Friday, July 27, 2007

Tammy Faye Bakker is dead---
You know time heals everything I suppose. I heard NPR giving a retrospective of Tammy Faye’s Bakker’s life. She and her husband Jim developing the rise of televangalists and not quite destroying them unfortunately --- and the thing that struck me was---how NPR appeared to forget how she and her husband Jim fleeced many a poor soul of their money in the name of phony religion.
This seems to have simply eluded the people doing the radio profile. It wasn’t the Bakker’s money that disappeared into that stupid Jesus Disney World—that Heritage Park Christians only vacation thing. They took the money and built an iar conditioned dog house for their dogs for Christ sake's! How many small hillbilly minds believed these two? Only to learn that the time share they purchased in Jesus’s condo park had been sold by the Bakkers over and over and over again just to get at the money—and their investment was absolutely worthless?
How many honest people sent these two money only to have the Bakers use if for their own ends, instead of God's---they both knew exactly what they were doing—Their only felt sorrow was at getting caught and having it all come to and end----they suck---and time does not heal that---i don't like to speak ill of the dead, and did'nt like that she suffered but stealing in the name of religion is a bullshit crimes i consider the worst.

I'd forgotten that French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline is one of the best movies of all time. I watched it again the other night out of the old DVD collection...Feel free to disagree but if you’ve been in Paris and enjoy a movie slightly outside of the box but with that 1930’s character then French Kiss is the one….the best one. Part of the allure of the movie is Kevin Kline makes the perfect, smoking, posturing, Frenchman and Meg Ryan the perfect anal retentive, American school teacher--- and then add to the mix Jean Reno of course playing a cop what else do you need? My favorite line outa Meg Ryan is "Those French. They hate us, they smoke, they have a whole relationship with dairy products I don't understand." absolutely the perfect american thought pattern represented in a few,small words!
The movie soundtrack is also excellent a combination of old and new French themed material— Which I lost in my cd rack for awhile somehow? How's that happen anyway, you can look for a cd in your rack multiple times---not find it---and then suddenly it's there??--but recently found it and thank God, because you simply can’t live without French Rap---you know?
I’ve decided to make my own cassette self-hypnosis tapes. I have both the belief in the fact that audio in hypnosis not only works and can be beneficial, but I have the equipment available to construct my own, individually orientated material. I began by researching self hypnosis scripts -on the internet.
I tried to take advantage of the internet for pre-research. To put it bluntly all the offers of free material were utterly, horribly useless. There is apparently nothing worse than to type "free" in front of anything to be searched for on google. Yet there is always that one small gem hidden somewhere that prevents us from having to reinvent the wheel on a project such as this, and I found one--- and copied/pasted---thank you internet.
Using the model i then adapted/ created my own script for hypnosis programming --- dealing with specific one off issues for my own utilization and selected specific background music to play while I verbally record the prepared subject matter/script over the top of the chosen music. Luckily I have quite a collection of soundtracks available to choose the perfect background material for each subject. This is not a ‘must do’ at all costs, immediately, type project of mine….rather something that I have been mulling about in the brain pan recently. NLP-and self hypnosis are recurring subject matters to me and I believe that it’s time that I make progress again in this area. I am anxious to see how the end result works out---it's just kind of a cool, no cost project hopefully with results.
for the architecture input i've got a couple of random items without huge amounts of details this time---just acouple of interesting items...I found this idea incredibly cool---i always wanted to find a use for bubble wrap---other than whiling away frustation by popping it. Here is a tremendous idea---make window coverings! Sort of a consumer society lace curtain thing going on--but what a great re-use of free material! I really enjoy it when someone thinks of something like this! 6 Students and their professor at the technical university of Munich are living in a series of the new 77 sq foot stand alone housing cubes--which i have previously described here. Now of course college students would find this housing a cut above the normal dorm room and should love it. But to me the sharp item is the combining of this cubes into a small village type structure--many interesting possibilities within this concept. Lastly there is a very neat website called "on my desk" which is nothing but photo's and descriptions of artists, designers, and creative persons desks, workspaces and art areas. It's not updated every day but the content ranges from "my God!" to "How cool!" it's definately worth a look if you are into creative endeavors and have always wondered what other people's work spaces look like.....
I don't know what happened to me this week--mileage was a measly 44.6 I guess my brain was not on what i was doing while commuting-----horrible! Lucky I'm not a japanese hypermiler or I would have to commit ritual suicide over this week's pp figures----
with this I publish

