Saturday, August 25, 2007

these are the days of the laptop dance.I did a number of small jobs releated to my computing systems...nothing really special. I got a FLIKR account for posting photo's and attempted,(repeat attempted) to figure out how to use it. I've been prowling ebay looking for a new type of system without positive results..and reorganized my laptop bag for work. Just stuff. I have been thought experimenting many concepts for my personal digital world...for example I am considering purchasing, used of course, a program called Dragon Naturally Speaking.
This is a voice recognition program for one’s computer which allows for the spoken word to be translated into documentation.
I have read the reviews of this program and although there are advantages and drawbacks that i can see to this type of program. One speaks into a headset mike for translation, rather than the physical act of keyboard typing. I cannot know for sure how viable this concept really is. This dictate to word perfect on one’s laptop is something that you have to have and work with to find out if it is truly useful or not. There is no way one can visualize it working and have a true feel for what this system ….i need to search and locate a viable used version first and then research the program and determine if I wish to follow through and purchase this item for use. This may be the method I have been looking for to speed up my production of written material and to accomplish many of the internal tasks I have set for myself. I did read an interesting interview with a "science novelist" in wired magazine some time ago who advised that he wrote his books using this system. That the keyboard and the process of typing interrupted the creative process…interesting…could a simple program like this take one’s creative process’s to new levels?

Technological archeology: (I love to make up my own terms such as this..)I am also researching Sony’s UPG UX-50 PDA.
A tiny, screen and keyboard,(about the size of a pack of cigarettes) wireless internet email thumber, matrix searching, video playing rascal of an item. I have asked myself "why do I want this, what can it do for me that I am not already capable of doing?"…and the answer, I have decided is that when it comes to technology, there need not be a true actual usage necessary for the item in question.
I know, I know, cop out you’re thinking but wait a moment…..
The overall, overriding, premise is to understand and learn a new, a different system, to comprehend a completely different method or maneuvering of technology. That’s the case with this uber small, Sony PDA. I want to do my best to understand the thumbing culture, brief texting on the move—I want to see if there are viable technological substitutes to the subnotebook, understand how these systems operate. To understand not only the technology but the social capital behind this "new to me" system.Sony has already stopped making these in the techno race---perfect fodder for me as a used item.
The hunt for accessory items such as memory sticks, wireless, and software for this now older system is also tremendous fun. Prowling the net hunting "like new" material for a system that has already been replaced by the new new thing is a cool hobby within itself. Then sitting down, plotting out and attempting to make this object work as it should is tech archeology at its finest. I believe that the interest in technology is for me, the understanding, the hunt, the learning process and making something work on the cheap…all addictive and fascinating for me.
I’ve conquered blogging wireless, writing and designing the blog on sub-notebook’s and it would be extremely interesting to discover if I could possibly blog. entirely, off of a PDA. In some ways that would be the ultimate mobile communicating…...
Digital wandering led me to free spirit sphere's---a canadian(?)company constructing hand made, wooden sphere's designed as suspended treehouses. The internal design/layout appears much like a fine crafted boat, and the exterior is, as you can see, most excellent very,very coolio...transportable to your site by plain old pickup truck---a suspension system for a walkway up to the sphere, which has an internal drop-down door-ladder...what a unique home world this would provide--go here for more information it's a happy, home made. sort of site.

I've completed the cyber-noir novel "13" by Richard Morgan and recommend excellent read of a possible future path with genetic manipulation, corporate warfare through their own,owned police forces--the US broken into three different countries--the south becoming an independent area declaring themselves as "jesusland". A very interesting read..after completing "13" I started in on a book i have been very focused on reading which is, counter-culture to cyber-culture by Fred Turner. This book basically attempts to delinate and explain the social pathing that the 'communalist' element of the 1960's counterculture took in helping to develop cyber-culture with the idea of creating a "digital Utopia". Stewart Brand of the whole earth catalog--which was the first book to help me to believe that i was not alone in my alternative thoughts on living... is a major player in this social transistion. The acknowledgement that Haight Asbury was always a small undercurrent in silicone valley has rippled beneath the surface of things and as i read this book, i find the social shifting fascinating. More to come on this book as i progress into it.

