Thursday, March 07, 2013

The End

I'm done.
Unable to write now after many years with this blog.
The world has become too insane for commentary.
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


A decent 7 days of my life passed since my last entry---My JoJo is preparing the greenhouse and nurturing seedlings for the summer....our olive, lemon and fig trees are in..we will house the lemon and olive tree's in the greenhouse....the fig trees can survive our environment here in Southern New Mexico on their own...I will have leave in April and we are selecting a 2 week project to accomplish on the house---and to spring clean and to prepare for the summer. 

I, with apparently others, appear to be waiting for something---something approaching which will be is as when you can feel the approach of a thunderstorm in Nebraska--you cannot see it yet---but you can feel it coming. In the air and the moment of plants. Something is coming--

i believe that there will finally, finally be an understanding by the mob as to our decrepitude and third world status--where the rich will be rich and the rest of us poor---forever. That the grand experiment can no longer be sustained by fairy tales or hope. 
The masses will understand suddenly that we are all serfs...fodder for corporations...the tool that be thrown away when old...or disabled by the work they make us do. Trinkets from Wal-Mart will no longer be the bread and circus quieting the Roman Mob. 

Perhaps finally---we will do something.
But then again probably not.

We have no government. 
There is no direction, no plan, no concept, there is only idiocy now. The Ides of March are coming for the American economy and our so our representatives, do nothing. Locked in a dance of the death spiral. 

Our elected Government has developed a simple procedure for what is right..and how to vote. Step one---the man who produces the briefcase with the largest amount of money for them---is always right and always gets my vote.....Step two----always fuck the citizen ----Step three varies between sending cell phone photo's of their small dicks to female staffers, or if somehow they are totally stupid and are actually caught---resigning---- to "spend more time with their family."  The problems we currently face with the economy have not adjusted themselves to our Government leaders decision making process. The Depression has not gone away by supporting the Werewolf bankers and stockbrokers----the depression has not gone away by fucking the citizen over. 

We face tremendous economic problems co-aligning on our government and our economic in the Month of March---and they are at home--spending more time with their families----or sending dick photo's? Who knows at this point.

The one thing i know as a truth is that we would be much, much better off with the half-man from game of thrones as the hand of our king, as compared to this collection of half-wits at the helm. 

They are all Bozo's on the Leadership bus,
and a price must be paid for electing them.

"He plants trees to benefit another generation."
Caecilius Statius

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Lemma

A week of not-baddom, if that makes sense. A long weekend and a short week next week--so a double down of the goodness of less work.
Work towards spring planting has started at the homestead--We've both been very creative lately in different directions---JoJo with plant life and me--well me in my inventive bathrobe, doing small, watchmaking type projects--

We have however become addicted to Game of Thrones..late as is our protocol. We are in the process of watching 2 seasons worth on DVD.  The Wolves and the Wall are my favorites.

Robot and Frank--an excellent, independent film about an old, retired, 2nd story man and a robot purchased for him by his lawyer son to take care of him in his old age.. was our latest DVD and pizza night feature. What a hoot! 

I'm currently reading  The Terror by Dan Simmons. It is simply outstanding and tremendously difficult to put down. Sort of a John Carpenter's the thing, set in 1848. I am half way through and cannot help but hope the ending will be as good as the body of this novel. Regardless of the ending however, the book is so, so good that I am going to recommend prior to finishing.....pick up a copy of The Terror---you won't regret it.

As i prepare myself and my personal equipment for a return to work tomorrow. I discover this belt on the net. Way to expensive for a 99%er like myself but it is the concept i enjoy. I have seen these hidden compartment belts before but think now that i might pursue one for possible purchase if i can locate one at a reasonable price----interesting.

As i sit here with my morning coffee and cigarette--I want to be just like this 102 year old--who only just quit smoking--cause her relatives--think she might burn the house down.. 

Then of course there was the Asteroid strike above Russia..
nothing to see here citizen, move along. 

When the world is tough enough to make the Pope quit...why do i think i stand a chance at it? 

"It is no measure of health to be well
adjusted to a profoundly sick society."
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Szilassi Polyhedron

Life has been a desperate combination of sleep, and attempting to stay awake for me lately. I have been unable to read in bed, stay up and create, or even look forward to the next day---either fighting off sleep or sleeping has been my only goal these past few weeks---i have no understanding as to the why surrounding it...

Once again Gasoline costs rise. Again the SUV driving mopes will complain about their fuel expense..blame Obama for it..and drive 80 mph to pick up Barbie at her soccer game in the family mall attack vehicle. My Prius now has nearly 108,000 miles (remember the urban legend that i would have needed an expensive new battery by now, BULLSHIT!) and due to the winter wind patterns is only producing an average of 47.7 MPG now. I expect a 50+ average again of course once the winds change to their summer patterns. One can no longer predict the price of gasoline in any direction--the one thing i know is that we are making our money go as far as possible, gasoline wise, before it falls into the pockets of the petrol overlords. 