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This has been a rather mentally unique week. Many break-throughs in previously locked in thought patterns. i've been alone and this aloneness has helped my thinking process greatly..I was able to think out many, many items, mentally&verbally apologize for indiscretions in my previous years and come to grips with several items in my existance.The biggest problem with me being alone is remembering to eat! At least ways i'm not alone in this--the standard stereotypical big old brain in the movies has the same problem...I managed to do some art, drawing that is..and recharge the internal person since i was totally made insane, by people last week..
Here is an interesting illustration/design on retrofiting multi-storied buildings to "green" status. There has been an explosion in the design of green buildings, and techniques-- but extremely limited construction as of yet. NYC has recently passed legisation requiring new structures within the city to have specific self-sufficent attributes...perhaps this will actually cause these types of designs to be built. I'm really interested in how this process/design style will work out. Buildings so far in design have taken, it will be excellent if they can support themselves.

I try to talk to people about peak oil.It is interesting to note that when I am waxing philosophical on this subject and the necessity for independence by solar power and water recovery I receive the biggest flash of acceptance/recognition from people, when I use this parallel.
“ Imagine if the power companies operated like the airlines?”
This one line provides a sudden flash of insight to the receiver. As in maybe you have power maybe you don’t…maybe today maybe tomorrow…. maybe never…the corporate philosophy of we have no responsibility to provide any consistent service to the customer at all-----
Is it not interesting that I can transmit a complex subject of critical infrastructure collapse by mentioning the word airline? I, on the other hand do not find this amazing in the least—the word airline now summons up visions of stupidity, lack of management, poor product, bad service and zero customer warranty.Think back 25 years and no one in their right mind would have imagined what a 3rd world dog the airline industry would become---the same outcome theory can be applied to the sector of power production and fuel…brought to you by the same republican cretains that brought you airline deregulation. In the same manner I enthrall (well maybe not that big but…interest) young employees with tales they simply cannot believe such as:
“At one time stewardess’s wore white gloves, fed you and were ordered to be nice to you”.
The young people at work surrounding me while I tell this tale react much like the tribe of children in Mad Maxx—beyond the Thunder dome---oohing and aahing over a past civilization too wondrous to comprehend---all that’s necessary is for them to worship me as ‘captain walker’-----so if you think peak oil and no power will never happen. Think of stewardess’s in while gloves, serving you dinner and smiling—yes actually smiling at you---and think of what so easily slipped away into a third world, bad bus system, without your noticing---fuel and power will go the same way.

It is rare for me to write on books that i have'nt purchased or read but i had to show "Top Secrect Tourism". A travel guide to top secrect government installations across the US. What a bizzarely cool concept. Kind of an X-files tour book in a manner of speaking. Now i personally have zero interest in traveling to these locations it does'nt stop me from admiring the concept. For people who like to travel and want to see the possible locations of alien body storage this is the book for you. Take lots of pictures eh?

there has been a huge series of dust storms on Mars. Our rovers are having trouble maintaining solar power sourcing through the dust clouds and power is necessary for them to keep warm in the martian climate to continue operations. What is absolutely cool tho is to be able to see a photo of a martian dust storm taken from the surface of the planet and transmitted to earth--amazing---unbelievable! To think I've lived to see this!! Individuals are worried about the rovers...they have worked for three years, when their mission design capacity was 90 days!! This current weather on mars may be their undoing....

Saturday, July 14, 2007

i've been desperately hiding from people the past 5 days--emotionally, and communicatively---i cannot help this for apparently

i am legend........

The world has been socially chasing, pursuing me. i cannot mentally stand that--the all encompassing they, they reach out and pluck at me constantly, they grasp at me, they demand---it's all for what they believe to be, nice reasons--they want to socialize--they want to share--to communicate--- to hang out--i can't stand it---i feel like robert neville in the novel "i am legend" (the movie, Omega man, for those of you who do not read) existing in a world populated only by plague vampires and neville, the one last remaining human which the plague vampires must destroy. In a near perfect parallel to this fictional character neville and i are both surrounded by those wishing to transform us--- my emotional vampires are seemingly drawn to me--wanting me-- neville and i both have only one truly, secure place, a fortified home----but still--they cry out,-- on the phone, they bang on the door----demanding, calling as they do to neville every night in the book--"come out neville---come out"--their desire is to consume, change me--absorb me into what they desire me to be like---with no thought given to the fact that as much as they need to be with me, i need to be away from THEM---"come out neville, come out"---in Matheson's book--the difference between myself and the main character, neville, was that neville was desperate for companionship. Nearly driven insane from a lack of it---and therefore tries to 'cure'these plague vampires so that he could again have 'normal' human companionship in his life. This desperation allows the plague vampires to kill him----this is the ying to my yang--i am not--i would not be...desperate for others----i have a small emotional capability for being with people and this emotional stockpile is completely and utterly exhausted---There are 12 ignored calls on my cellphone as i write this "come out neville, come out" 6 unplayed messages on the house phone--"come out neville, come out" 18 messages in 2 days.