time for disgusting politics..Gonzales, Bush's attorney general resigns--finally--as we all said during watergate--guilty,guilty,guilty--my personal crusade against contractor's raping the american taxpayer has better than ever evidence courtesy of Rolling Stone magazine. They have just published an outstanding expose' of the theft of our funds, our future by Bush's buddies--called "the great Iraq swindle"--it is too good to summarize but if you are one of the last thinking human beings you need to go here and read this:
i believe that history will prove that this administration was one of the most corrupt in modern times. This robbery of the US treasury will have destroyed our future, our retirement, our infrastructure.. Although the american public may be too far gone down the rabbit hole of stupidity--i can only hope that the massive overkill of thievery which can be laid on this administration may be the straw that breaks the camel's back. That this overwhelming evidence may spell the end for the right wing-conservative, christian alliance as a true power structure. The end of the deer hunting with jesus crowd going to washington-- I know,i know but i have to be able to hope, don't i? With this i publish....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I actually hate it when i uncover information that supports my depressive side regarding the american public in general. Such is the case with the recent article advising that 1 in 4 americans did not read a single book--NOT A LONE, SINGLE, ONE, UNO book this entire year! Do you think it is a mere coincidence that this is the same nation that elected Bush? This is not a circumstance whereupon we as a society technologically have "grown beyond" books---this to me is the result, the end product of a systematic approach to destroying the intelligence level of the american public. I believe that the behind the scenes power, decided years ago that a stupid-cow like public is so much easier to dominate than an intelligent-well read public.There was a time period in this country when the organized power structure was at war with and afraid of the intelligent, the social activist college student..the late 60's and early 70's. The corruption of this activist block stopped the movement for change in this country... At some future date I will write in detail regarding this conspiracy theory of mine-- it may get me in the grassy-knoll hall of fame, at the national bizzare conspiracy museum.........but a man's gotta have a goal.
I just finished "Spook Country" by William Gibson
---extremely interesting in the way only Gibson can be---great characters---pretty much zero for a plotline. Gibson’s characters always make his books. Gibson’s characters are so engaging that to me, an actual plot truly becomes unnecessary. You grab onto his characters and wish to follow the lives of these people in the book and see what develops. You sort, of flow along blindly with these people through their lives. One goes where the book itself takes them. No matter if you are reader or character. Set in 2006 Spook Country’s occupants are:
A junkie Russian translator: held captive by
A maybe government\maybe not operative
Following a Cuban family who are all trained as spies working with
A GPS hacker into street virtual reality art who’s being chased by a former punk rocker turned journalist….
How’s that for a tangled web of personalities? If your mind is at all open, buy this book!
I will on occasion order several books at a time after thinking, and window shopping the internet just received three books I purchased in this manner--- "Counter culture to cyber culture" by Fred Turner, "The world without us"by Alan Weisman, and "13" by Richard Morgan. This should make for an interesting reading blender of science, societal observation and science fiction…just the way I like my imaginary word worlds---razor girls, statistical analysis and hippies-hackers what more could you possibly want.
I’ve started this reading buffet with the first few pages of "13"---
I like Morgan’s prose and construction of the future…his characters are also very film noir like-- which is tremendously appealing to me…only a few pages in and I am very happy with 13 regardless of the fact that the plot line falls somewhat into the blade runner bracket—a plot having been done once before does not stop me from appreciating both good story construction and good characterization. I’ve completely enjoyed Morgan’s TASHKI KOVACS series of books, I expect to enjoy "13" as well based on the chapters. Mogran to me is the post-cyberpunk perfect author.
"World without us" a thought experiment on the premise of what would the world be like if humans disappeared tomorrow--- which turned into a fact science based book. Some have critiqued the book as radical, wishful thinking environmentalism at it’s worst. Although I have not cracked the cover as of yet, I find the concept of the New York City Subway system turning into an underground river if humans disappear to be extremely thought provoking. The actual end product of this thought experiment—the book, how it reads and if it makes you think will be the ultimate test.
"Counter-culture to Cyber-culture"
is a semi-history, a reality story telling of how specific people and some segments of the original 60’s counter culture moved into the new, baby like cyber world at it’s beginning. The book supposedly also links the similarity between the hippie and the original hacker worlds and where these reality maps overlapped for a time. I find this concept hits home since I was one of those individuals who had built the RAMPARTS magazine, phone phreak, "blue box" (although mine was built into a big ol’ strike anywhere kitchen matchbox) at my "crash pad" so to say. Cheating the phone company at the time was not only considered a righteous act of the revolution, but---was the first intro to making technology work for you and not the "man". Phone Phreaking--- the grandfather of hacking—with the entire phone company serving as your computer.
First service this week on the Prius—danger..danger---my wife had to show the offical toyota mechanic how to start it, that is of course a 'clue'---I hope things are alright with it the P is running fine as of today---the not knowing how to start it explains quite a bit on how my required oil change went—although living in the middle of nowhere--- and owning a hybrid car------is like being a Tibetan Monk looking for work in Mississippi…..the two items are mutually exclusive.I am looking forward to fall.
(I finally broke the 50 barrier for one day with 50.7 mpg average)
Once the weather cools off working in the garage becomes a possibility again—my master Prius modification plan is to begin work on the aerodynamic, Bonneville Salt Flats wheel covers…for mounting on the prius. The Nerdgasam wheel covers are the next great hybrid project.

