Sunday, January 29, 2012

We soon join the ranks of many nations who retreated from Afghanistan--Our failing empire, economy and society has few advantages but the halt of these useless, draining, stupid foreign wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is one of them. This is the prime indicator as to the status of our society, devoid of all spin and propaganda---when our fat, old, rich guys in power stop sending poor young men and women to die overseas, the only reason can be is that we are truly done for and our national situation is way worse than we are led to believe.....

The recently acquired Ranger Hoodie jacket is working beyond expectations---an excellent investment and it now has the Bug Stompers patch on it---I've re-battery'd my Suunto digital watch and equipped it with a rubber face protector--we received a big trailer of compost for the homestead gardens---I am re-acclimatizing to the daily protocols of work---the newest Tat is 10 days healing, but still ugly--it's the nature of the beast. Absorbing information on the Boer war of 1899 as a reference to what might be our/my future....and I actually have been working on my art-----my failures include: Not starting my walking with a rucksack program this past week---too busy at work---and not being able to start my cigarette reduction program------------too stressful at work....these two projects are now my upcoming priorities.

Do I really have to comment on this endorsement?

This week's DVD review is the just released 2011 THE THING.

This film is an SF Otaku's dream---what happened at the Antarctic Norwegian base leading into John Carpenter's movie 1982 classic...THE THING starts out. I usually hate movies where the alien takes on human form..I consider it a cheesy cop-out for both the writer and the the director of any SF film...but the new THING puts a unique spin on this concept whereas, if you ask your fellow scientist the wrong question or even look at them as if they might be an Alien---a big, bad ass alien bursts out their human body and chases you around the facility until it catches you....a not nice thing to have happen.....excellent special effects and a good job of depicting the hardy Norwegians rounds things out.....believe me it's not Oscar material...but damn good on the couch, with your feet up, and a Pizza.

Reading Winston Churchill's book on the Anglo-Boer war has created a focus for me on the Boer resistance during this conflict. I have ordered two additional books the Boer Commando 1876-1902 pictured above and God does not forget: the story of a Boer war Commando--below.
Osprey's, Boer Commando, is a small reference volume focused on the equipment and practices utilized by this civilian military force.
God does not Deneys Reitz is a first person account of a young commando who fought through the last phase of the war against the English Empire 1899-1903.

My interest in this particularly strange and now considered, ancient, conflict focuses on the Boer resistance, their Commando, equipment and protocols--- this force, made up of citizen farmers, fight the English Empire to a standstill at it's height of power, but was in fact an Anarchistic Army completely lacking the form and substance of the standard European army of that time period. The Commando was bonded together by religion, hatred of international corporations attempting to steal their nation from under them and the Nash Equilibrium --Winston Churchill quotes one of the Boer Commando's who captured him as stating that the:
"Boer fought to live, not to die the way the English do."

This was a cooperative army--with both the problems and advantages that lie within that concept-- but it was COOPERATIVE and existed for a purpose the British could not understand.

I am studying this conflict and the extreme societal opposites involved because it has struck me that an independent, anarchistic, force such as the Boer Commando can arise naturally...such a cooperative force can operate, and can succeed. The study of "how it worked" is extremely important to me in what we face today---

I found the pistol I have been searching for at a local gun show this past Saturday.
I purchased a STAR model S---(slightly larger than the model D mentioned in previous postings but very acceptable)---.380 caliber, semi-automatic, single action pistol, in very good condition...I've obtained a holster, spare magazine and new grips as part of the rebuild project. This particular pistol is about 41 years old. The Star S is all steel, very thin, easy to carry and fulfills my particularly obtuse, everyday carry requirements. I currently have the pistol disassembled for cleaning. I will cold blue the exterior finish, install new white-faux Ivory plastic grips and when completed, post photographs of the finished product. Bringing back to life an old pistol such as this is a fulfilling project to me--weapons are ageless if maintained or restored properly---below is a stock photo of the Star model S with a small folding knife just to reference the size of this pistol... one of it's main advantages....I am very happy and hard at work on this geezer self defense pistol project....very enjoyable......

"Trust everybody, but cut the cards."
Finley Peter Dunne

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Penance, and the film IRON SKY are featured but our little world has had much completed.
I'm on my last few days of leave and working on the few remaining projects.
I am pleased with what i have accomplished.
This time has been so productive both individually and for the homestead.
There is a nearby gun show this coming Saturday and prowling the tables is my
reward for completing a large tasking list and preparing for the spring.
Monday it's back to work and that reality.
These days tho have been excellent.

