Saturday, November 24, 2007

there has been quite abit happening--we are buying a wonderful small house in the historic district of Roswell..which will allow for much art--science and hanging out..i have not posted for alittle while but i have been writing so listed below are a few of the things which have been on my mind over the past two weeks:
here's a conspiracy theory I've just read about:Aliens destroyed the space shuttle Columbia via death-power ray??. This one really requires no explanation first thought on this theory was ........why would an advanced alien civilization use a death ray on a vehicle that resembles a tropical fish in that literally anything can kill it?? I hate incompetent advanced aliens...
but...i do enjoy collecting these types of theories. I keep them locked away in the back of my mind to help define the pure variety of the human thought process... collecting these wide ranging conspiracy theories was something one could not really do until the onset of the web..these folks are probably residing next to me at the RV park with lots and lots of cats and several antenna's super-glued onto the roof of their airstream! After all who am i to speak badly of this theory when we are now purchasing a house only a few miles from the infamous Roswell UFO crash site....i am already building my personal tin foil cap to wear around outside in case "they" wish to make contact.

I am working my way through the book "Japanese cybercultures" and although the collection of papers/articles is somewhat hit and miss on the interesting meter, i am very happy to record in my notebooks new words and phrases for future usage both english and Japanese such as--electronic individualism--meru-tomo= email friend in Japanese---atomized individualism---individualized interiority---i occasionally write words that interest me such as these down in my notebooks--just to keep, to think about, to roll around on my tongue and to throw out into conversations to obtain a blank look from the other party--so although the book may not be a stunner, it definitely has value to me. But then again only to me...can't recommend it at all to normal humans................................................ I am taking advantage of our recent retreat to self-evaluate.To examine parts of my internal make up i do not elaborate on here..our current living conditions, this venue, this remote, self contained, smallness we are living in at the moment assists in this process. My goal is to think about issues in my existence for later action. To plot a new ten year personal plan. A new element in my personnel planning is that this may be the 'last' viable ten year plan. The one last redefinition of myself in this universe that i may have the energy/health to accomplish. I've already decided this personality rebuild will be selfish. It will be just for and about me. I have previously rebuilt myself many times over this life--those rebuilds/reconstructions, were however, based upon the critiques, input, desires & demands, of those surrounding me, living off me, existing through me, or supported by me. This time, the last time, is for none but me.

A book which i am enjoying that i can easily recommend beyond the confines of my personal reading bizarre world--a book i picked-up used at one of the local bookstores entitled "Too far from home" it is the story of the MIR, SKYLAB & International Space Stations. It is written extremely well written in the style of one of those informative/investigative rolling stone articles by Chris not only explains the history of the space station concept but the down and dirty as to what astronauts refused to speak to ground control after long periods of isolation--how the Russians are different from us in space...where the bodies of the columbia astronauts where found..especially appealing is the how these people lived within the small spaces they did for incredibly long periods of time. This information was actually why i took a leap of faith buying the book--i thought the information might help with my rv living at the moment---strange eh? But give that thought a minute to sink in and overall it makes sense. At any rate the book is excellent, well written and an easy read...I recommend.
OK-OK--i've found a completely new watch to fixate over--i've never seen one in the flesh but at this point who cares? It is reasonably priced,at $345.00--just take a look at this..there is a multi-dial movement in watch design going on but to this point the ones i have read about or viewed on the net have been to this point incredibly expensive--this model from timberland is the least expensive multi-faced watch i have seen. I especially like the silicone banded one with the flat black mechanical section--very well done. The drawback with this type of "one off" watch, so to say, is that the watch may suddenly disappear off the market when supplies are exhausted...often the mechanicals are off the shelf components but being primarily interested in the design of the timepiece is my focal point. I'm going to decide over the weekend if i should push the buy it now button or not?

Ok--looks like i may have covered all the bases for right now--let's see alien plots against the space program--check---bizarre book reviews of interest to only me----check---hard to follow rap about interior personality/mental rebuild---check---Otaku watch rap---check--yup that about does it...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A day for doing odd small jobs around the motorhome. It's the first really cold day since we've adapted this lifestyle and it's very, very different living in a motorhome than a house in the's cold inside today--can't lie about that at all. The motorhome furnace is running all the time and it's snowing out there---feet are cold and i've got alot of clothing on...the hot exhaust from the laptop feels good therefore i want to be long winded on this entry and catch up on 'the usual suspect' categories i have a tendency to expound on here but have been lazy about covering lately...

