Sunday, February 24, 2013


A decent 7 days of my life passed since my last entry---My JoJo is preparing the greenhouse and nurturing seedlings for the summer....our olive, lemon and fig trees are in..we will house the lemon and olive tree's in the greenhouse....the fig trees can survive our environment here in Southern New Mexico on their own...I will have leave in April and we are selecting a 2 week project to accomplish on the house---and to spring clean and to prepare for the summer. 

I, with apparently others, appear to be waiting for something---something approaching which will be is as when you can feel the approach of a thunderstorm in Nebraska--you cannot see it yet---but you can feel it coming. In the air and the moment of plants. Something is coming--

i believe that there will finally, finally be an understanding by the mob as to our decrepitude and third world status--where the rich will be rich and the rest of us poor---forever. That the grand experiment can no longer be sustained by fairy tales or hope. 
The masses will understand suddenly that we are all serfs...fodder for corporations...the tool that be thrown away when old...or disabled by the work they make us do. Trinkets from Wal-Mart will no longer be the bread and circus quieting the Roman Mob. 

Perhaps finally---we will do something.
But then again probably not.

We have no government. 
There is no direction, no plan, no concept, there is only idiocy now. The Ides of March are coming for the American economy and our so our representatives, do nothing. Locked in a dance of the death spiral. 

Our elected Government has developed a simple procedure for what is right..and how to vote. Step one---the man who produces the briefcase with the largest amount of money for them---is always right and always gets my vote.....Step two----always fuck the citizen ----Step three varies between sending cell phone photo's of their small dicks to female staffers, or if somehow they are totally stupid and are actually caught---resigning---- to "spend more time with their family."  The problems we currently face with the economy have not adjusted themselves to our Government leaders decision making process. The Depression has not gone away by supporting the Werewolf bankers and stockbrokers----the depression has not gone away by fucking the citizen over. 

We face tremendous economic problems co-aligning on our government and our economic in the Month of March---and they are at home--spending more time with their families----or sending dick photo's? Who knows at this point.

The one thing i know as a truth is that we would be much, much better off with the half-man from game of thrones as the hand of our king, as compared to this collection of half-wits at the helm. 

They are all Bozo's on the Leadership bus,
and a price must be paid for electing them.

"He plants trees to benefit another generation."
Caecilius Statius

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David Scott said...

Warren you are absolutely right on the sequester - what drives me crazy is the contemp that the republicans hold the working class combine that with the Dem's worrying about taking a position -well enough said.