I signed up for blog action day...which is a project designed to have the world's bloggers write on one subject on one specific day....Oct.15th and the topic is the environment. I enjoy the concept of harnessing as many blogs as you can get, and focus the digital power of alot of hot air, and badly organized opinions directed towards one specific item...who knows what will happen? You should go here and support this. Smart Mobs and the coordinated exchanges of information are the only way to defeat the Haliburtons of the world. Exchange of knowledge and cooperation is power---

i've declared this my offical geek weekend..i will do no real physical work. No lawn mowing, no weedeating or moving rocks..i will do only geek items. Downloading programs, maintaining my computers, re-packing and organizing my computer bag..wandering the web for cool stuff aprreciated only by me..buying something techo-cool,out of date cheap but truly worthless off e

Monday, August 13, 2007

Why is it humans are never satisfied?
This lack of satisfaction MUST be some trait necessary for the survival of the species; otherwise it would not be as powerful, as driving as it is within us….
Oh there are exceptions—like the Amish
But overall a common human trait is dissatisfaction==wanting more or wanting new---a better term might be an inherent lack of satisfaction, the trait does not necessarily include being unhappy…you can be totally happy and want something new to happen or a new set of experiences. There can be absolutely nothing wrong with the world around you and lack of satisfaction will suddenly strike deep.
I could not help but wonder where this drive and desire within us comes from…i am in a consistent state of wonderment over the human propensity to hold multiple conflicting drives and desires at the forefront at all times....

I just received William Gibson’s new book "SPOOK COUNTRY" this weekend. I have slowly crept into it. Strange of me-- I’ve been delaying, thinking, planning on this read. I really want to enjoy this book on the first time around----a book I have been awaiting for seemingly a long, long time. Specific books that you consider important should not be rushed, one should laze into them—when you know, really know, your mind can give the first read the attention the book, truly deserves. Half-way through the characters, the plot and the concept are excellent..wrapping you up in their very, very, strange world, and one is unable at the half way mark to know where all this is going....excellent!

