Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Einstein's desk
the day he died.

5 days so far without a cigarette. The mental end is the tough fight--fighting the physical addiction is the easiest of the two for me anyway.
The EL Calmo Stoppo pills help---I really believe that this will be the end of it for me---simply because of the cost of smoking today--$10.80 a PACK, yes a Pack, in New York City.....I am not saying this has been easy--a walk i the park---nah!!
I think locking ourselves in the house for 5 days was an excellent idea. I slept at all different times--ate weird.. there was no protocol and i am doing ok, i guess. I seem to be fairly understanding and stable about this---when i really am not.. I hate all you for raising taxes on this product until i am forced to stop because of YOUR desires and not my own. Don't misunderstand ----i may be calm but you still suck.

I have my first worm farm up and running. I decided last week that worm farming was something i could accomplish that would help our gardening efforts with very little cost other than the initial expense. I did not purchase those huge 200 dollar worm farms you see offered on the Internet. I purchased a small "student" farm box---an order of red wiggler worms---and am planning on using either the small student box with possibly one of our plastic storage containers as the farm(s). One of the reason is that I'm not sure how many of the worms i ordered will survive the trip to me--and actually how many are in a shipment?

So i will try to be prepared for small or large---------------

One places damp paper/newspaper---a small amount of bottom soil, the worms and household vegetable matter into the farm---the worms eat the throw away stuff---and produce casings with is most excellent compost as well as what is called "tea" run off moisture that is also excellent fertilizer. There is literally no downside to this process as long as your worms are healthy, you feed them the right material (for example no acids) keep them moist and do not overfeed....their little world will work perfectly for our garden. This will without a doubt turn interesting in one way or another.....i am hoping for perfection with my farming of worms.....

My Swiss Paratrooper bicycle is in and i am in the process of assembly and fine tuning. It is excellent I am very happy with the purchase. I am taking my time setting the bike up for several reasons---i am going to stop smoking next week on my vacation and i want to have stopped prior to riding the bicycle. Secondly I am just enjoying playing Wright Bros. Bicycle mechanic for as long as i can! It's very enjoyable to work on a bicycle again after so many years.

My elderly, but as it turns out-perfect, Palm Pilot M105 bargain is in...works and looks beautiful--absolutely no problems with what it does and with what it is supposed to do---and i am already loving it for it's notepad, calendar and to do lists. It's so easy to take to meetings and jot down the stupid little things you get assigned to do...I love the little machine, i love the concept and i love being able to make a old thing have a place in my protocol.

On the access road to my part of the base i saw a box turtle which seemed to be fairly good size crossingthe road.....so i stopped to see if he would make it before another car and he did but i started thinking (dangerous of course) that it would be cool to have a turtle in the yard in back?? He could wander about doing turtle things----it would be a very cool part of nature to have around---maybe turtle poop is good compost----?? But it suddenly struck me that i wanted him.

i picked him up and he retreated into the shell and i checked him to make sure he was just a box turtle and not some desert snapping poison dart turtle or anything....while checking he peed all over the place. I was walking back to the car holding him when i found a broken dustpan on the side of the road so i put him in the dustpan thinking this would be cool to hold him till i could get a box to put him in at work----so every thing is fine, at that moment, i open the car door to put him on the floorboard and he makes a really FAST i mean Spider Man, Fast break--for freedom--he really did not want to eh be involved in my project.....

I could barely wrestle him out of the car, he's trying to climb over and out of everything really really fast----peeing all the time of course, and set him back free in the bushes on the side of the road.....meanwhile i discover turtle pee is really something that SMELLS very very very BAD.... and although i was lucky to have had him in the the broken dustpan in the car the car still STUNK...just from being exposed to the odor.
In fact i can still smell it somehow...................................
--------- so i drive the rest of the way in with all the windows down which seemed to take care of it......
I can't believe this turtle moved as fast and was as adamant as he was about not being rescued to the garden of Eden that we have. He wanted to have nothing to do with my plan of us having a friendly turtle in our backyard habitat. little Bastard.

Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living.
Nicholas Negroponte

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our future does what it wishes, appears when it wishes, and will be nothing that actually we wish for. Any system has specific naturally occurring process's. Systems are destined to become MORE complex prior to collapsing. There is not a system that can be named that becomes simpler as time progress's. The larger a system becomes the less controlled and organized it can be---this is why beehives and anthills at a specific point split into two groups and one will leave to construct a new hive or hill. Growth of a system is always followed by crash.

It always, always amazes me that our society considers itself immune to system dynamics. That principles consistently observed in the past, will not occur again. That what we are---what we have will continue endlessly. Where can our hive split and travel to after unlimited growth forces a change? There are more prisoners than farmers in the United States. How can a system such as that continue? I do truly believe that at the moment any, any problem, any single human, can be our societies tipping point into collapse. We are balanced that precariously.

My Montague Swiss paratrooper bicycle is in route after being backordered for 14 days------ I should receive it in 4 days. I am very happy.....the entire bicycling concept has become very important to me. I have already recieved my accessory items i ordered and I've even gotten a new hat to screen the sun from my brain while riding it.It is the idea of joining the urban bicyclists that i see everyday---(not the one's that are obviously riding a bike because of multiple dui's these guys you can tell immediately) but rather the people who have made bicycling transport a part of their daily life. As mentioned in previous blogs this project blindsided me----i never saw the bicycling jones coming at all-------no previous interest for years and years and years.

I will take bike porn photographs and post here as soon as i am able.I can't believe that i found an olive drab bike---this is beyond perfect for me---olive drab with flat black accessories---I really got bummed while my bicycle was on backorder----really bummed...i am so glad that i am not in that holding pattern any longer---it was raw to be getting in all the cool accessory items i ordered---but NOOOOOO, NO bicycle for you monkey boy....i will not say that this project is successful until i've gotten the bike put together, all the accessories mounted--and my first real ride completed. However when successfull with the bicycle the two stalled projects remaining will be the rovio retrofit and the solar/wind system finishing.

Last week i ordered a vintage PDa off of Amazon. A Palm M105. $14.00 This Palm model is the ultimate process of evolvement of the basic electronic date, note, calendar, todo list.There is no accessing the internet blahblahblah off this old solider. Just a good solid dependable electronic version of the pocket notebook.

Why do i do this? seek and purchase older hand held pocket computers and PDA's---

My reasoning is that there are viable older machines that work perfectly well within their design parameters that can still provide a valuable service. A perfect example is the Palm M105. I decided that i should stop using small paper notebooks during work meetings for scribbling important things and dates--- i needed someway of keeping my shit uptodate within these meetings and easily accessible afterwards. $14.00 gets me all of that---you could advise that i could just use a mobile phone or a netbook---but i do not want everything mixed together-----business and private mixing could be a problem for me with what i do.

I can handwrite notes in the meeting with the stylus on the note screen--keep work contacts, and update my mobile personal work calendar.... by using (still viable) vintage equipment-- if lost,forgotten, stolen or broken there's no boo-hooing over the how stupid i am and how expensive that was.I believe Philosophically that there is still work for this older equipment---like WAll-E because you are considered an outdated model it does not mean you are. If an older piece of techno equipment can do only one job--why not find a spot for it to do that one job in your life--- insteading of just throwing it in the "pile of now useless stuff i bought". The even stranger part of this tale is that i am as excited awaiting my "new" $14.00 PDA as i would be awaiting a $1400.00 dollar computer---the excitement is the same----

Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act.
Truman Capote

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Recently i have or will have:

I do not understand why i have been doing this....
I have Reduced down to 3 cups of coffee a day from 3 pots of coffee a day. Stopping Smoking 06-28-10. Stopped eating meat 60 days ago. Stopped cutting my hair as of 06-10-10.
I can only presume I am setting myself free------------as best i can alone. I will never be truly free until work ends but until work ends these are steps i can take internally and externally.

I continue to be dismayed by the economic problems the public turns a blind eye to. I believe this mass blindness is a defense mechanism, for the Deer Hunting for Jesus people, who are unable to come to grips with the fact that we are witnessing the literal collapse of our society. This mass blindness prevents the understanding that in a very short amount of time the bizarre construction known as the American way of life will be gone...the result of the Bush authorized years of robbery.
So very few are prepared for what is coming---I struggle at work---the brunt of criticism and comments from conservatives who believe my urban homesteading lifestyle is a left wing commie pinko socialist political statement. These are the drill baby drill asswipes.............living in their mortgaged to the hilt---lawyer suburban mansion which are currently unsurvivable, unsellable, the garage filled with 8 mpg...SUV's---perhaps if i am charitable i think them confused, uneducated, but as they roll their eyes at my lifestyle i consider them the both the cause of what is coming and pity for them for what is coming.