The right hand and wrist was done yesterday--4 hours. These are actual photo's on my return. The work is bleeding still---it may be the application to a different arm, the position on the arm or design causing the bleeding---this one may take time to heal and i am glad i still have 4 days before returning to work---No matter the discomfort, the pain and bleeding is an integral part of this process to me--- My artist mentioned in just in passing the other day that "You sit well" implying that while undergoing the process I managed to control my physical responses to the technique. This was tremendously important to me since the control of the pain response, the recovery pain, bleeding and the permanence are elements I consider my penance.

"Traditionally, penance has been viewed as a punishment (the Latin poena, the root of penitence, means punishment, and varying with the character and heinousness of the offences committed. In the feudal era doing penance often involved severe, often public discipline, which could be both harsh and humiliating but was considered edifying. In some religions acts of hardship committed on oneself, fasting, etc. especially as part of an ascetic way of life, as monk or wise man are considered penance in order to attain a higher form of mental awareness."

My tendency to find and follow obscure independent Science Fiction films has it ups and downs--the ups represented by OUTLANDER--excellent--the downs represented by HUNTER PREY--sucked---but:
Is an independent SF film which I have been following the production of for some time, but I have not written of it here on Tesla's Laptop until I was sure that it would be completed. Iron Sky is due to be released to theaters in Europe sometime within the next month. An American release to theaters is unknown at this time and this film may require me to track down a DVD and purchase blind. Iron Sky however is way too cool of a premise to my little brain, not to be excited about or to buy outright based on pure hope.

IRON SKY's plot premise is that during WW2 the Nazi's built a secret facility in Antarctica which they used to intensely develop technology. When Germany fell--they subsequently used this technology and base as a staging point to occupy the moon, rebuild their society and war machine and then attack the earth in 2018.
Now is this a plot line or what ? ...apparently all the UFO sightings, crop circles and alien abductions since WW2 have been Nazi reconnaissance missions from moon bases in preparation for their resumption of WW2 with a new attack.
The visuals and textures offered as examples of the film on the net are purely outstanding--extremely dieselpunk in styling and the Nazi moon bases appear as if they were designed by Albert Speer...I must find this film on DVD when I can---even if it turns out to suck, I have to have it in my SF film library. I'll advise.

"Unemployment is capitalism's way of getting you to
plant a garden."
Orson Scott Card

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Controlling my own life, time and pace of action apparently results in blogs of a smaller size but more numerous...I will be back to the normal pace upon return to work on the 30th...for good or bad is for you to decide...

Today is an interesting day, a no going back day...not to over-exaggerate... Morpheus is offering me either the red or the blue pill. This afternoon I go in for my right hand/wrist tribal tattoo. This work today, will, change everything, for today's work will always be visible....never hidden. The work on my left forearm begins behind the wrist, long sleeves can cover the tribal there.
Until today, I could if i wished, disappear into the surrounding crowd of salarymen.
I designed the work on my right side to start at the palm side of the hand working over the wrist to the forearm.
It can never be hidden....therefore, the true, I, can no longer can be hidden after today.
No more a battery......

My eight dollar pedometer arrived and it is actually a remarkable little instrument--I remembered my stride length from long ago adventures--but in programing the Pedometer i double checked it and I'm glad I did--growing older has reduced my individual stride average--I supposed that's reasonable since many things are shrinking and reducing with age-------
but really now? ----
The wire frame commercial can (soup can size) wire racks, I ordered, are also in and the assembly, placement and stocking of these two racks with the 144 cans they hold, combined, will be an excellent job for me tomorrow while I am recovering from tattooing today. I am pleased to have finally obtained these racks and to stop the consistent can shifting, due to use and then resupply, of these daily used cans in the food storage area

I also received my Rothco Ranger Hoodie Jacket and it is magnificent--absolutely magnificent!
Bravo to a company that still knows how to build and produce value at a reasonable cost... A really well thought out design---everything from the pockets to the wrist closures are perfect...did i mention pockets? ---- There are a ton of pockets including interior soft pockets for sunglasses/goggles that are so important here in Southern New Mexico, pockets for everything so many that this jacket is almost a day pack within itself..the collar of the jacket (which contains a hood) was not designed for the, now extreme length, pony tailed person like myself --- but I'll gladly work through this one small personal problem to put this jacket to use. The Coyote Brown color appeals to me and I am actually happy that I violated my black only jacket protocol to go with this color--it may sound stupid but I find myself suddenly happy that the windy and cold season in now on us to put this jacket to good use....I am very, very happy with this purchase.

