Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm preparing this blog with the concept of launching the evening prior to going off line for a few days due to the resizing move into the mothership RV...There will be without a doubt much,much closing, electric off, phones, water, furniture remaining in storage, setting up the campsite for the upcoming winter in the mothership--blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah...although these are things which can never truly be plotted out--and which may go easy--or may go hard..we're moving stuff into the Mothership today and tomorrow, trying to insure we have what we need and no more--and then move the mothership to the campsite tomorrow evening. Live there and finish moving out of the house during the upcoming week. When all is said and done, the house closed and sold, the mothership organized and set up-- I am looking forward to just being with my wife, talking, drinking coffee, smoking, planning, and designing what we want for the second half of life...I think the concept of Mothership living for a time will allow us the freedom---to just think.....The initial fear of doing this process has vanished, mentally replaced by a feeling of doing right---how will this work out on a daily basis, going to work etc. is the one remaining fearful thought running through my head. I'm not even truly worried about anything--but actually looking forward to the experience--I'll post this blog as we step out the door and from that point on I'll be working on rehooking up to the matrix during the settling in process at the campsite....
Ok so i am behind the curve?? I understand that soon there will be AVP2 or aliens vs. predator requiem. No one really seems to have a solid idea yet on the actual plot line for this film with the exception that all speak of the fact that the movie centers on a lone predator who must destroy loose Ripley aliens, survivors of a predator ship crash on earth in Colorado? I am a big fan of aliens 2 and alien resurrection (the others uck!). The first AVP i didn't care for at all. The underground pyramid and the predator design and execution were very cool but--the humans both as characters and actors-- bit the big one---Hopefully AVP2 will have a real plot and real acting character definitely needs these types of strengths if this series of movies is to survive. Or it will be Rocky vs alien vs predator=movie death not unlike the career pattern of Steven Seagal.
The BBC has an interesting article on the recent construction of a social networking site for individuals 50 years old or older, imagine a wrinkled, smart, "my space". I find this tremendously interesting---luckily for everyone and all the senses, wrinkled flesh photos are prohibited---the idea however is a conversational place for adult&senior humans---Currently this project site focusing on what the bbc calls "silver surfers" and is focused on an English audience.One of my private thoughts is that access to the web will provide social contact and brain exercise as I age so i am planning on investigating this concept more closely.

Here's a link to one of the most bizarre republican leadership debacle's i have read ....well since the phony FEMA press conference last week anyway. The Republican government in power just keeps the stupidity rollin' along on a weekly basis. In the latest bizarre world situtation, US Department of State employee's are refusing to serve in Iraq calling it a "death sentence". They are in contact with the press, attempting to fight orders to work in Baghdad. It astounding that the government in power hides its stupidity behind patriotism and flag waving while it's own employee's refuse to go along with said stupidity. can't wait to see how this turns can you control the Iraqi's when you cannot control your own employee's----it's game over for these guys for a long-long time.
One of our reasons behind downsizing our lives is the search for a higher quality of living. More time together, less things, but a higher quality in a smaller footprint...I am sure that you may shake your head regarding this statement since bigger has always meant better. Up till now, that is. I believe that the "get smallers" are the cutting edge of the boom generation. A logic path would indicate that soon MACMANSIONS and big ass Harley motorcycles will be selling for 1/10th of their original value---because for many reasons a lifestyle is ending--people like me in their 50's want to live smaller, but live better. We have to make a smaller footprint--our choice is to accept and control the situation or have circumstances forced upon us both by aging and by current events. I for one would rather make controlled choices in my reduction in advance of the wave that will force it. A prius, a smaller higher quality house and lifestyle...drinking coffee in a cafe--rather than household duties. Reading rather than lawn mowing...I'll let you know how it is going as soon as i can.
wish me luck.

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