I uncovered in an article the other day that the standard blog currently active on the internet has the life expectancy of a fruit fly and on the average---the common blog is written by a teenage girl waxing poetic about her cat????
I imagine this commentary is based on a statistical analysis of the sphere…therefore I understand. Statistically speaking I am sure that the teenage girl & cat analysis is correct on a statistical basis. It has been said previously that the matrix, the internet is made up of primarily cat photo’s and not big, ole brain thought breakthroughs. There has been the statement, repeated often a prediction, that blogging is dead, old news, done for….i think that a winnowing of the blog world was predictable. In fact most Americans, hate to read and I would think hate to write ….that once the novelty of posting your inner most thoughts on your cat wears off, bye, bye blog…
The online blog world will reduce down to what is necessary and survivable… pundits forget those like me----who use a blog as a substitute for a web page. Besides we Otaku like individuals cannot in this lifetime get enough of exposing our mental hairballs to the universe, we'll probably never stop.
blog sites are easier to operate, update, are free for the most part--- all the advantages with none of the disadvantages of maintaining a personal web site. So although there may be a drop in blog start-ups, and blogs often die a sudden death I believe blogging in one form or another is definitely here for the long term.
Now let me tell you about what my cat did yesterday……………………………………………..

I love conspiracy theories—and conspiracy centered individuals. It’s a hoot. Especially those whose theory begins and ends with the government. As in the government has this huge, multi-pathed complex conspiracy to deprive us of ( insert bizzare item here ) or hide ( insert aliens,bigfoot, truth, whatever ) from us. Now the big problem in real, real, real, reality is that this is the same government that could not get buses or supplies to new Orleans, knowing that a hurricane was coming----the same government that could not find the uni-bomber until his brother copped him out for the reward money, and did i mention it's the same government that brought you the space shuttle which cannot survive being hit by a red-neck Styrofoam beer cooler. Yet all the amateur, enthusiasitic theorist’s in this genre believe that the government is, all powerful, logical, active, knows what it actually wants to do and has these really cool, Jason Bourne like people to do stuff for them--- instead of the losers and geeks they really do have for proof i present--ta-da-- scooter libby---- Encountering these poor theorists in conversation I always make the blah! Noise…unfortunately I can never control myself at the moment so the loud blah! is usually directly into their face….sorry about that, did I get anything on you? Our government is totally incapable of carrying on anything close to the (insert incident here--for example roswell, kennedy assination, fake moon landing, etc) it takes the government 6 months to issue a guy a stapler---much less keep an alien ship crash landing hidden for 60 years----but these people make life interesting for sure.....and without these conspiracy experts and there theories--we'd actually understand how stupid our government is and then we'd throw ourselves off a cliff.
personal project update time--
my laptop systems are working perfectly. In fact as i write this i am sitting with my xps working lifebook is excellent. The original battery is starting to crap out so i've ordered a new replacement battery. The only remaining project is to set up and work the mobile printer with the lifebook--..i have to transfer the drivers from floppy to thumb drive then download to the lifebook..hook up the system and make it work. This is on the agenda for completeness.The Rain barrel water recovery system, self hypnosis, the prius, the our personal simplification process are all working.
Because of being caught up I am working on a new listing of projects for development.
First on the new project list: is building/modfying a set of aerodynamic wheel covers for the Prius. One of the members of the prius chat has a great "how to" website on this adaption where he bought a set of 4,disc style "bonneville salt flats" land speed record, wheel covers attached them by pop-rivets to the beauty rings spring clipped to the stock wheels. Supposedly one can gain about 2 miles per gallon using these wheel covers. The covers run about 134.00 for a set of four. I want to paint these covers to match the metallic gray body paint of the car. The additional m.p.g. is great but the side effect of making the prius appear more of the sci-fi movie "car of the future" is the true coolio part.
just a couple of items that someday i would like to have--or try out--simply because of there aura of splendidness---so to say---the first is an new electric scooter by yamaha. Apparently, of course, only offered for sale at this time in Japan! We are like the unemployed of cool stuff here in the US--companies must have it locked down saying "the US has no taste, is rednecked and bible thumping, so therefore do not ship new cool stuff there!"---jeeze i hate that!...but this electro scooter is so cool---the second is the vw eurovan full camper--i have always loved these things and want one before i die--period.