Monday, November 05, 2007

Knee deep in the hoopla. We've transported the mothership to the KOA location and set up residence there. The movers are about done and the house is closed and gone. Too late to turn back now. The big-big life becomes a thing of the past. My first day being the "FNG" at the rv park entailed: fixing the screen and only way in metal door metal door, organizing and storing our materials in overhead bins that make what the airlines have look spacious, set up a charging area for the cellphones--laptops blah blah,Set up the TV dvd players, hook up water,apply the hook up and duck sewage line installation technique-- plug in the electric lines--set up the wireless--have the wife fix the hot water heater after I stupidly putzed about for a whole day with zero success--take the dogs to the play\poop area three times--try out the communal showers (which are nicely done I might say) set up the outdoor sitting area--blah-blah--blah-woof-woof--woof. This of course was the "first day". I slept well last night!

First impression's?
I completely feel as if we did the right thing--The mothership is small(434 sq. ft.)--items we take out we are going to have to immediately be put away--there is no room for sloth or the concept of "I'll get to putting that away later personality"--This KOA has an excellent wireless system. I'm working for the most part on my Fjitsu lifebook--it fits the environment and it's size assists in keeping my brain in a small place. The things that we have worked through the past few weeks it is amazing that we are both still in love with the idea of small/down sizing---but we are--there is more to it than simply changing living space--we now owe nothing other an a monthly storage fee for the big furniture added to the electric and lot fee at KOA. It's almost as if we passed the magically line of responsibility into the neutral zone, where even one's parents could not find fault with our finances at the moment...the plan is to hang out for awhile here prior to beginining the search for a small, high quality house. I had only two "rain man" panic attack's during this process-- i have high hopes for the future for thought, art, coffee,conversation and cigarettes .

I did have a strange flash of insight last night. I was lying in bed in the mothership reading Neuromancer for the 30th time trying to get use to sleeping, let's say, on a new GPS point. While i lay there reading, Gibson's character,Case was living out of cubicle hotels in Japan--I suddenly understood that i have been prepping for this change unconsciously---constructing personal carry bags with everything i need for living small--moving to sub-notebook wireless computing systems--all this done unknowingly-----leading to this point of my existence. Thoughts have power --live small-- high quality--high tech..William Gibson's characters in his early novels had rice and batteries lifestyles. Rice and Batteries is a blanket description meaning that each individual has access to what is needed to sustain life---but only a small few have access to anthing beyond the minimum level. We unknowlingly were moving toward a quality lifestyle prior to being forced into rice and batteries.
I'm back online and will advise more as i go....

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