Sunday, September 28, 2008

Science versus religion-----an intelligent society would have been long over this blahblahblahblah---blah---but noooo not in the good USofA of Texas where stupidity reins supreme---and even after the scopes monkey trial, the Spanish Inquisition, and rewarding Galileo by sticking hot pokers in his butt science teachers are still fighting off creationists----none of us is as dumb as all of us---you know?

Office in a can or something very cool---you decide---i like it----- a portable nerd cave----

Here is a description of what the 700 billion dollars we just spent COULD HAVE BOUGHT OUR COUNTRY but because of the greed and stupidity of bush and his wall street golfing buddies it is going to their pockets-------read it and weep because i did--

WebUranist is one of the spots i hit routinely here's a link to photos of 7 abandoned cities and places in Asia---

I am not going to write anything on the bush economic meltdown but rather I'll bore you with a few lines regarding the election--------- i cannot help myself---Joe Biden in the VP debate said it best---this is the most important election of our lifetime--- it must be, must be Obama who wins...i can't add anything to is that simple.

I watched the VP debate----Palin was just a joke...biden could have tore her ass up in a heartbeat---but he was the gentleman, and i am glad my candidate did not descend to a lower level of soundbite politics on her...although it would have been very cool to see her vapor lock up. I found this Palin debate mental flow chart on the net which to me perfectly sums up Palin's thought process and performance.....

I've become a follower of TRUE BLOOD the HBO soap opera about vampires in Louisiana---the overall premise is weak but the characters are different---and truly interesting for a change---you are quickly involved with them and want to know what happens to them in their little world. All the characters are truly skanky folks i mean skanky---must be the heat and humidity and being subject to being bit in the neck that helps---this is the kind of tv program that baptists get all worked up about and protest. The actual plot does not matter, so don't get twisted up in trying to figure out where things are going its the being in it with them---by the way i think it is Tara who's killing the sluts for sleeping with Sookie's brother.
This has got to be the perfect, entire matrix collection of blu-ray dvd's. From Japan of course---it comes stored in it's own model of the hovercraft--Nebuchadnezzar. What more could you possibly want? Except for one of the original, working, Matrix movie phones--you know the one's that snap open?

SO by Peter Gabriel....excellent.... his best work--yeah yeah it was commerical but it was a commerical hit because it was great stuff.
"I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that. " Lloyd Dobler in the movie 'Say Anything"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This weekend's soundtrack is, well a soundtrack--from the original Ghost in the shell anime movie----wonderful---although you have to enjoy traditional Japanese drumming--and a sort of chant/drone throat singing style---not for everyone i suppose--ya think? but I really enjoy having it on in the background while computing---don't bother--i know i'm not right--i also ordered a portable cd player from amazon..i simply cannot get the hang of working an mp3 player--no matter how much i try---i just cannot make the damn thing work properly and i need music on the segway so i decided i had better get one while i still can--before they go the route of the walkman. I hate it that i cannot modernize in this particular area--plus i have a zillon cd's so i guess i should use them.
"who are you? who slips into my robot body and whispers to my ghost?"

This is very cool...a Swiss airline pilot wearing a winged jetpack has completed a crossing of the English Channel---Commando Cody has got to be spinning in his grave...when i was a kid in the 1950's jetpacks were the supposed item of the future---we'd all have one and commute to work with them...go on dates wearing them----uh--right? I guess science has finally solved and conquered the age old question of "how do i keep from burning the cheeks of my ass off with this thing?" which had delayed jetpack development for all these years! Gooooo----science!

The weirdness is upon us. Once again Bush is using an emergency circumstance produced and created by his administration to change American society.

Standard procedure for his crew of minor imps and demons--cover my actions or lack thereof by declaring an emergency... This time will it be called the War on Wall Street? Will they be declaring Mission Accomplished in a few days? The Bush incompetence has created and supported a war on the average American by the upper class....for the last 8 years---this has displayed to me the depth of stupidity and cow like nature of the populace within our i guess i can chalk it up as a personal learning experience. Below is a simple explanation as to what, why and how the current economic situation developed...if you are interested....
and next is a link to an interesting piece in the Herald Tribune on the fact that one of McCain's current advisers was a lobbyist for Franny Mae and Freddie Mac who helped reduce regulation on these funds helping them to crash---oh yeah by the way they paid him truckloads of money for his supposed services as well....but who cares right?
Yet if the common citizen tries to do what Bush's buddies have done, (that is raid the US treasury) the police are after them. A treasury department armored car overturned dumping nickels on the highway and motorists stopped and started helping themselves---of course this type of behavior must be stopped---stealing from the US treasury is limited to Republican political bigwigs and those who play golf with them---no infringing on their turf...

