Friday, August 29, 2008

A few items that caught my interest this week---starting with what's her name---ou know----McCain's running mate---well it seems she's stated she wants to have creationism taught in public schools---this is really, really what we need as a competitive creative society---a giant leap backward to the good old days of the dark ages. I'm sure she believes witch trials need a second look in 2009 as well...At least we have a real choice in voting this time and if the republicans are in power in 2009 we deserve what we get....this time.
Also for all you self-righteous gym workout rats out there looks like all your health bull----has worn out your joints ahead of time---making those who work out at 50 the new 70 year old---read this and weep......
A personal favorite is the recent recall of a million vehicles by GM for windshield wipers that can---are you ready for this----catch on fire----Please bear in mind this is the supposed company which, if ou listen to their ads, will save our society by producing the Chevy VOLT Electric Car...yet we have alittle problem with a million firestarter windshield wipers???
Weeks have been slipping by.
Have you ever experienced this?
A complete week that was filled to bursting with activity, in which one is so busy that you can not even remember what actually has occurred or what you somehow managed to accomplish. When you finally do receive a moment to stop and think you have no memory of the week at all.... it is life slipping away unnoticed. At 56 i cannot afford this---i cannot allow myself to randomly awaken from a week long coma--with no memory...i hate this.

Watches are explanations of people things to me. I am very attentive to the watches worn by characters in life and on film....It is a very rain man, Otaku part of my personality....The owner's conceptionalization of time...their acceptance of technology---or not---their vision of their personality--- are all displayed by the watch on the interesting question is always "do you wear your watch when you sleep?" The watch is the piece of personal technology we 'operate' constantly. I just purchased a new watch---not a terribly expensive--but a watch to be worn as a memento...a marker, a reminder. Some get tattooed for this purpose---i buy watches.... The watch i chose may appear to be a Omega Speedmaster, nor Rolex Submariner, but I like it, a black face Seiko chronograph the SNAB73-5. Everything a speedmaster has and more at one quarter of the price....

Give a few bucks to the panhandler on the corner, plant something just to see it grow, tell anyone you appreciate them, register to vote, watch good science fiction movies, organize your closet..and take care of yourself

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