I had hoped as time progressed..... as more and more evidence was produced, (such as the links below), there would be more outrage followed by an acceptance of preparation...the people around me are so lost....so blind....so stupid.
They are so unused to thinking for themselves at this point they are incapable. One day very soon when they are prodding me about how it's all Obama's fault and he will be gone in 2012 and then things will be fine again----i have always kept quiet in response but soon---very soon---------i am going to break down and explain to them how they and their children are going to starve to death in the cold and dark because of their inability to out think their idiotic beliefs.

I constructed a Sleeve knife this weekend out of this very thin, Cold Steel knife and Sheath. This particular knife was not designed for this purpose. Adding a webbing strap and a black elastic hair band, makes a perfect sleeve knife. I'm going to test this knife this week at work and will advise how well this concept works.............

Every government is a parliament of whores. The trouble is, in a democracy, the whores are us.
P. J. O'Rourke

Friday, June 04, 2010

New Rasta-Man biking window sticker, to annoy the work Republicans, on my Prius.


"The Sense of Being Stared at, and other unexplained powers of the Human Mind"
by Rupert Sheldrake.

"YAKUZA Japan's criminal underworld"
by David E. Kaplan and Alec Dubro

A strange week........ I accomplished some tasks. Yet felt unacceptable to myself. I have made a great deal of progress in many area's------------------------------
I've stopped eating meat--great----doing some art---great---
down to 2/3 cups of coffee a day---great----soon no cigarettes----great----soon bicycling--great....but yet? It's that kind of feeling you get in a weird
M.Night SHALAMANDA (or what ever the fuck his name is) movie-----somethings just not right in some way shape or form.
For me personally there are factors in play--i am disgusted with us as a species over the gulf oil disaster....This is the perfect example of why government should be an enemy of business and not it's significant other...i cannot bring myself to look at the bird photo's and thank Buddha we have no commercial television........
so i can bury my head in the sand and not see it.
We have moved our funds out of the market---for i do not feel good at all about what is coming and am disgusted at the constant, droning, talking heads featuring the "economy's recovering!!!!!" spin effect, that i thankfully only have to see on the coffee shop TV------running CNN. All we were doing by contributing to the stock market was losing money.....that's all over JoJo and I are done with capitalism.
I have this great sense of unease--that all things important are now a simulacra.
Which are unable to be fixed and we, like Gorilla's in the mist,---merely run down to the problem's riverbank and beat our chests at it in mock solution.

Since i am too busy because of work to ride my Segway I2 as much as i would like i have decided to solve the problem logically by bringing my I2 to work were i can put it to use multiple times a day. M workplace is extremely spread out and routinely i must travel (by my own car) 16.4 miles a day to meetings etc. Although it costs practically nothing to use my Prius---i am still aghast at the waste of it all---i will now glide to meetings, to within work movement and for lunch.

I have to investigate what type of tax deduction i can claim by using my personal Segway I2 in the work environment?? But i will figure something out.........When i purchased my personal Segway I attempted to convince my bosses of the value of purchasing 1/2 a dozen for the work place---but they are Republicans----------
I will soon (if it ever gets off back order) have my new mountain bike at the house which i will use for gas less transportation there...the Segway fits work better since i must always have the work slave tie symbol upon myself....no casual sweaty stuff if you are a boss where I work. I did have to get a new Hat since the sun is desperate on you here in New Mexico---passing out and crashing from sunstroke would make me an instant legend which i will gladly do without.I have the advantage tho in that being a boss none will scream NERD at me as I pass----they will still think it, mumble it----but they won't say it.
My plan is to Prius into work and then electrically Segway I2 for the rest of internal-external transportation demands. My I2 is loaded into my car for the trip to work Monday.
Bite me Bush and so can your Saudi bastard overlords--
I'll keep you posted.

A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.
Mark Twain