A leader in the "it's all fun and games until someone gets their eye put out" category is this article on a Russian technician who in 1978 "accidentally" put his head in front of a particle beam accelerator and got a Proton shot completely through his head....let me repeat that-----got a Proton shot completely through his head----and lived! You really need to read this...
In other science news---NASA has moved a spare space shuttle to a launch pad just in case,just in case mind you, the next shuttle mission to repair the Hubble Telescope has a problem. You see going to the Hubble means the repair shuttle cannot hooch up at the international space station if there is a problem---plus they only have 25 days of oxygen and it takes something like 3 months to get a shuttle ready sooooo gotta start now------rocket science man---we really need a better government.

I went for a great ride this past Sunday morning on my "HOG" my segway human transporter....i rode down to our bank, testing the route so to say for 'normal' errand type bank runs in the future---being in line at the drive up teller window ought to be a hoot--due to the wide variety of sidewalk conditions in town, i had to take to the street several times and let's face it i got scared---i created a strange, bending, paranoid turning of my body to see if i was about to be run down by an i ordered a mountain bike style Velcro strap on rear-view mirror for my i2. Just paranoid maybe... but there are some really,really vicious soccer mom's in town driving really,really fast to get junior to his special needs event or to pick up Juniors ADD medication so...better safe than sorry.
I was disappointed in Obama in the debate---read somebody's blog it will make them feel good---sit outside and relax--wear something different to work something people would not expect of you---send people very strange t-shirts as birthday presents---take pictures---carry a bag with your most important stuff---be cool.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Destructive hurricanes appear to moderate my weather in southern new mexico.... all those i work with discuss the wonderful weather we are enjoying. The result of the flapping of a butterfly's wing across the globe i suppose.........My father believed that the launching of rockets through the earth's atmosphere created our bad is as good a theory as any i suppose. I think too much and i had better be careful since below link is to a study supposedly displaying the commonality of thinking=fat---there are quite a few obvious problems with this theory---apparently these Brit scientists have never been in a WALMART on a Saturday in their lives...lots of fat and stupid going on there!
When you watch the original Jurassic Park film who do you identify with? The very cool great white hunter character Robert Muldoon played by Bob Peck? I personally identify with jeff goldblum's character Ian Malcom the very strange, chaos mathematician ( ya think??). Now you can find out how you could do if you were attacked while on a tour at Jurassic Park by taking the test called "How long could you survive chained to a bunk bed with a Velociraptor?"
I got a 1.6 score just for reference....
Well it's true Canadians are among the happiest people in the world! One of my own previously private theory and why not?---health care--no weird wars for unknown reasoning---religious tolerance---better schools---a population more understanding of the variety of the human species---the whole hockey thing i could do without--and I'd rather live without mukluks on 8 months of the year--- but still--no wonder they as a culture hate less and are more happy than we are! Hail Canada our neighbor to the north EH?

---i know there was millions of important economic issues this week...the crash and burn of the American economy is underway----the republican party rape of the American wallet is coming home to roost....but what can regular folks do? All we can do is read about it---there's absolutely nothing we can do to protect our money--our personal interests--- I simply try not to pay attention... of course no one in the Bush Administration is getting fired or going to jail over this horrific situation---Baby Bush never fires anyone for anything just like after
9-11---cause to him the government is nothing but a playground for his family and his white devil republican golf buddies....for all they care the rest of us little people can live under an overpass and eat cat food when we retire cause they got theirs out of our pockets---the Republicans would sell our organs prior to death if they could because to them we are them we no value other than holding onto the vote of the stupid and to cut their lawns. I can understand the masses being fooled by Baby Bush even twice...maybe....but who in their right minds would vote for these assholes this time around?

