Sunday, September 09, 2007

I am working through the process of becoming a vegetarian. Now I am the furthest thing from a health nut you will find—I smoke like a real Frenchman used to smoke—I refuse to exercise unless I am guaranteed to live forever…and I laugh at going to a doctor for anything, especially to have any sort of tv camera shoved up me for any testing purposes whatsoever.
I am not speaking of becoming one of those rabid vegans believing that anyone enjoying a hotdog is the mad killer of a brother animal…or someone who berates a restaurant cause they do not have a tofu substitute for pork roast…no…not that for me. I just sort of had an epiphany the other day.
I was in traffic behind a pick-up towing a livestock trailer with two calves in it …and suddenly knew I just did not want to eat them any longer…nothing vile, just that I did not want to be involved in that process.One of the strangest elements of all this is that there was no "pre-thought" involved whatsoever---just whamo--"nope don't want to do that anymore!" This is the first time something like this thought process has ever happened to me---i usually hack decisions out from all possible directions--- Luckily today there is enough excess in our systems where I can decide to not eat meat and can find a viable substitute no matter what.

Afro Samurai is great! After one viewing on a previously mentioned wife-obtained rental copy--i had to order a brand new dvd of Afro Samurai from amazon to have on hand for random selection viewing pleasure.The plot i won't even bother about--anime plots are simply reasoning to do great art and A/S has tremendous, tremendous of A/F other great attributes is that it takes place in a combination universe of fedual japan and today(?) where there are cellphones in fedual japanese villages, bad guys carry not only katana's but can easily pull out an RPG. Afro Samurai with it's great art, tremendous soundtrack, and adult theme's--there is mucho blood and head cuttings off--love scenes, the type of art-anime i search for.... take a chance, and for once, instead of renting the latest Bruce Willis same-same movie,doing the same thoughtless movie rental you always do--- rent Afro-Samurai--just enjoy the art, don't think, just see...

My Prius has been averaging 48+ miles per gallon on my usual commute-(this week 49.4mpg)-and one recent day I actually broke the 50 mpg average barrier. (although it did not hold through the week)The world of hybrids continues to advance with this new vehicle Cirtoen will be displaying at the frankfurt auto show. Equipped with 5 electric motors--one at each wheel, plus one major central motor and a small diesel engine to recharge and take over if necessary during driving---- i was wondering when they would combine the european small diesel engine high tech that's been ongoing for awhile there with a hybrid electric system...i enjoy the design of this vehicle....i gotta admit, i've always had a soft spot for french cars...yet tho the Prius remains the only real Hybrid and viable road tested design in the world.

Toyota does have a "prototype" new vehicle the company displayed at the Frankfurt auto show recently--very-very unique, well appointed vehicle for metro living. Excellent, outside of the box design concept at work here. i really like the curves meet angles technique. I included a few photo's for enjoyment.Matching one of these with a Segway human transporter would be the perfect metro-life transport system----i'd buy one of these prototype toyota's in a heartbeat just because of the design factors.One last item that had me rain man focusing--an electric, mobile expresso-coffee wagon used on the streets in Amsterdam! Now, is this an adult society or what?--Geeze, we in the U.S. we have RPV predator war drones--but do we have mobile, green, expresso capability?-I can only hope some republican congressman (if there are any not too busy hanging around airport restrooms) will take up the problem of the U.S's " mobile expresso-gap" compared to other countries!! And do something about it!We as a nation cannot allow this technology gap continue!!!

Ok so, I just received my Sony ux-50---it is beyond corporeal. I have not yet had the chance to do anything computing wise with it—I am reading the entire manual,(for once) studying reference points and download sites on the web trying to get my aristocratic shit together in the proper mental state prior to starting it up and working it.
There is wonderment about ebay— one can locate an item of desire that works perfectly, for less money than when new, and make this item function in the manner intended.
I am so pleased with the size of this unit—minute enough to actually fit in a front pants pocket. I did not actually believe the describe unit with its supposed capabilities could truly be this minuscule. If it can genuinely access the web, email, and play movies I will have a complete and total nerdgasm. I’ll keep you posted on my progress with the clieux-50 and possibly very soon, I’ll be all thumbs on. I'm downloading the software and setting up the system today. with this i publish.

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