Movie wise it has been an uninteresting chronograph period. Various movies and shows I've been watching all of the main characters show absolutely no style in their watches. Nothing cool to report on that front but... On the personal front however I've had some luck. In a previous posting I'd mentioned that timex had suddenly developed a new line of watches that were actually, well, interesting---especially an all black chronograph that caught my eye. Titled somewhat grandiose--"men's adventure chrono". Now baring the watch name--in reading about this watch i decided i needed one.....of course none of my regular web haunts carry this model... i purchased one at walmart,believe it or not, well below the retail price mentioned on the web (90.00) and the watch is excellent! To me this is astounding since for the most part timex specializes in watches for those people who could care less about watches--this watch is well made, heavy duty and actually pretty styling for what it cost! It's not the Omega speedmaster with black face and black leather band i covet but coolio none the less..

Mileage in the Prius since the move has stayed relatively stable at 47.6 MPG per week.Even with the recent temperature change over to winter which i was sure would affect my mileage. In my area this mpg has resulted in a cost of $13.00 a week in commuting costs for a daily 45 mile round trip. Oil recently came really close to breaking the $100.00 per bbl. mark this week and like everyone else I expect gasoline prices to climb astronomically in the very near future. My workplace is an incredibly conservative social structure--the sort of place where huge pick-up trucks are admired and coveted and covered with support our troops bumperstickers. I realize that i had been "fondly" identified by my loving co-workers as the "Al Gore--left wing Geek with the electric car" surely this is a sign of affection--- ya think? however the panic has begun amongst the masses. everyone i speak with at work is scrambling to reduce their gasoline expenditures and increase their mpg. The most interesting, less effective solution i've seen is old dudes commuting in the cold and rain, on their harleys, getting less miles per gallon on their "hog" than i am getting in my hybrid--very strange belief structure in play there. I am incredibly relieved that i made the switch to a hybrid vehicle prior to the upcoming rush on the toyota dealers. I think prices and demand for these vehicles is gonna get ugly soon. Since I've done everything personally possible with available hybrid vehicle technology right now i am going to purchase a segway human transporter for small short trips. Completely electrically powered i can if necessary recharge the segway off of solar cells..and be free from gasoline dependency for short trips at any rate. I'm pricing and researching right now and have settled on the X2 on/off road model and found a dealer in new mexico who offers a cargo trailer option which will allow for trips to the grocery store, shopping or utility usage. The range is supposedly 25 miles on a full charge which could conceivably cover my 22 mile work commute, on the state highway shoulder, if necessary. I am actually considering this in good weather if long as i recharge it at work. I can only imagine the hassle i'll get over this rascal--right up until--well you goal is to have this item in hand by the first of the year.
I have had an unsatisfactory run of book purchases recently. There is no fault involved in this neither for the author nor yours truly the reader..two recent books i received rewired and radio freefall have not inspired me whatsoever....i have resorted to rereading through my william gibson collection pending the arrival of the books discussed below-----my brain may have switched over from fiction to non fiction without advising me...therefore i ordered two non-fiction books which i have held on my wish list for quite a period of time...the first is titled THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE X-FILES--although at first a seemingly worthless topic for the display and explanation of philosophical theory books such as this may actually be the most worthwhile---- I have read several books on the philosophy of the matrix movies and enjoyed them. This category of book using visual representations from movies and television series has reportedly had an tremendous success ratio in college philosophy classes. The visuals from these subject's formats, the examples of present day paradoxes assists greatly in understanding varying philosophies.I enjoyed the x-files and i am very interested to read how the authors relate x file episodes to the world of classical and modern philosophical movements. My second non fiction selection is JAPANESE CYBERCULTURES (i bet that's high on every ones reading list eh?) i know, i know ---a very specific, isolated book in my singular interest category--can't help myself eh? My ongoing deep and abiding interest in Japan-pop and their cyber-techno-future present knows no bounds--i am probably one of three people in the United States interested in this book---with no apologies---bought this completely blind, no reviews, critical or otherwise---it simply cried out to me! From the land of gold plated cell phones and talking toilets i expect amazement!

What exactly will we be seeking in a house this time around? i've been preparing a listing in my head of the necessary elements for our structure at this stage in our ongoing evolvement as humans....#1- small, 1200 square feet..#2-close to services,shopping, and those good 3rd places like bookstores and coffee shops...#3- a small lot, with more private area than public area--#4- purchased mortage--#5- having that undescribable feature of being able to conduct our lives and art within it's walls---(how's that for a zen like statement?)this will be a difficult process--which we are prepared for--that was the intent behind moving into the motorhome so that we could search unimpeded by time and the constraints of "having to" find a place to live....we are planning the start of the search after the holidays---
this about wraps up where i am right at the moment--preparing for a segway purchase--researching japanese cyberculture--adapting to the motorhome life--writing--gaming--and actually enjoying myself greatly...i hope you are as well---when you stop studying--evolving--enjoying you self terminate

