Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Vehicle Technology..
I have been organizing and setting up our new 2007 toyota prius we recently purchased. This is the first time i have had to set up the user interface of a CAR to insure that the car and i have the best possible human/machine interface---- the Prius may be one of the first cars truly intended for the computer literate society...this vehicle requires----setting up your phone for bluetooth wireless tech and then mating your phone to the car---downloading your personal phonebook into the car system--introducing yourself to the voice recognition system software---learing the central computer mileage information screens and setting up the central display colors which are most visible to you---presetting the sound system...teaching the built in garage doors openers to work your garage doors---setting up and studying the operation and how-to of the GPS this point i am unsure if the i am instructing the car....if it is instructing me...i believe this will be a more of a learn as you drive over time process for me anyway. i am stuck on several points simply because of a lack of adequate time to putz around with it---but soon, soon....

I've of course directed this prius programing process towards finding electronic geek car books. And of course they write them! Geek my Ride by Auri Rahimzadeh--(the title's worth the price of the used book alone) i just received it and started combing through. I did'nt order it to add anything to the prius necessarily--just to read about the subculture and what is possible via hacking the systems surrounding the car...I'm just a few pages in and it's an easy read..but as is often the case with experts on anything--one human's easy project is another human's train advise this book is not for the techno weak of heart! So if Geek my Ride is hardware end of the new gas saving,hybrid driving me---The Long Emergency a book by James Kunstler must the the software end of my techno-green process. Subtitled: surviving the end of oil, climate change, and other converging catastrophies of the 21st century, this rascal just about covers everything bad-ass that's possible, it sounds like all catastrophy all the time radio or something. It just arrived today so i am presuming this book is like the catholic church---"all death all martyrdom with a side order of dismemberment--all the time" kinda thing---this should be pretty different reading no matter what.Looking forward to it and I'll advise--- I did manage to hack and claw through my book on the scientific study of japanese cell phone email use...too bad i don't go to swanky, intellectual type parties---i could really throw reading that rascal out to the populace and listen to the surrounding conversation come to a screeching halt! Nothing much further to add on this book except the warning that unless you are my long lost identical twin i would'nt recommend this for light reading. A book I am on the search for is--- Homo Britannicus by chris stringer--- I just can't seem to find it on amazon, or anywhere else--and since it just came out i imagine the used market might be slim just yet--good news for people like me however is that nothing makes it to the discount bin faster that a book on prehistoric humans in great britain ( the book's section on british dentistry probably advises simply "no changes")--- This rascal may not fly off the bookstore shelves like a new diet book-----so this dude abides and searches. You have to begin your search for purchasing new books immediately on receiving the last order to prevent panic book purchase! I cannot abide not having something to read---

fishing for chronographs on the web has not been very exciting lately so a few photo's from the internet watch photo file collection to massage the otaku watch spirit. a large face square chrono, these are not really my thing the square faces--i prefer the music of the sphere's. a round watch is it for me as a basic item---but for an interesting watch shop link from tokyo go here-- don'tcha just love the swiss--this kitchen clock with timer is just beyond any description, it is to wonderous to even be considered retro--should be hanging in a railway yard cafeteria/kitchen keeping as always perfect time for the guys eating their lunchs in a perfect swiss manner!

I saw this photo on the internet and i just had to post it--it's like i've said before--- an AK-47--- it's the must have fashion accessory for a whole lot of the world. Once the prius gets "normal" in other words the new wears off--here's a bumper stick which is a must have for my my vehicle, since driver wise ass quantum physics requires bumper stickers on both rear bumper end points ( so you can be a wave and a particle at the same time) here's bumper stick number two--these are at

uh ok here's the last word--- bush's political appointee to an international committee on fighting prostitution world wide has been named in the recently arrested DC madam escort service records as an excellent customer. ya know if they all were'nt so mean and self righteous it'd actually be funny-----with this i publish....

