Friday, July 27, 2007

Tammy Faye Bakker is dead---
You know time heals everything I suppose. I heard NPR giving a retrospective of Tammy Faye’s Bakker’s life. She and her husband Jim developing the rise of televangalists and not quite destroying them unfortunately --- and the thing that struck me was---how NPR appeared to forget how she and her husband Jim fleeced many a poor soul of their money in the name of phony religion.
This seems to have simply eluded the people doing the radio profile. It wasn’t the Bakker’s money that disappeared into that stupid Jesus Disney World—that Heritage Park Christians only vacation thing. They took the money and built an iar conditioned dog house for their dogs for Christ sake's! How many small hillbilly minds believed these two? Only to learn that the time share they purchased in Jesus’s condo park had been sold by the Bakkers over and over and over again just to get at the money—and their investment was absolutely worthless?
How many honest people sent these two money only to have the Bakers use if for their own ends, instead of God's---they both knew exactly what they were doing—Their only felt sorrow was at getting caught and having it all come to and end----they suck---and time does not heal that---i don't like to speak ill of the dead, and did'nt like that she suffered but stealing in the name of religion is a bullshit crimes i consider the worst.

I'd forgotten that French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline is one of the best movies of all time. I watched it again the other night out of the old DVD collection...Feel free to disagree but if you’ve been in Paris and enjoy a movie slightly outside of the box but with that 1930’s character then French Kiss is the one….the best one. Part of the allure of the movie is Kevin Kline makes the perfect, smoking, posturing, Frenchman and Meg Ryan the perfect anal retentive, American school teacher--- and then add to the mix Jean Reno of course playing a cop what else do you need? My favorite line outa Meg Ryan is "Those French. They hate us, they smoke, they have a whole relationship with dairy products I don't understand." absolutely the perfect american thought pattern represented in a few,small words!
The movie soundtrack is also excellent a combination of old and new French themed material— Which I lost in my cd rack for awhile somehow? How's that happen anyway, you can look for a cd in your rack multiple times---not find it---and then suddenly it's there??--but recently found it and thank God, because you simply can’t live without French Rap---you know?
I’ve decided to make my own cassette self-hypnosis tapes. I have both the belief in the fact that audio in hypnosis not only works and can be beneficial, but I have the equipment available to construct my own, individually orientated material. I began by researching self hypnosis scripts -on the internet.
I tried to take advantage of the internet for pre-research. To put it bluntly all the offers of free material were utterly, horribly useless. There is apparently nothing worse than to type "free" in front of anything to be searched for on google. Yet there is always that one small gem hidden somewhere that prevents us from having to reinvent the wheel on a project such as this, and I found one--- and copied/pasted---thank you internet.
Using the model i then adapted/ created my own script for hypnosis programming --- dealing with specific one off issues for my own utilization and selected specific background music to play while I verbally record the prepared subject matter/script over the top of the chosen music. Luckily I have quite a collection of soundtracks available to choose the perfect background material for each subject. This is not a ‘must do’ at all costs, immediately, type project of mine….rather something that I have been mulling about in the brain pan recently. NLP-and self hypnosis are recurring subject matters to me and I believe that it’s time that I make progress again in this area. I am anxious to see how the end result works out---it's just kind of a cool, no cost project hopefully with results.
for the architecture input i've got a couple of random items without huge amounts of details this time---just acouple of interesting items...I found this idea incredibly cool---i always wanted to find a use for bubble wrap---other than whiling away frustation by popping it. Here is a tremendous idea---make window coverings! Sort of a consumer society lace curtain thing going on--but what a great re-use of free material! I really enjoy it when someone thinks of something like this! 6 Students and their professor at the technical university of Munich are living in a series of the new 77 sq foot stand alone housing cubes--which i have previously described here. Now of course college students would find this housing a cut above the normal dorm room and should love it. But to me the sharp item is the combining of this cubes into a small village type structure--many interesting possibilities within this concept. Lastly there is a very neat website called "on my desk" which is nothing but photo's and descriptions of artists, designers, and creative persons desks, workspaces and art areas. It's not updated every day but the content ranges from "my God!" to "How cool!" it's definately worth a look if you are into creative endeavors and have always wondered what other people's work spaces look like.....
I don't know what happened to me this week--mileage was a measly 44.6 I guess my brain was not on what i was doing while commuting-----horrible! Lucky I'm not a japanese hypermiler or I would have to commit ritual suicide over this week's pp figures----
with this I publish

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