Monday, November 12, 2007

A week of trials and tribulations, minor but stunning in some ways---it was brought home to me that when you reside in either a spacesuit or an RV how your personal sewage goes away is of utmost importance. We suffered the supposed curse of motorhomers the blocked black waste tank! Of course this blockage occurred as i was attempting to get ready for work..and yes mine does smell! After purchasing a wide array of RV anti-poop tools and chemicals we are somewhat back in the game of sh** rolling downhill...Couple this with attempting to learn how to actually get dressed in the mornings for a work environment, without the ability to stretch your arms out--amazing....try this to observe what i am dealing with. Step into the smallest closet you possibly have---shower, shave, change clothes,have your significant other need to walk from one end of the closet to the other on a random basis above all, do not forget to bring two dogs into the closet with you during the entire operation and come out dressed like a power player---eh--difficult to say the least. The owners of the KOA campground has a Segway Human transporter--- they are considering buying several and renting them to the guests! I am beside myself over this--I have been intrigued by Segways since i first read of them....I've seen them in operation only twice.Once operated by the Dallas airport Police --and here now in the RV park. The owner at the KOA facility here has been riding the sample around the park testing it...My wife and i have decided to actually break down and purchase a Segway---the research begins as to which model, where to purchase, blah,blah--but a true break through for us! An additional plus of having a segway on hand here would be the ability to zoom to the central restrooms should we suffer an attack of inoperable pooper again. I sort of pooper transit lifeboat......i hear you laughing way out here--go ahead---
I'm making a listing of things I want but do not have the elbow room for right now--a personal play on the amazon wish list thing--One item i have to get down the road is this rube goldberg marble contraption available from think geek. Marbles in motion everywhere with no real purpose other than to eventually raise a small flag. I really enjoy these types of devices but unless i stop using the sink there's currently no where for this item to go--so to the wish list for later.

It's been only 10 days encapsuled in this lifestyle but i have not been able to read as much as i have planned simply due to the fact that i have been sleeping like a rock and going to bed much earlier than in my previous life. I am currently reading "Rewired" a postcyberpunk anthology of various cyberpunk like short stories. With the demise of cyberpunk as a genre i am desolate and try anything that approaches my favorite sci-fi reading. So far there is nothing particularly exciting about this groupage of stories. William Gibson supplied an excellent short piece on japanese subway cardboard hootches for the homeless ( a particular interest of mine if you follow this blog at all, so of course i liked it ).... short stories are probably the best material for me at the present anyway... I recently received my amazon backup book order and am pretty well set for the next few weeks at the rate i am currently reading. One of the books I ordered is a novel called Radio Freefall with a somewhat interesting premise on music rights & downloading. Both of these books are available from if you are interested
There both advantages and disadvantages to this life at the moment---it's quiet and peaceful here even more so at night...tons of stars visible..--the neighbors change with some frequency so one does not have to worry about being smothered for life with people you do not enjoy cause they come and go with great frequency--and you get to watch for the latest in new motorhome equipment all the time...the dress code is relaxed to say the least--one does feel alittle insecure since it's not really a structure--the weather plays a much more important part in your life and definately affects what,when, and how you do things--and the temperature changes in the desert strike at random--mostly one is too hot or too cold---one or two plants make up your garden and one takes better care of them treating them more like a pet--(like Leon treated his plant in the movie the Professional..) The times of greatest enjoyment are snugged up in bed at night in the desert with a book---
well more later on the Human transporter search and purchase

Friday, November 09, 2007

Showering a semi-normal sized human body in the motorhome can actually be accomplished! It does feel somewhat like i am washing up in a japanese subway station. The shower design and function is something of a cross between the locker room on the international space station and what you would find at a highway rest stop specializing in dwarfs....I did actually shower in it last night without the rash of injuries i had mentally projected--
I am sleeping well--physical space may have something to do with my sleeping well---the bedroom is small, cozy and animal den like--the mothership bedroom is quite similar to the size of an english peasant's entire hut in the good old days of King's & Barons (which the republicans would like to see returned to popularity) therefore when one enters the bedroom and lies down the smallness and cozy den-like feeling overcomes you and you simply sleep--since the bedroom cannot be used for hanging out--your mind winds up equating the bedroom with sleepy-time..hey--it's a system..