Washington State is in the process of a job search for an individual (or a team) to run their legal weed program--insure quality control, tax collection and so forth. If I was only retired from where i am stuck right now---I would be camping out with resume's in the hallway of their HR department in their capitol building---

We've begun thinking and planning the coming summer's garden---what to plant, where to plant it, what worked last year, what do we wish to do differently this year...Spring will come early to us this year...and it is time to begin getting study up, decisions made now will determine the coming year's supply of vegetables.

In the midst of the greatest American Bubba event of the year, when the stupid stop everything to see which group of million dollar Felon's can carry a ball 100 yards successfully, while different group of million dollar Felon's try their best to commit physical assault..the power goes out. Bravo for life's little Ironies...stupid is as stupid does....Cannot keep the power on for the games in the Coliseum eh? Hard to keep the population's attention drawn away from the troubles of life today--satisfy their need for blood without it being your own, if there is no power to broadcast the combat to their fat, bloated bodies and stupid minds on the couch in their trailer.......When will the fallacy of the United States being a first world society finally be too much of a lie for even a tea bagger to spew?

The National Post Office is bankrupt and must cease deliveries on one day as a stop-gap to prevent shut down. Not a solution-----simply a stop gap to slow the inevitable--the collapse of an agency founded by Benjamin Franklin. I suppose when the lights go out and the mail stops---even the most adamant fool must understand we failed........

The alien life form know as the American stock market is convulsive. One day at 14000 the next below, returning to 14000. The market no longer plays a role in the REAL American economy. The market is a sham, a casino, a confidence game with the 1%er's the only winners now assured by the American Government that no matter how foul or disgusting the protocols in which they operate--none will be punished and the most foul of them all will be bailed out....why should they then be more than a whorehouse focused on theft from the common man...and a front for the elite class to rob the retirement dream from the workers. While the market pundits speak of a financial rebound...I see business closing...while they write of a suckers market ( a true headline on cnbc ) I watch a man digging shoes from a dumpster at the car wash attempting without success to find a pair that criminals they are...the stock market and the American banking system is proof that if you provide enough campaign contributions, bribes in common speak, you can get away with anything.....There were good solid reasons why Bank Robbers in 1930's America were folk hero's, why the term Robber Baron exists....they are the enemy, they are the grim reaper of your life's work--they would wear your skins--if it wasn't too much trouble, right now anyway. 

"I do not regard a broker as a member of the human race."
Honore de Balzac

Sunday, February 03, 2013

I'll be in my bunk

A bit behind this week---doing many jobs around the homestead and for society. 
A simple post this week to advise that i haven't been lost--and will catch up next week----------

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Alexander's Horned Sphere

A decent week--with high temperatures and dry, dry weather for any winter i have known...worried about the upcoming summer-- a worse drought for sure i believe is in store for New Mexico. A weekend of small, but personally necessary tasks.

We ordered new plants and tree's for the homestead---Strawberry bushes, tobacco plants and olive trees. I've really wanted us to try growing a Olive tree for quite some time--Olives, of course, can provide both fruit and oil towards home independence, as well as an accessory that can make plain survival type meals palatable. Strawberries speak for themselves as a treat and trade material. Both of these items we are going to try to work out of our greenhouse..and see if we can get them to produce for us...

Tobacco plants will be another first for us this year. We want to attempt to grow, cure, and process our own tobacco--the final step in freeing ourselves from tax and price oppression when it comes to cigarettes. These three items are all new to us and we are dealing with a complete unknown---

We are reveling in a Shameless marathon this weekend--renting all of the first season...a great show that groups who believe themselves to be Mothers for Jesus, or some such shit, must consider to be evidence of the downfall of our civilization---Shameless is intelligent, human and somehow awfully real..did i mention hysterically funny---if your skin is not too thin, or your mind too closed off---you'll love Shameless. 

My friend David asked via the comment section where i got my copy of Will Smith's bag i wrote of in the last blog---Amazon. The bag is in and it is excellent---as long as the laptop you carry is not bigger than a netbook--great bag---- really enjoying it. 

I followed through finally on an easy acquisition. A cheap, red, laser pointer.  Not for retarded PowerPoint use at meetings--for blinding surveillance cameras--a laser directed onto the lens "Blooms" the picture...blinding it....weighs nothing and could be the item that saves my ass someday. 

"A man who carries a cat by the tail
learns something he can learn in no other way."
Mark Twain