Saturday, January 21, 2012

I have rested and resupplied during this first week of my leave from work...I have successfully completed a large quantity of work at the homestead...and during this second week I am completing personal projects.
Like an Italian Cruise ship Captain I am feeling pretty good about myself and the status of the homestead...just enjoying the lights on the shore as we stately flow past.

What if we all just did not vote?
For Christ sakes we have nothing else left to show our displeasure with our elected oppressors in the United States---We have tried everything----including electing a Brother as President and he fucking turned out to be a Republican!

I'm not talking about having only 30% of the eligible voters turn out for an election---this happens all the time and the winners of an election like that claim a victory by landslide?

I am talking about 85-95% of eligible voters in the US not showing up for the next Presidential election. A basic--- GET FUCKED-- signal. What would be the difference? Failure to receive representation---Pleeeease. These guys only represent their fellow members of the Skull and Bones Society, they would wear our skins without hesitation if it was cold outside.....This concept came to me during a thought experiment of how well votes of no confidence in Europe work?...We in the United States do not have the ability to signal displeasure with our corrupt, corporate owned system, officially, but to not vote for anyone is something we can still do--stop voting for the least disagreeable of the vile, corporate sponsored candidates who after being elected through default will claim to represent the American People--just don't vote for these guys who think rolling up the sleeves on their hundred dollar shirts makes them a man of the people..and stop believing the propaganda of how your vote counts for so much---your vote counts for 90% of us NOT VOTING your NO voice may actually count for something...the problem is getting 90% of Americans behind anything due to the mental world we all inhabit now---but not doing anything is easy for us----just stay home on the couch on election day---staying on the couch is the only thing we are good at anymore....

The license plate motto for my state, New Mexico, should say "Land of Layering" rather than "Land of Enchantment". During January through March temperature changes of 50 degrees during the day in either direction are the norm.
Preparing for a full work day in this climate upon awaking in the morning is challenging to say the least. You wear too little and freeze your ass off---or suffer heat prostration from wearing too much. I just ordered the above Rothco "Special OPs Tactical Soft Shell Jacket"--- the special ops title derives in that this is a design copy of what has become known as a "Ranger Hoodie" which has seen use in the middle east's wildly varied, daily climatic conditions. Wind and waterproof with underarm vents and fleece lined to pull moisture away from the body----I am planning on putting this item to daily use for the next 4 months...I somehow escaped my normal protocols of black colored coats only ----purchasing this item in coyote brown...a tough thing for me to do---but i could not escape my eternal demand for many,many pockets.

My most recent book order is
The Boer War (London to Ladysmith via Pretoria Ian Hamilton's March)
by Winston Churchill.
I have not had a great deal of luck in reading material lately...I am hoping this purchase turns that problem around for me....I have always been interested in the Boer Wars and have read quite a good deal on it---I think of it as the Steampunk war...combine that type of arena with Winston Churchill in his younger days--who was quite the Alan Quatermain type, adventurer figure and I hope this first person account will inspire my reading again---picked it up used for a pittance at any rate.
Just as a side note, did you know that the British invented Concentration Camps? First used during the Boer war, the Brits moved Boer resistance dependents in mass to wired compounds and let them starve to an attempt to force the resistance to surrender.

I have been working on our VW eurovan camper...just small detail work--washing and cleaning it. The major thing I am working on is to install our solar panel charging system for the on board battery power. This has taken a bit since I am not that good with electrical and am taking my time double checking everything prior to doing---No problems so far but there is always the X factor. I decided to mount the solar panel on a tripod so that i would not have to drill into the camper roof for a permanent mounting.....drilling into a fiberglass roof usually does not turn out well....and having the solar panel on a tripod allows it to be in the sun and the camper to sit in the shade.....tomorrow i will attach (hopefully) the regulator and wiring to the battery and we should be good to go and be able to maintain power......

I go in Wednesday 01-25 for the application of my right hand and wrist/forearm art. This session will be about 3-4 hours and I am very much looking forward to getting it done.

"You can't make up anything anymore. The world itself is a satire.
All you're doing is recording it.
Art Buchwald

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David Scott said...

I think to not vote is to give them exactly what they want that is what the electoral college is about control of our vote.

I voted for h. Clinton in the primary because I thought she had more balls than pres. Obama. I was right. For change to happen in Washington it has to happen on the street first.

Anarchist are needed because the people only wake up to the fact that there is a problem when there is a big bang to get there attention.

If you're wire is too long or large of a diameter you cam have resistance and result will be a voltage drop to your battery. Electricity AC or Dc can be confusing as all get out.

Good luck.