Saturday, September 29, 2007

a relatively short blog this week. There has been no time for deep thoughts. Interference, such as my life has been filled with this week, by the surrounding world is one of the reasons why i do not can you force yourself to think or not think? in actuality the world around you controls your thinking situtation one way or another. WE do not really have a choice----if i were to sit down and meditate on a problem, or a social trend and I have to be at work in ten minutes or the doorbell or the phone rings&rings&rings---what happens? I'll tell you what happens---my brain blows up! You cannot fit deep thinking into daily life unless the surrounding world permits it, and it does not permit it often....I would like to observe buddist monks reaching nirvana while trying to hold down a job or have kids or face telemarketers!!! it just does not work that way. Things are shallow here in my brain pan this week and i point the finger at work as the cause---If i could wander about with a begging bowl this entry would be filled with deep thoughts and commentary---but then again i'd be shit outa luck where owning a laptop would be concerned....What i really need is one of those MacArthur foundation genius grants. The MacArthur foundation choses 26 people and gives each of them half a million dollars, with no strings attached, to support themselves over two years just so they can think big thoughts (the foundation does this every year by the way)..... cutting to the chase on why i would probably not qualify for a MacArthur genius grant is displayed by the following conversation i had with my wife last night, during a big-big new mexico rainstorm which caused an enormous toad to be hopping around our patio..this hopping toad had one of my little boston terrier dogs following and sniffing it..
me: dog don't chase that toad
wife: he won't do anything
me: it's dangerous some of them have poisonous skins
wife: uh? that's only in the amazon jungle
me: oh-yeah--uhmmm--right.....
This is a vicious circle--in order to get a MacArthur foundation genius grant you have to have had the time to think big thoughts to become a genius in the first place...otherwise you make these kind of conversational mistakes that insure you'll never get the grant!!!

next week i am traveling on again there will probably be a lack of deep thoughts for the site. Business travel by aircraft now allows for the same quality of thought as a bus ride through Bluchaluchastan....hard to think with some strangers butt in your big thoughts are and will be lacking for alittle while here....

Friday, September 21, 2007

Time for a follow up on current reading status. The books I have most recently acquired and those i have read. "World without us" ---nah---I cannot really recommend this book. An excellent concept but a not so hot read…without a doubt this would have made a great feature article in wired magazine—but the subject matter cannot hold one’s awareness through an entire book format...Sorry but true. This will become a book I will loan out and not attempt to recover when the borrower "forgets" to bring it back.
"Counterculture to Cyberculture" falls unfortunately into the same review category. A great feature for wired magazine—but repetitive for a book. Once you get a handle on the concept that elements of one culture moved to a completely new culture involving computers and networking you’ve pretty much got the entire book. I was hoping for a little more historic background on the nuts and bolts of how and why of the berkley computer movement. The book's elements on the creation of the whole earth catalog, and the aftermath were very interesting, but the actual how of the cyberculture remain unclear to me. Again a book for the reference shelf, but not something I am going to pull down and enjoy over again.
The best book out of the last 3 was "thirteen" by Richard Morgan. Cybernoir styling and preserving one’s curiosity to the end. (I love the term cybernoir and will use it as much as possible in the future) 13 was an interesting read and unique view of a possible future when genetic manipulation works like plastic surgery does today. So overall one out of three is a keeper. ..after this somewhat disappointing last run of books----i am currently focused on reading books relating to the background and cultural effects of anime--"Anime--from akira to Howls moving castle" by susan napier--which in the first few chapters appears to be very good. A total listing of anime is in route to me and will be provided by "the anime encyclopedia"--- so i can make logical choices on what to view next---which is pretty much a basic description of what this volume is about. "Crusing the Anime city" focusing on Tokyo's otaku computer, anime and manga center---akihabara. Maps, store descriptions, a report on the local culture--interviews a ver cool book if you are into technology-anime-gaming. i purchased all three of these books in varying stages of newness via I desire to know more about this artform that has intrigue me as time goes on and i selectively view more of it....

