Saturday, October 17, 2009

Doing good........
A short blog this week while awaiting the attack of hordes of trick or treaters....we get a bunch of kids every Halloween. Living in the historic district the sidewalks are wide and away from the street....parents like to bring their kids to this area to walk and trick or treat...most places do not have the old time sidewalks like we do. We are getting prepared for winter---pulling up plants, doing the final cut of the yards. I'm looking forward to winter the way an Amish farmer does as a chance to rest up some.

A dying Chimp being taken from an enclosure at a protective site in Africa.......the lady in the photo said that their silence was the worst part...

Missed it by that much.... Asteroid 2009TM8 passed Earth Friday night at a distance of 216,000 miles---which in cosmic terms is feeling your clothing move as someone unknown brushes by you....this recurring space object is not all that big--it would eliminate completely a very large city....or a small state like Delaware...We spend way-way-way more money on Viagra research than we spend on tracking and cataloging near miss, large space objects......well at least ways old dudes can be incinerated with a boner----

"Hot air blowers are incubators and spewers of bacteria and pestilence. Frankly it'd be more hygenic if they just had a plague-infested gibbon sneeze my hands dry."
Dr. Sheldon Cooper

Saturday, October 03, 2009

I'm not insane -- my mother had me tested.

Let's see still a relatively quiet time at work---nothing much to report there--I've been lazy letting the yards go to hell and will have to make up for it with a full monty weekend of yard work...I've been practicing 10 meter air three books this week------all in all a standard human type week.

I laugh the laugh----My candidate after winning the Presidential election---wins the Nobel Peace Prize----The Republican candidate for Vice President---well your right wing religious nut job,
abstinence only, Pit bull with lipstick, wacko candidate's daughters illegitimate child's father who refused to---well get married------ is posing nude for Playgirl magazine-----Since the in-laws so to say-----Mama was arrested for cooking Meth not too long ago----- this may actually be a step up for the entire damn extended family.
What an Oil Slick in the Gene Pool this whole Palin crew is....
The father of Palin's Illegitimate grandson can't get his picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone---but being the trailer trash that all of them are he'll take the Playgirl cover.
We are so lucky that the entire Republican trailer park community across the US couldn't get their cars started on election day---or they were in line for free cheese or appearing in court, or watching NASCAR or the bass were biting, or the first Tuesday in November was molest your stepdaughter that they couldn't get to the polling place....otherwise we'd a been stuck with this POS. I like her hanging around tho....another display of Republican stupidity helps so that the Bush legacy will never be allowed to happen again..........

I just completed reading "The Desert" by Bryon Morrigan. Cool and easy to read -----The Desert is a horror/military novel about a combat patrol fighting supernatural creatures in the desert of Iraq.....a Very different plot line and an excellent first book---I am going to check amazon often for the author to see how he develops if he keeps writing....this was pretty good overall...I like it for it's originality if nothing else. I recommend.
I just received today "Strange Brains and Genius" you can guess this is non-fiction and centered on the bizarreness of Genius throughout history.......starting this tonight.

I am in some kind in the past TV time machine always seemingly set for 6 years ago...I always, always, find new and interesting shows that have been on for YEARS apparently--since I have no commercial TV capability whatsoever means that being the Amish TV reviewer is---in some ways understandable------I have to find these things on my own with no guidance (and none really wanted) from popular media......... I found the show weeds by accident the other day.
Weeds is a perfectly written, incredibly funny, and always surprising story of a widow living in a up-scale California neighborhood who is broke and tries dealing weed. She turns out to be born to deal...............Now if you are living in one of these "ticky--tacky" suburban houses you may find her clientele and their problems too close to home...and not funny at all. But I have to say that it is the best thing I have ever seen on TV the funniest and the best.........Originally shown (?) on Showtime cable.....I am working my way through the 6 seasons of the show via Netflicks....
You gotta see this...but start at the beginning and miss nothing.........I'm on season 3 now.

I received my packet of 250 official 10 meter air rifle targets this week...The center of the target is not quite as big as a US 25 cent piece--with a dot the size of a period on this page in the middle of it for scoring the ultimate ten point shot---In fact the target is soooo small that for the Olympic games it must be scored by computer---toooo tiny for human hands and eyes to work on.....I have to hit this center period repeatedly and on demand from a standing unsupported rifle position at 33 feet 4 inches away---damn--damn--damn. Well if it was easy it would not be in the Olympics i suppose....I acquired the remaining cheap equipment for standing unsupported practice..a combination rifle/pellet stand and an official ISSF sanctioned support hand glove...Practicing standing unsupported position humbles you....firing 30 rounds exhausts you both physically and mentally so that when done for the day----------------- all you want to do is sleep.This practice has become a Tai Chi like thing differing in that you are attempting to lock your body to the depths of the earth through the souls of your feet---------I want a new rifle---------i love this------------------

" I don’t guess. As a scientist I reach conclusions based on observation and experimentation. Although, as I’m saying this, it occurs to me that you may have been employing a rhetorical device, rendering my response moot."
Dr. Sheldon Cooper--The Big Bang Theory

Thursday, October 01, 2009

This week was good...that's two in a row so the previous 5 insane weeks must have been astrological and with the movement of the planets, weirdness is now behind me!
We are still picking tomatoes...planted red onions, garlic and snow peas this week... Sunday I will Gran Torino the backyard---front--back--front---back---front----back until winter arrives---Men have gone from being mighty hunters supplying the much needed Mastodon hank, to supplying only yard maintenance and DNA .....
Work is OK--it has calmed down with everything else in the past two weeks--but it is still work and I would so much rather be retired....JoJo and the dog boys are well and having a good time with life so there is not really much to bitch about....and for that I am very grateful.
Work on the process continues. I have the temporary, practice rifle sighted in..almost...I received the lace on, black nylon, cheek piece this week and mounted it canted to the left on the stock. During my last practice session I started a practice log book.....This Saturday I will complete sighting in the rifle. Once completely sighted in from a rest position I'll begin practicing from the required standing position, because of this I ordered a standing rifle rest, ISSF approved support hand glove and pellet box. All of these items are necessary equipment for shooting ISSF Men's 10 meter air rifle.
I have been considering the purchase of a heart beat monitor watch. My idea is to monitor and slow my heart beat while shooting with the ultimate goal being the release of the shot between heart beats...I'm going to think this through but I am seriously considering this idea as a practice aid.
Time to get serious pretty soon...............

Idiocracy---if you haven't you need to:

I do not believe you can get more alternative in Architecture than building campers in Shopping carts and on bicycle chassis. Kevin Cyr has built, well I guess you can call them alternative RV's...based on the average human bicycle and shopping cart. This is really no joke---this campers really work...Mr. Cyr has actually lived and traveled in his creations.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.