i am legend

Sunday, July 08, 2007

George Bush’s approval rating is now at 26%.
It appears as if he might surpass Truman/carter/nixon as the President having the lowest approval rating in history…and rightly so…the low
approval rating in my opinion is simply based on his administration being totally unable to address, complex problems requiring more than the standard Republican, old white guy, oppressor of the people, limited thinking skills. Align this with the scooter problem,congress voting to get the hell out of Iraq, the investigation of interference with the justice department...Katrina---the trade deficit---rising oil and slumping real estate prices---oh yeah---these guys have been offically designated as asshats for quite a while now-we as a people need to learn from this administration and modify the constitution to allow for a no-confidence vote in the president--a vote of no confidence would be followed by a general election to get a new asshat. This process of hanging onto idiots just because---has got to stop---guy's like bush do too much damage---we told you from the get go, this guy was an idiot--nobody listened!

I put to use my source of recovered rainwater this weekend for watering plants and animals---amazing! There is something very, very pleasing in regards to the usage of assets like this. I almost said free, but having had to first purchase the rain barrels in a true economic sense the rain water does cost---but there is joy in developing a system in your mind, researching, carrying out the acquisition, and then reaping benefits that is really indescribable.
I watered plants and my dogs from a stash of about 60 gallons of rainwater I recovered. Here in N
ew Mexico an independent, water source and storage/ management is important for the upcoming children of men times. With the addition of two more barrels I could conceivably keep a supply of 320 gallons of water on hand…. I am just beside myself with success—there are still slight problems as in positioning the barrels for ease of access to the water for usage—adapting hoses to attach to the system—but these are coolio minor details to be worked on----This weekend i am running a battery test on all my solar charged, portable battery packs to get a base line on actually how many hours of power under restricted usage--i have on hand---i am planning on running small fans off the battery packs and timing them to total my overall power capability. we'll see what happens.
The next step at the end of the summer, is the construction of the elevated, square foot gardens for food-----
The home wireless system is up—thanks to my beautiful, talented and big ole’ brained wife---I just could not get my brainpan to settle down enough to cement in the details of what I needed to do for my home wireless system to make this actually occur. The wondrous thing was that my wife sat down and made the system happen in one afternoon…now add to this fact that she has been sick with pneumonia she is amazing!! Wireless is truly great— the wandering about in public connected and a home wireless system were two goals on self-improvement personal wish list to accomplish and they are done--- it is outstanding to be able to be mobile and connected…
I intend
on downloading the program I mentioned in previous blogs on computing the effects of weather etc. on prius mileage, this weekend. I have never downloaded a complete program from the web before so this will be a new event. We’ll see what happens---I have continued to use my little lifebook to no end—at my favorite coffee shop—and in business at meetings—---i am just about done developing my personal computing system. I have the libretto mini-laptop in the prius, the xps for all powerful anywhere laptopping and the lifebook for meetings, and coffeeshop interneting---it is always so hard for me to actually say i have completed something.... but i am about as close to being done with a personal and hardware lifestyle upgrade as i can be...
this is wonderous--a totally electric motorcycle--
The Enertia electric motorcycle appears to be an excellent design and a completed step in the right direction for personal transport---if we could get something like this to work--i truly believe that people would buy one--now don't get me wrong i have always been a huge segway fan and am still intent on purchasing one....but to as a method to lure people into electric transportation this item definately has potential....way,way,way much more so than the little tiny, electric scooters they sell on ebay from vietnam or somplace....i am, for some reason, really enamored with the enertia bike's design--very reto-english-1930's motorcycle appealing to me...

So ok, i have become semi-famous at work for my terraplana recycled,shoe's--- i've gotten two pair, which are the best shoes i have EVER owned. It is also amazing how people seem to focus on them. This allows me to leap on them with my "children of men" rap, and throw out verbiage on my theories of the upcoming changes in society. All based on unusual shoes??---Now the semi-famous thing does nothing for me--but excellent shoes, recycling--and the possibility of rapping at people is a combination I cannot allow to pass---so---i am gazing fondly on another pair of terraplana's called the "Womble". This shoe is made from e-leather, t-shirts, jeans and recycled rubber soles. ok, let's just write it outloud---i want these! and with this i publish---------------

"I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that."
Lloyd Dobler in the movie,'say anything'