I am actually enjoying my shift to my personal, modified version of vegetarianism. Mini-drama free so far....
There has been no problems so far and nothing that has put my lifestyle out of sequence other than the fact that for the first few days of the switch to a no-meat diet I seemed to scat like a hedgehog (or some other bizarre woodland creature).... other than that personal refuse problem my overall world has been somewhat unaffected…Mentally I do experience a sense of well being ---of being less dark…less burdened----for no true logical reason I cannot explain this new set of feelings other than to simply report it.
I have not at all turned into some raving vegetable ombudsman…just normal life…except no meat. I'm not doing this out of a last minute late in life health jag thing---i'm sure you're familiar with people who suddenly later in life want to live forever---after never thinking about mortality previously---nah--this is just a circumstance i decided i wanted to experiment with and see if it was for me and apparently it may be....
I have been attempting to determine what brand-type-style watches the characters in "supernatural" wear – the brothers Sam and Dean?
I have not received a clear opportunity to observe their watches. I think one character, dean, wears either a knock-off Tag Heuer black and white or it may possibly be the real thing—I’ve only gotten one distance look at his watch wear. The other main character Sam, I have no idea what type of watch he wears there has yet to be a visual where I can actually see and freeze their watches for examination— and I’ve been actively looking for watch scenes…"Supernatural", unlike the x-files does not give good watch—--time is not a major plot element in "supernatural" as compared to the X-files. Time/number alignment/watches--- were in everything in the x-files. Mulder was constantly checking his Omega—very specific close-ups of alarm clocks—and numeric time indicators were constantly given out…..this type of time compulsion was also a standard element in Millennium with consistent views of Frank Black’s Omega Speedmaster. Supernatural however does not focus on time as a plot element—which would explain no cool watches…so i am going to give up the Otaku watch chase on supernatural---i was hoping for good watch outa this show but no dice. I personally have done nothing watch wise lately...I have been Omega Speedmaster hunting on ebay but prices have risen on good used omega's and there does not appear to be a great deal of logic in chasing shadows...

Just a short update/briefing on my current ongoing project listing--
I've worked out posting to flickr and i am now a member of the "what's in your bag" group--
studying my new sony clie---trying to figure this out. I've donwloaded a ton of stuff--received a new battery--and just need to start working the item for competency...
Anime--watching the last exile disc's 6&7, just received the directors cut of afro samurai.Reading and researching the history and background of the artform--- Hybrid---the hybrid world is working great with 47.7 mpg this week--square foot gardening-- i had an idea this week that instead of building wooden boxes for my square foot gardening project this coming spring--to try to find 4'by4'plastic pond liners or small kid's swimming would hold up better to the new mexico elements and all i would have to do is drill holes in the bottom for drainage and place the garden boxes on plastic sawhorses at waist level---i could even paint them to match the house?? projects are working---i'm not eating meat and i'm studying anything that interests me---and the world is constantly interesting---

Sunday, September 09, 2007

I am working through the process of becoming a vegetarian. Now I am the furthest thing from a health nut you will find—I smoke like a real Frenchman used to smoke—I refuse to exercise unless I am guaranteed to live forever…and I laugh at going to a doctor for anything, especially to have any sort of tv camera shoved up me for any testing purposes whatsoever.
I am not speaking of becoming one of those rabid vegans believing that anyone enjoying a hotdog is the mad killer of a brother animal…or someone who berates a restaurant cause they do not have a tofu substitute for pork roast…no…not that for me. I just sort of had an epiphany the other day.
I was in traffic behind a pick-up towing a livestock trailer with two calves in it …and suddenly knew I just did not want to eat them any longer…nothing vile, just that I did not want to be involved in that process.One of the strangest elements of all this is that there was no "pre-thought" involved whatsoever---just whamo--"nope don't want to do that anymore!" This is the first time something like this thought process has ever happened to me---i usually hack decisions out from all possible directions--- Luckily today there is enough excess in our systems where I can decide to not eat meat and can find a viable substitute no matter what.

Afro Samurai is great! After one viewing on a previously mentioned wife-obtained rental copy--i had to order a brand new dvd of Afro Samurai from amazon to have on hand for random selection viewing pleasure.The plot i won't even bother about--anime plots are simply reasoning to do great art and A/S has tremendous, tremendous of A/F other great attributes is that it takes place in a combination universe of fedual japan and today(?) where there are cellphones in fedual japanese villages, bad guys carry not only katana's but can easily pull out an RPG. Afro Samurai with it's great art, tremendous soundtrack, and adult theme's--there is mucho blood and head cuttings off--love scenes, the type of art-anime i search for.... take a chance, and for once, instead of renting the latest Bruce Willis same-same movie,doing the same thoughtless movie rental you always do--- rent Afro-Samurai--just enjoy the art, don't think, just see...

My Prius has been averaging 48+ miles per gallon on my usual commute-(this week 49.4mpg)-and one recent day I actually broke the 50 mpg average barrier. (although it did not hold through the week)The world of hybrids continues to advance with this new vehicle Cirtoen will be displaying at the frankfurt auto show. Equipped with 5 electric motors--one at each wheel, plus one major central motor and a small diesel engine to recharge and take over if necessary during driving---- i was wondering when they would combine the european small diesel engine high tech that's been ongoing for awhile there with a hybrid electric system...i enjoy the design of this vehicle....i gotta admit, i've always had a soft spot for french cars...yet tho the Prius remains the only real Hybrid and viable road tested design in the world.

