them even tho they somehow manage to travel across the galaxy to this planet!!!
I am hoping for the best out of Battle for Los Angeles.....really I am.

I am back at full blogging capacity. No excuses. The mystery surrounding why my Sony E series laptop will not connect by wireless to my home net system remains...i am hardwired to the matrix now. Had to give up the hunt for a solution as did the Internet provider servicemen and varying computer repair techs...there is still FM involved apparently.

Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength.
Ralph W. Sockman

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I go into my food storage area and just look. I have developed this habit to control my feelings of anguish, when I feel the loss of intelligence to stupidity in our governments...and when I become focused on how we have rotted from within. My stored food and emergency supplies make me as if I have something positive...I imagine that the Britons, when Rome pulled out leaving them alone against the Picts and the Vikings, felt the same when they buried their personal treasure..not imagining that it would be centuries before some mope with a metal detector found it.
There are crop, climate and energy whirlwinds approaching and all we do is argue over who can marry who, cut services to children and pound our chests about being #1.
We are done---unfortunately the trailer park philosophy and the God shouters will never understand this and make our finale worse than it might need to be.

Stock food-medicines-bicycles-water-medical supplies-garden like your life depends on it because it now does...because.....

We watch the Arab Public, active-involved in their problems, united at least in change while we play politics as usual. As gaslines explode in residential neighborhoods our elected idiots want to cut infrastructure money. While we are poisoned by poor food processing they want to cut the FDA's budget..The Republicans are for all intents and purposes killing the EPA in their budget proposals----but never, ever, cut security theater DHS or the military budgets...that would be un-American you-all.

Our society will only continue to crumble as long as we do not cut the military to the long as trailer park idiots are in charge....Unfortunately Americans take more shit than any other culture from their government---So there will be no square full of citizens in Washington demanding action--- we did that during Viet Nam, and of course, nothing changed---no one in power listens to you--no one in power---cares about you----no matter who they are----get a handle on that and prepare for the end.

I do carry, at least, one of my knives, usually two, daily either on my person as part of my everyday carry or in my work they are in use (pure justification here)---- I am deep into the everyday carry concept and the bug out bag philosophy.....I just ordered a new knife by Izumi Ichiago, and am awaiting its of the good things about this knife other than how simply beautiful it is---is that i will be forced to learn how to make a Kydex sheath for it---i can't abide leather sheaths for everyday carry. I'm not a woodsman, I'm a city Cretan. I've found a place that sells Kydex knife sheath kits and am studying the process now. Hopefully I'll post knife and sheath photo's later.

I am still without home wireless---what can i say? forgive the lower construction standard of the blog and my inability to answer comments for a while yet...