My Ranger Hoodie has Velcro squares on both upper arms for the attachment of unit designator patches...and since I have been a free agent for a long, long time I had to buy a patch for one sleeve displayed below:

I know, you know, where this came from?

"In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?"
Saint Augustine

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I have rested and resupplied during this first week of my leave from work...I have successfully completed a large quantity of work at the homestead...and during this second week I am completing personal projects.
Like an Italian Cruise ship Captain I am feeling pretty good about myself and the status of the homestead...just enjoying the lights on the shore as we stately flow past.

What if we all just did not vote?
For Christ sakes we have nothing else left to show our displeasure with our elected oppressors in the United States---We have tried everything----including electing a Brother as President and he fucking turned out to be a Republican!

I'm not talking about having only 30% of the eligible voters turn out for an election---this happens all the time and the winners of an election like that claim a victory by landslide?

I am talking about 85-95% of eligible voters in the US not showing up for the next Presidential election. A basic--- GET FUCKED-- signal. What would be the difference? Failure to receive representation---Pleeeease. These guys only represent their fellow members of the Skull and Bones Society, they would wear our skins without hesitation if it was cold outside.....This concept came to me during a thought experiment of how well votes of no confidence in Europe work?...We in the United States do not have the ability to signal displeasure with our corrupt, corporate owned system, officially, but to not vote for anyone is something we can still do--stop voting for the least disagreeable of the vile, corporate sponsored candidates who after being elected through default will claim to represent the American People--just don't vote for these guys who think rolling up the sleeves on their hundred dollar shirts makes them a man of the people..and stop believing the propaganda of how your vote counts for so much---your vote counts for 90% of us NOT VOTING your NO voice may actually count for something...the problem is getting 90% of Americans behind anything due to the mental world we all inhabit now---but not doing anything is easy for us----just stay home on the couch on election day---staying on the couch is the only thing we are good at anymore....

The license plate motto for my state, New Mexico, should say "Land of Layering" rather than "Land of Enchantment". During January through March temperature changes of 50 degrees during the day in either direction are the norm.
Preparing for a full work day in this climate upon awaking in the morning is challenging to say the least. You wear too little and freeze your ass off---or suffer heat prostration from wearing too much. I just ordered the above Rothco "Special OPs Tactical Soft Shell Jacket"--- the special ops title derives in that this is a design copy of what has become known as a "Ranger Hoodie" which has seen use in the middle east's wildly varied, daily climatic conditions. Wind and waterproof with underarm vents and fleece lined to pull moisture away from the body----I am planning on putting this item to daily use for the next 4 months...I somehow escaped my normal protocols of black colored coats only ----purchasing this item in coyote brown...a tough thing for me to do---but i could not escape my eternal demand for many,many pockets.

My most recent book order is
The Boer War (London to Ladysmith via Pretoria Ian Hamilton's March)
by Winston Churchill.
I have not had a great deal of luck in reading material lately...I am hoping this purchase turns that problem around for me....I have always been interested in the Boer Wars and have read quite a good deal on it---I think of it as the Steampunk war...combine that type of arena with Winston Churchill in his younger days--who was quite the Alan Quatermain type, adventurer figure and I hope this first person account will inspire my reading again---picked it up used for a pittance at any rate.
Just as a side note, did you know that the British invented Concentration Camps? First used during the Boer war, the Brits moved Boer resistance dependents in mass to wired compounds and let them starve to an attempt to force the resistance to surrender.

I have been working on our VW eurovan camper...just small detail work--washing and cleaning it. The major thing I am working on is to install our solar panel charging system for the on board battery power. This has taken a bit since I am not that good with electrical and am taking my time double checking everything prior to doing---No problems so far but there is always the X factor. I decided to mount the solar panel on a tripod so that i would not have to drill into the camper roof for a permanent mounting.....drilling into a fiberglass roof usually does not turn out well....and having the solar panel on a tripod allows it to be in the sun and the camper to sit in the shade.....tomorrow i will attach (hopefully) the regulator and wiring to the battery and we should be good to go and be able to maintain power......

I go in Wednesday 01-25 for the application of my right hand and wrist/forearm art. This session will be about 3-4 hours and I am very much looking forward to getting it done.

"You can't make up anything anymore. The world itself is a satire.
All you're doing is recording it.
Art Buchwald