That's it for this blog----sit and watch some good movies----- focus on the ones you know the lines to by heart----take your shoes off and feel the grass on your feet before winter gets here---tell somebody they did a good job----drive a small car with high gas mileage just to screw the Bush family---google Abraham Hicks-----if you smoke cigarettes don't let them push you around....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The kitchen rehab is just about completed and it has just dominated our lives for seemingly so long now...
We actually have a semi-functioning kitchen, although there is still detail work to complete---the funny part is that now---everything seems worth the trouble--but during the process there were multiple times i just wanted to throw my hands up in the air and halt everything---it's not that i am weak, or stupidly emotional---it's just that interior demolition and reconstruction can turn the sanest human into Hannibal Lector--and this was really tough---unfortunately the same process is required by the bungalow's main bathroom---but we are going to give ourselves a couple of months of peace and quiet before tacking that item-----
I'm working on controlling my excitement over the Hydron collider. My problem is that not many around me understand my excitement---i get stared at alot when i attempt to discuss it...but we survived the start up proceedures and initial testing of the CERN Hadron Super Collider---and aha! next comes testing proof of the multiple universe theory----can't wait for that one---it will be like drinking coffee with God....such exciting times...but will we learn anything culturally from what we discover. The only cultural result will probably be---t-shirts that say---- "i opened a doorway to another universe and all i got was this lousy t-shirt."
i am studying conversational French on & off with a second hand set of 'repeat after me' cassette audio tapes ---- cassettes seem to be simply better suited for rewinding to find where you screwed curse words however and i need to learn how to curse in french. I'm not exactly racing along with this learn french process---but there are times where an ongoing project one has requires no actual advancement or's just the beauty of the thing.

---individuals are restoring, yes restoring old GEO Metro's...,0,342889.story?page=1 The Geo Metro sold by GM in the later 1980's was actually a Suzuki compact car with a GM nameplate slapped onto it--they became the object of popular ridicule at the time---and dumped on for years---the three cylinder car would however in the specific xfi model get 51mpg on the highway and people are now restoring old metros for alittle cash and using them to commute--- lowering their monthly gasoline expenditures---more power to ya---but having to reach back 20 years for appropriate economical technology really sucks and displays what we as a culture have fallen to..
17% of doctors make fun of their patients while they are knocked out undergoing surgery, according to a recent survey.... I knew it, I knew it!---all this crap about the nobility of the medical profession---blahblahbalh---more scientific backup for my hatred of doctors beyond my usual rain man reasoning---17% ------like who would make up that figure? It's gotta be true
Are you ever concerned/worried that your dog may be unhappy while you're at work---that they may pine away for you? Staring longingly at the front door awaiting your return? My old man used to say that all dogs were "sooners" sooner sleep than eat--and now there is scientific proof based on this home made flickr video--this is pretty neat---especially with the clock on the back of the sofa--take a look:

One of Einstein's wristwatches is going up for auction----this is of course complete with the usual sidebars of 'does it tell time and space?'or if Einstein's wristwatch was traveling on a northbound train at 80 mph and the engine smoke was blowing south bound at 20 mph??????
But the auction is real as is supposedly the watch--which was presented to Einstein as a gift at some type of meeting or symposium....the link to the website is translated from danish so in English it is a little tough but you can get the idea---i just wonder what the value of a watch like this is really worth? What would it feel like to wear Einstein's wristwatch?

This is really something, very cool and if it happens i would leap right up and vote for him. Apparently there is a rumor that Val Kilmer may run for the Governor of my adopted state---New Mexico....I like Mr.Kilmer. He's a long time NM resident---and appears to be unique....Richardson has been a great governor and I am a big supporter of him but if Richardson gets a cabinet post with Obama---Kilmer's getting my vote....don't even think about the actor thing after Regan and the Governator....don't even think about it.

I'm currently reading two excellent books. Fiction and nonfiction.
Neal Stephenson's new book "Anathem". Stephenson is one of my all time favorites, author of "Snow Crash" my all time favorite novel. So I am somewhat judgemental in favor of this book from the get go, and pre-ordered it.
As it turns out----What's not to like-----a strange culture, written in a strange language ----- huge monasteries built around giant, million year mechanical clocks which must be wound and maintained by the monks---960 pages allow one to become deeply involved in what is going on.....only a little in and i am already in love with this book and story.
The current bathroom--thinking book--is "The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives" by Leonard Mlodinow is a mathematical study of randomness, chance, pattern recognition, and how we humans fail to truly understand any element of random....especially in making personal or professional decisions. Most excellently written for the layman---another read in progress i am enjoying......

for now anyway----the world right now is simply great! I'm truly enjoying life around me and feel as if things are in the flow-------be different----just don't read---read alot---stay away from negative energy----do small things well----surprise people by nicely stating unpopular opinions....wear clean underwear.....