--the long stay folks are placed at the rear of the campground. Overnighters get parked at the front---there is some logic to this system..the longer stay guests tend to have stuff outside--it makes life easier having the stuff you use frequently outside at hand...however...there is no design police so the "artistic content" of the stuff outside individual RV's varies with personal taste of the occupant... by putting the long stay folks at the back of the lot it prevents the "oh my God! Just look at that" syndrome when paying customers first pull set your mind at ease we display two matching folding chairs, a battery powered lamp, a small folding table with our beloved bonsai tree on it---very Zen RV space thing happening--we are probably the untouchables of the long term area bicycles or bar-be-que's, or pink flamingo's creating some form of art out front. I am tremendously jealous of the campground resident tooling around on his own Segway Human Transporter--i have wanted a Segway for the longest time---i am suffering from serious envy!
Collect call from Mr.Coyote:
It's quiet at night--and peaceful..and we like the being close to each other snuggled in the dark of the desert...last night the coyotes were yipping, howling and moving about the edge of the park. My little boston terriers snoozed and snored right through it all....
here's an interview with William Gibson that was just published online in Rolling Stone Magazine--Gibson advises he has been writing about the present--simply because it is science fiction now--and there's no need to create a false bizarre world--when we have a true bizarre world available right here. Truth is stranger than science fiction now.....
I've been primarily using my lifebook in the mothership but over this long weekend i am planning on firing up my XPS, setting up the wireless connection and playing Stalker.
I am intent on expanding, refining and developing my gaming on a higher level. To assist in these mental changes and develop the necessary computer skills,I recently ordered Sim City Societies.
The premise behind this simulation is one builds a complete society, represented by a city-- good/evil, green/morlock, artistic/police state your choice of moral and physical direction. One designs the environment, attitudes, buildings, transportation, support services everything. Humans in discussion I am looking forward to building my own society--it reminds me of the train station locker, little people in Men in Black II, "ALL HAIL JAY,ALL HAIL JAY". I'm don't think i will demand worship from my subjects but you can never tell how a creator really thinks----I will be advising on how well this works--and how well my society thrives or fails.

Being occupied as i have has cut into my anime watching process. Last chance i had to watch anime i only managed a part of the first episode of THE THIRD. IT is excellent and a plus in being behind in my viewing is that i have two complete discs to watch at my leisure. Anime focus is also on my mothership personal agenda listing...

Life is good, restful and peaceful right now and we want it to stay that way for awhile--we are hootched up just enjoying our individual intrests, our dogs and each other. I have yet to touch base with establishing my email, that will happen soon i think....

Monday, November 05, 2007

Knee deep in the hoopla. We've transported the mothership to the KOA location and set up residence there. The movers are about done and the house is closed and gone. Too late to turn back now. The big-big life becomes a thing of the past. My first day being the "FNG" at the rv park entailed: fixing the screen and only way in metal door metal door, organizing and storing our materials in overhead bins that make what the airlines have look spacious, set up a charging area for the cellphones--laptops blah blah,Set up the TV dvd players, hook up water,apply the hook up and duck sewage line installation technique-- plug in the electric lines--set up the wireless--have the wife fix the hot water heater after I stupidly putzed about for a whole day with zero success--take the dogs to the play\poop area three times--try out the communal showers (which are nicely done I might say) set up the outdoor sitting area--blah-blah--blah-woof-woof--woof. This of course was the "first day". I slept well last night!

First impression's?
I completely feel as if we did the right thing--The mothership is small(434 sq. ft.)--items we take out we are going to have to immediately be put away--there is no room for sloth or the concept of "I'll get to putting that away later personality"--This KOA has an excellent wireless system. I'm working for the most part on my Fjitsu lifebook--it fits the environment and it's size assists in keeping my brain in a small place. The things that we have worked through the past few weeks it is amazing that we are both still in love with the idea of small/down sizing---but we are--there is more to it than simply changing living space--we now owe nothing other an a monthly storage fee for the big furniture added to the electric and lot fee at KOA. It's almost as if we passed the magically line of responsibility into the neutral zone, where even one's parents could not find fault with our finances at the moment...the plan is to hang out for awhile here prior to beginining the search for a small, high quality house. I had only two "rain man" panic attack's during this process-- i have high hopes for the future for thought, art, coffee,conversation and cigarettes .

I did have a strange flash of insight last night. I was lying in bed in the mothership reading Neuromancer for the 30th time trying to get use to sleeping, let's say, on a new GPS point. While i lay there reading, Gibson's character,Case was living out of cubicle hotels in Japan--I suddenly understood that i have been prepping for this change unconsciously---constructing personal carry bags with everything i need for living small--moving to sub-notebook wireless computing systems--all this done unknowingly-----leading to this point of my existence. Thoughts have power --live small-- high quality--high tech..William Gibson's characters in his early novels had rice and batteries lifestyles. Rice and Batteries is a blanket description meaning that each individual has access to what is needed to sustain life---but only a small few have access to anthing beyond the minimum level. We unknowlingly were moving toward a quality lifestyle prior to being forced into rice and batteries.
I'm back online and will advise more as i go....