Thursday, April 26, 2007

complexity----Complexity in general usage is the opposite of simplicity. Complexity in specific usage is the opposite of independence, while complication is the opposite of simplicity.

i am attempting to work out a mathematical equation for computing complexity in day to day personal operations. A simple statement involving a huge number of variables and requiring a touch of complex systems theory, chaos theory, the the Kolmogorov complexity, (i threw that in even tho it may not fit my problem zone just cause i love the name--and just cause of it's binary relationship to a piece of string) and let's not forget to mention emergence and self organization--mixed in for alittle flavor. In other words it's a bitch to come up with.

my own, open personal system for quality of life has self organized into a termite mound on drugs. Open systems will naturally become more complex, through self generation, without outside input... but most systems will balance themselves based on varying concepts of co-dependence. Mine has somehow run personal feed back loops both positive and negative are mental termites do not know what to two weeks i am taking two weeks off to be a good improve my quality of life, as best i can.

i am currently inhaling THE ROAD by Cormac McCarthy, winner of the Pulitzer prize for Fiction this year. It is rare that a book of this nature, dealing with a post-apocalyptic future and it's effects on a father and son, do two things. First win the Pulitzer Prize and second disturb me. The writing is excellent, it flows so smoothly you devour the words in massive quanitites, chewing through pages. And make no mistake it is disturbing. McCarthy has a way of destroying the juvenile myth that when civilization falls the prepared or the smart, or the ones with guns survive...don't read this unless you are ready for it...tender souls need to stay away from tough books. but if you are ready to read this genre written in way it has never been done before, jump on it. I recommend highly, but only if you're tough...

Personal,Portable,Pedestrian by various authors--is really something to help you sleep, interesting in small bits...the next time you can't sleep curl up with an examination of the social implications of the rise japanese cell phone email!! i'm hacking and clawing my way through it, slowly but surely. A few notable items--there was (maybe still is) a social war between teenage japanese girls and middle aged men i never realized that but i guess it makes sense. that the massive amounts of thumbing emails between young males and females in japan is a start for any type of real life, learning to love relationship. True relationships have become extremely difficult between the young in japan and they are substituting email phone friends as an extended group society as well as a methodology for possibly meeting that certain someone.. the email thumbing phone has never really caught on here in the US the way it has in japan where they ride bikes and thumb email messages at the same time....interesting to me but, probably substitute the word interesting for the word boring for any normal human. Can't recommend it for anyone other than me.

here's an interesting map and concept: build a private roadway around tokyo's biggest shopping district and when you build it, build stores, and office buildings first and pave the roof as the road!! The major problem is apparently cracks in the road which equate to holes in the ceilings which must be immediately patched without disturbing business hours....strange eh? This is also a totally commerical enterprise, not government funded or maintained at samuari...

i finally found a workable folding nine watt solar panel for a reasonable price on ebay.i am planning on charging my laptop with it as well as possibly free power for the battery system in my new UFO styled battery/electric lawmower. i am going to try out this roll-up panel concept assigned to multi-tasks as a change of pace from my usual fixed solar panel pattern of manipulation.

Ok, so after struggling with two local dealers we hit the road for an 8 hr. round trip drive to purchase a Toyota Prius and mission accomplished it's in the garage. Next is work everything on this little rascal properly....i've researched the vehicle from a purchase perspective online and now i must research how the hypermilers do that thing they do (without getting killed by road raging motorists behind you)....I'm just trying to do the right thing you know, save costs and gas on my daily commute, which by the way here in new mexico is quite the distance...and construct my world my way as much as possible. I'll probably bore you all to death with mileage and how to's and so forth, my apologies in advance. We got a package 6, gray, 2007 and after the previous zombie attacks this went smooth and by the numbers.

I was laughing out loud the other day, when i read a statement that "wages had risen so much in the past ten years-blahblahblah"...since this hit me as being so funny i thought a little research was in order just to be sure of the the wages for guys like bill gates have gone up...but normal humans have pretty much gotten screwed for you'll see on the graph below. Productivity has gone through the roof by American workers but the boss guys run with sissors and do not share!!