Toyota does have a "prototype" new vehicle the company displayed at the Frankfurt auto show recently--very-very unique, well appointed vehicle for metro living. Excellent, outside of the box design concept at work here. i really like the curves meet angles technique. I included a few photo's for enjoyment.Matching one of these with a Segway human transporter would be the perfect metro-life transport system----i'd buy one of these prototype toyota's in a heartbeat just because of the design factors.One last item that had me rain man focusing--an electric, mobile expresso-coffee wagon used on the streets in Amsterdam! Now, is this an adult society or what?--Geeze, we in the U.S. we have RPV predator war drones--but do we have mobile, green, expresso capability?-I can only hope some republican congressman (if there are any not too busy hanging around airport restrooms) will take up the problem of the U.S's " mobile expresso-gap" compared to other countries!! And do something about it!We as a nation cannot allow this technology gap continue!!!

Ok so, I just received my Sony ux-50---it is beyond corporeal. I have not yet had the chance to do anything computing wise with it—I am reading the entire manual,(for once) studying reference points and download sites on the web trying to get my aristocratic shit together in the proper mental state prior to starting it up and working it.
There is wonderment about ebay— one can locate an item of desire that works perfectly, for less money than when new, and make this item function in the manner intended.
I am so pleased with the size of this unit—minute enough to actually fit in a front pants pocket. I did not actually believe the describe unit with its supposed capabilities could truly be this minuscule. If it can genuinely access the web, email, and play movies I will have a complete and total nerdgasm. I’ll keep you posted on my progress with the clieux-50 and possibly very soon, I’ll be all thumbs on. I'm downloading the software and setting up the system today. with this i publish.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I just purchased used via amazon my next two necessary copies of the last exile number's 6&7. My wife rented me a copy of Afro Samurai! (You really know your wife loves you when she will rent something called afro samurai for you!!) just to see if i might like it..even tho other people have provided the "you'd really like it" personal review--- Aime is a completely unique art form for me to digest and i really have to think & evaluate before i just leap into a series. I'll let you know about Afro Samurai. It is a strange thing to discover a totally new visual,art form at 55 and enjoy it (although some i am sure would look askance at this)...I primarily watch anime on my dell xps 1210 laptop, the display is perfect for animation...
I do have to tell you about a full length, computer generated,actor motion capture--simulated thing-type, 2006 French science fiction film called Renaissance from director Christian Volckman.
This is absolutely beyond cool. A French full length anime film(of a sort). Renaissance is actually a tremendous film on it's on merit. Done in the colors of black and white only,no shading, with stunning artwork depicting Paris in excellent plot, cool weapons futuristic citroen cars, tough's really worth a rental, it's out on dvd and probably hiding as a single disc somewhere at your favorite video store. I have to break down, find and order this dvd used for my's that good.
I am so pleased—I acquired via e-bay a Sony ux-50 clamshell personal data entertainment thingee(?). As I’ve described in previous blogs this pda/ultra small laptop(?) can do emailing and Internet usage in the absolute smallest possible package. My plan is to construct a complete blog entry on this clamshell pda as an experiment. I am intrigued by the possibility of being able to thumb keyboard—email text messages---and as sony claims watch movies-video by using a memorystick. All this in through a object that can sit on the palm of your hand..The idea of communication such as this while in motion fascinates me. It’s not that I am trying to micro-size myself but I truly enjoy the concept of having a full Internet/email access kit on me at any given moment----having the world, the ability to communicate anywhere-anytime, when i want to, is a thing that still leaves me awestruck. This thought experiment may of course, all be for naught since I am awaiting the arrival of the item and have no true idea of it’s abilities or if i can work it until I get my hands and head involved with the actual physical item. Texting—thumbing—emailing while in motion from a small platform is the system that the majority of the world uses now for communication. I want to learn it.....Bizarre that this activity on a cellphone holds zero interest for me. The device must be laptop like in design to hold my interest. Probably because the form reminds me of a book, and books to me have always meant information, knowledge, and were/are important tools.
I also did geek housekeeping. I trolled my computers deleting old book marked websites to which I no longer travel. Reorganized my favorites under new headings. Deleted some locations no longer applicable to my current experiments and just did computer housekeeping. Changed desktop backgrounds, hunted new sites. I still have a ton of stuff to do towards my laptops I somehow never get around to completing. I am also planning on putting together some type of centralized location at the house to recharge my laptops in a central location.
in everyday things:
Just a couple of items that caught my brain's attention over the last week--first these beautiful homes/apartments in Holland designed to float with increases and decreases in sea level due to gobal warming...I've always admired the dutch as a society--logical, compassionate,forward thinking--everything we're not--too bad we as a nation cannot combine technology, art, design and alittle thought power to our personal most excellent, Riddick like sunglasses at what appears to be the worlds most reasonable prices---Bobster sunglasses--i found these by accident on the web,Bobster produces a variety of styles but these really caught my eye (sorry unintentional pun there)--in fact after finishing this blog i am on my way to their site to buy a pair.I can't wait to combine wearing these rascally sunglasses with my teraplanna shoes and really disturb the local populace.