Monday, April 02, 2007

follow through is
the most important element of any operation. Therefore this issue of tesla's laptop deals with conclusions to items or subjects i've brought up in previous blogs.

STEAMBOY the anime-- absolutely excellent--tremendous art--bad plot like all anime, but who cares, you watch this to see the fantasic steam powered machinery rendered by otaku pen and ink---perfect for those idle times when you have that new laptop with the high powered graphics card, and state of the art headphones. Be sure however to set up the audio so that the soundtrack is in the original japanese with english subtitles. Watching anime in english to me really sucks--watch it in japanese ---anime was made for laptops...i enjoyed steamboy in sections while eating lunch out on my this dvd used for a couple of bucks and enjoy it --each time you watch you notice something different detail wise. Steamboy also perfectly fits my non-pervey requirement for anime--nothing bizarre here with little cartoon girls. Steamboy definately gets the coolio rating. i am now on the hunt for the next non-pervey anime dvd to select and it may be the LAST EXILE (the movie) i really do not know enough about this anime yet and i am still researching it but it looks as if i can find one used for the right price i'll advise as i go with anime as i a still quite the novice at this most interesting genre subculture.

i have completed MARKET FORCES by richard k. morgan and it is simply excellent--written several years ago actually, it is full of evil international corporations, duels to the death fought between executives for advancement, which i believe is a positive way to go--and a post cyberpunk grunge future---great gunfights--and lotsa intrigue---you gotta be weird to love this book but it definately hits the coolio rating. If you are into postcyberpunk fiction futurism you'll love it. i've managed to hack my way through THE SINGULARITY IS NEAR by ray kurzweil--- it is a job to read unless you are like me willing to paw through 500 pages to reach a theory of: the future looks great, we'll be cyborgs and live a long long time, nanobots and AI will happen and be good. Not much talk of being human capital for corporations like Haliburton and cannon fodder for republicans getting in the way of this great time we all are gonna have. To Mr.Kurzweil, (who writes like a rich guy and makes you feel like he is a rich guy since he has routine anti-aging intervenous treatments on a regular basis according to this book) the future is not just rosy for the rich--- the good stuff will trickle down like reganonomics--yeah right!---i admire the math in this book and the calculations on where computing power is going and the discussions on nanotech--well done and thought out. But there is zero-nada realpolitick involved here---no one will hold the future hostage for profit according to the author--which to me ignores how the world really is and therefore makes me suspect the rosy future predictions of the singularity is near---i'd give this one a don't bother rating ---unless you are a total rainman like me surrounding this type of subject matter. i just received my copy of lifehacker by Gina Trapina it is absolutely wonderous. The sections on hacking and controlling your email is worth the price of the book alone---i'll advise in the next update, but i am already wrapped up in it and enjoying the concept of 88 ways to improve your life by the proper hacking of personal technology.There is a complete web site LIFEHACKER from which the book derives with daily tips on how to make the technology in your life more effective, and often random useless things as well you need to go here......

i've received my order of professional grade artist markers and transport box and have begun to sketch illustrations on my daily moleskin notes and entries. this is something totally new for me, i have avoided drawing my entire life having felt as if i was a complete mangalor at the process. i have been encouraged however by the sites i have visited regarding the differing methods people use to maintain their notebook and now i am starting, hesitantly to sketch, record by drawing the items in my brain as i make these notes....i'm actually doing it and someday may get brave enough to post a's a hoot to draw for only yourself try it....

ok here's a few new places to hit on the internet
the first is a site called UFO evidence filled with UFO photo's. Some appear to be slavic guys idea's of what to do with a pie pan on a saturday night--some are like the weather ballon stuff, but acouple, just acouple mind you are kinda scary actually.....i like going here cause it makes me feel like mulder----NEXT-----what happens when anime otaku dudes meets pimp my ride? go here and find out insane stuff----i'd hate to show up on PINKS and try to race one of these rascals....things could get ugly...

this really appealed to me, using normal items normally disposed of ----as a valuable commodity for a totally new purpose is an ongoing pursuit of mine,----here is something i wish i thought you take bagels as a snack to work or make your lunch on a bagel? use one of your old CD spindlecases as a perfectly fitting, crush proof bagel carry case! is this rascally or what? gotta love it! Fit right in the old messenger bag--outstanding!!

I'm pretty happy, got a good tax break on my solar system at the house--the cut off my taxes actually paid for what i have spent on my solar system so far anyway and given me the push to do alittle more solar investment each and every year. See good things do happen when you give tax breaks to regular folk--instead of rotten rich republican hunting accident multiple heart attack fat cat estate tax free bastards---oops did i write that---??

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