Saturday, August 11, 2007

I could hardly wait to post on this item. A Sterling engine (here's a link explaining)
He's got a little video of the engine working, sitting on a coffee cup, at his site and this is uber everything if you are into working science kits and so forth--yeah-yeah but these kinda kits are wonderous--you learn stuff while you do it and then wind up with a very cool toy at the same time....

Well good old george bush is about to set a new record--the most vacationing president in history--the guy who was at home more than any other president. supporters say that he's still working---but remember this is the guy who never read the intel reports before 9/11 or before invading Iraq--where was he? based on the record--you guessed it--vacationing. The other interesting factor is that the US is the ONLY first world country which has no federal law setting out mandatory vacation time for workers! So let me get this straight? He takes off more time than any one in history--and guys like me have no law requiring that i get any time off at all.
Well isn't that special?

I always enjoy following a george bush rap with a good old fashion rap about people from Arkansas--it just so fits together, like cogs in a gear or something-- you know? You've heard about this one--the couple in arkansas who just had their 17th kid? The best comment i heard was "Lady, it's a vagina, not a clown car!"
How can you do this? It's like an X-Files episode--I mean 17? This couple needs cable--this woman must just plop these rascals out at the drop of a hat--it's like giving birth to your own cult! Notice how in the photo, Sweet old MOM appears to be giving a load of parental crapola to one of the rug monsters--"Bobby-Ray--do not pull the arms and legs off this one, you understand!" the poor kid, they probably can't afford toys and he only has babies to play with----Only, i repeat, Only in Arkansas can this kind of thing happen! I'm catholic and I'm astounded!

Laptop shopping in Japan nothing like the latest tech, just laying out in front of the store--no worries there about theft--it was the most honest county i had ever been in!...although my personal laptop dance appears to be complete? (i was wirelessly working with a laptop last night) i still lust after new little laptops from japan--i apparently always will--like my love of tape recorders--there's just no reasoning behind it...there must be a term for the collecting of technology--a proper term..for someone like me who prowls flickr searching for posted photo's on the newest japanese mini-laptop?

let's play catch-up on watches: I have'nt yet bee able to get a good look at the watches on the characters from our latest dvd focus--Supernatural----although i try my best to observe i can't get a clear look--working on it tho--
i actually found a new, and i gasp at this, TIMEX, argh--it hurts to say this, a cheap watch ($60.00) that i find myself wanting! Usually my taste in watches runs to the unaffordable--expensive--out of my league--type watch...but this appears to be actually very slick. One of the reviewing dudes at amazon said that it was big and heavy for a timex--just what i like in a watch. May have to do something about this---
just wanted to get a few thoughts down before the weekend ended. Back to the work-a-day world tomorrow, but the yards done, the prius is clean and i have communicated.
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