Friday, September 05, 2008

The dude who knocked up Palin's daughters my space web page hit the news recently. It's worse than you can imagine and is probably taken down by now....he's basically a young, Alaskan, stupid, redneck, hockey player, who "likes shooting shit" (true) funnily he advised on my space that "he didn't want kids"----as old kurt gowdy used to say "how about that!" At least the republicans have dick cheney to preside over this shotgun wedding.....Is anyone really going to vote for these retards????
What is it with me.... i have always, always had such expensive taste in regards to the small things of life. The little things I carry about on my person---such as watches, cigarette cases, mini-laptops, messenger bags, and on and on and's one more thing to add to the always ongoing i want list...that mental checklist we ( at least i do ) keep in our skull that tracks when you deserve to purchase some expensive physical item we desire...The latest focused upon item for me it is a custom French Laguiole pocket knife I found while surfing the net...the Laguiole is the traditional French pocket knife, it requires 109 steps in it's manufacture. object of my french pocket knife fixation is of course alittle more expensive than the norm...with slabs of carved, black buffalo horn---just beautiful....the style and type of knife a gentleman carries in their pocket for utility and of course james bondish like self can i live without this?....

This is one of those X-files items that makes me think in circles---- the Dyatlov Pass Accident. A mystery surrounding the deaths of multiple experienced outdoor activists in the Soviet Union in 1959---you need to read the entry and come to your own conclusions if you can:

This sort of struck me upon reading---that the average person gets only 63 minutes per day free of some type of media intrusion--be that television, telephone especially mobile phones or what have you..63 minutes per day? I'd have to think factoring in children this is probably too high for some people. There again when i was living alone i used to leave the radio tuned to NPR on all day and all night...just as sort of a companion in the house so to say?
The last item on my agenda for this blog is the discovery that marijuana can help cure methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Of course the DEA would rather have your skin devoured by staph bacterium than allow usage of marijuana and this study is from Great Britain because our studies are all directed toward proving weed is the tool of the devil. Anyway go here read this since it will never get news space here in the US.

It is a sampling of songs in different stylings all of which are relatively mellow...a background for a certain type of day(s)...not something for all occasions but cool to have on hand when it you feel as if there is a theme going on here---french pocket knife desires, french music---what is this?
Three months left till the idiot is gone---be sure to register and vote---go to a local art show and buy the movie Idiocracy----it'll be good for you..

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