one of the most interesting items is when bush comes to power in 2000. Right up until then the world was progressing along somewhat equally. But wonder the blue bloods are doing the happy dance. Nothing better than big, big profits while someone else works longer and harder for nothing i guess this is "trickle up economics" eh?...."hel--lo McFly"

therefore i publish

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

For the past several weeks I have been engaged in an on and off search for a vehicle to fit my new mental, philosophical, and spiritual state. I have mentally titled this endeavor "geek my ride". I have been researching, test driving, and hunting Toyota prius vehicles in my home area. The Prius appears to be the only vehicle to fit the mental metamorphosis I have experienced.
I have a personal agenda on the green front as a logical attempt to be the insane, back yard, solar powered amateur scientist rascal, and the prius engages that bizarre element within me.
Hacking the prius for individuality is pretty well known at this point and the danger close hacking problems identified. The concept of mileage, resource savings, & mega-geek technology logically makes this the vehicle for me.
There is in fact a name for mega-milers in Japan, "Nenpimania" a title for those japanese prius Otaku's determined to squeeze 116 miles per gallon out of a 60 mpg rated stock vehicle (no lie these folks really produce 116 mpg). I must admit that I wish to join that bizarre crew of individuals determined to display to the House of Saud that they can eat their oil….
The problem is checks and balances---the Toyota USA Carny worker sales force does not understand that you do not buy a prius to display your sexual prowess (as Mr. T would advise, "pity the fool" trying to pick up squeeze in a prius) --- you buy one to save money on gasoline (and display your geek for life status) and if the purchase price is raised to the point that it requires four years of gas savings merely to break even on the rhu-rhuing you get from the dealer there is no incentive to make a change for better technology, cleaner air and a sane society. Of course explaining this to Boo Radley the Toyota sales boy of the month elicits a return of merely a blank stare and a dazzling "huh?" statement….meanwhile Boo the sales boy is anxious to return to banging on a black monolith with a bone in his hand (obscure film reference there for sure)
I have looked at new vehicles, and gently used versions of the prius. Besides absolutely despising the car purchase process---there is a part of me that overreacts to a new vehicle….with a new vehicle I am overcome with the desire to keep it as absolutely new ‘like’, pristine so to say, for as long a period of time as possible. As if my new vehicle was the bubble boy of cardom. Therefore, my overall plan is having difficulty standing up to reality. Reality involves felonious car salespeople, bubble boy activity and all the subsequent bru-ha-ha rolled into one spiritually disgusting process. I am not sure that I wish to actually deal with myself through all this....i can barely stand being around myself during this process.

Ok so we knew it would happen at some time...a world discovered that has been scientifically determined to be capable of sustaining water,as well as maintaining a viable temperature for earth-patterned life to form on has been examined and photographed by a remote spacecraft telescope. Now is this cool or what? Gliese 581C, tremendous planet name by the way, almost as good as RV-426, is otherwise being called superearth because of it's size. This may, down the roadway create a philosophical problem in the two countries--who are tied with the largest percentage (30%) of populations who absolutely refuse to believe in Darwin's theory of evolution, ---the United States and let's see--that scientific beacon of hope, progress and very large mustaches--- Turkey! Progressive nations with good health care and outstanding educational systems record only between 1 to 3% of their populations expressing total disbelief in darwinism and placing their bets on creationism. Do you think we could connect the dots on this information???(of course this poll excludes countries where the AK-47 assault rifle is considered a "must have" fashion accessory)
Cause we are gonna eventually find life out there as our technology improves and that life will have followed an evolutionary pathway. Now this is going to be two strikes against some belief systems. Life and evolution...There are going to be a lot of very pissed off hillbilly TV preachers, nuns and blustering Republicans trying to explain things away when it's finally proven that God actually does'nt like them the best...this is going to get interesting.

Here's a few new architectural concepts intriguing me... a japanese firm specializing in the construction of space extensions..sort of like tagging on a whole wing to your business through a window. Basically these guys prefabricate your addition and suddenly you have instant space with either parking or an alley drive through capability below the structure. Try their site, it's interesting. i just really enjoy this parasite architecture for the simplicity that it is. The next is tiny, real houses capable of being put on a small trailer with a fork lift and you tow it with the family car to your location of choice and hook it up. These are what i like to call uni-bomber hootches---perfect for hiding out inthe woods and building that special pencil box to mail to your friends---but if you have that spectacular piece of land and just want a zen out spot or are really,really, really,really into downsizing check these out.

i guess i have successfully upset everyone from the just named biggest car company in the world to the nuns that taught me how to print perfectly by using a pointer like a samurai...and therefore i publish.