Monday, April 16, 2007

if you enjoy the 1930's art
of streamlining...
There is currently an exhibit titled
CURVES OF STEEL detailed at this link
i have always been enamored with streamlining--it fits nicely with my rocketeer otaku and to me it was the highest art form attained by the motor industry. Streamliners (the term for vehicles designed with this method) remind me now of something that should appear in a well done anime--However at the time they were considered by their designers to be a doorway to the future--this to them was how the world was going to look, stylish, scientific, artistic---this design concept was excellent for trains, planes and automobiles--To me when it would come to the streamlining of airplanes the italians were the masters..... take as an example this twin hulled 1920's flying boat of the italian navy--amazingly beautiful. Who else but the italians would make such a styling statement with their military....We americans were no slouches when it came to private aircraft designed by those individuals who thought outside the box and into the arena of streamlining.. the single engined pusher Republic "Seabee" built in the late 1940's after the war was a hoped for "everyman's" aircraft it cost about 4500.00 in their money of the time--which just did not happen to work out---many of these aircraft are actually still flying today--it is the design--the exterior simplicity that really catches me----...Keep your modern Ferrari's, and 777's give me dynamaxion cars, Chrysler airflows & Republic Seabee's and of course the rocketeer.....

i've purchased the 3rd dvd in the set of the last exile anime. this stuff is too good. watching has given me a tremendous number of idea's for notebook sketching. The art work on the mechanical elements involved the airships and bizarre devices have produced a large number of ideas for me to practice my sketching on. Each dvd appears to have two episodes on it. One episode is the perfect length for a lunchtime viewing session...i've read that this anime is catagorized as steampunk, and yes i believe it is but there seems to be something way more to it--the only drawback so far is the rascal who seems to be the big-cheese commander of this one "freelance" airship This was made i presume in the early 1990's and he has this michael jackson thing going on as you can tell from the cover here...i worry that the michael jackson look-a-like thing may create a difficulty for me---but so far so good, big enjoyment at a little price.

just a few odd notes---there was a meet involving colleges and individuals focused on the land speed record for the bicycling does'nt interest me much at all any more but the design of these rascals does...bikes like the one pictured are developed at a cost of around 15,000 and are a combination of tech,science,design and hope..this particular design caught my eye..i just sort of like the design concept around this stuff. There's not much practicality invovled or process directed towards the improvement of a commuter's daily life if you a a would probably get hot inside this thing on your daily commute to work? i just enjoy the design outcomes, very cool!

on sale at the local movie rental joint we bought a copy of a movie that i forgot how much i enjoyed the first time i saw it...Suspect zero...this centers around an individual taught remote viewing by the government and seeing it the first time pushed me to researching the history of remote viewing which is actually pretty chilling. much of the proof of what remote viewers "saw" during the cold war was only verified recently with entry to old soviet sites for environmental clean up work...i wound up purchasing several books written by individuals that were either remote viewers in the project or managed the project from the scientific end....if you get a chance rent suspect zero--it is a movie that you have to give a chance---get through the opening 10 minutes and you are hooked. Beautifully filmed it seems as if every shot in the movie is a seperate piece of art work. Ben kingsley is very, very good in this film. to me the most excellent side attraction of dvd movies is this ability to purchase them cheap a year down the road from their release, and actually study movies that have had an interest for you....another interesting movie i purchased recently and really enjoy for several reasons is the ballad of jack and rose... this films deals with several subjects and is actually very factual...the premise surrounds-- jack who helped develop, design and build an off the grid, isolated-island commune. Every other commune member including his wife has left years ago and 25 years later he faces death alone at the empty commune with his home schooled teenaged daughter. The houses, power sources, lifestyle--everything surrounding this film is very accurate...and this movie is a totally unique concept of something that has never been written about before. Jack is dying and too late he's trying to integrate his daughter into society by "buying" a family for her.. but it is something he really, really does not want to do...which of course does'nt work...this could have been a terrible movie but it is wonderous....daniel day lewis, of course, is as usual can pick this film up used for $4.00 and you won't regret it...

i was going to write on politics, and the warped attitude of the world this week but i decided nah-there are a tremendous number of levels of interesting things surrounding us---why write about the trash----we just have to really see, to follow up--- to experiment with what we want to take from society and what we want to leave. books-films-anime-robotics, computers-social capital-architecture-design-thoughts-experiments in our daily lives---little, interesting things we can investigate and integrate into our lives to the best of our abilities is what's important and what keeps your brain firing the right way...but what do i know?

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