Thursday, February 07, 2013

Szilassi Polyhedron

Life has been a desperate combination of sleep, and attempting to stay awake for me lately. I have been unable to read in bed, stay up and create, or even look forward to the next day---either fighting off sleep or sleeping has been my only goal these past few weeks---i have no understanding as to the why surrounding it...

Once again Gasoline costs rise. Again the SUV driving mopes will complain about their fuel expense..blame Obama for it..and drive 80 mph to pick up Barbie at her soccer game in the family mall attack vehicle. My Prius now has nearly 108,000 miles (remember the urban legend that i would have needed an expensive new battery by now, BULLSHIT!) and due to the winter wind patterns is only producing an average of 47.7 MPG now. I expect a 50+ average again of course once the winds change to their summer patterns. One can no longer predict the price of gasoline in any direction--the one thing i know is that we are making our money go as far as possible, gasoline wise, before it falls into the pockets of the petrol overlords. 

Washington State is in the process of a job search for an individual (or a team) to run their legal weed program--insure quality control, tax collection and so forth. If I was only retired from where i am stuck right now---I would be camping out with resume's in the hallway of their HR department in their capitol building---

We've begun thinking and planning the coming summer's garden---what to plant, where to plant it, what worked last year, what do we wish to do differently this year...Spring will come early to us this year...and it is time to begin getting study up, decisions made now will determine the coming year's supply of vegetables.

In the midst of the greatest American Bubba event of the year, when the stupid stop everything to see which group of million dollar Felon's can carry a ball 100 yards successfully, while different group of million dollar Felon's try their best to commit physical assault..the power goes out. Bravo for life's little Ironies...stupid is as stupid does....Cannot keep the power on for the games in the Coliseum eh? Hard to keep the population's attention drawn away from the troubles of life today--satisfy their need for blood without it being your own, if there is no power to broadcast the combat to their fat, bloated bodies and stupid minds on the couch in their trailer.......When will the fallacy of the United States being a first world society finally be too much of a lie for even a tea bagger to spew?

The National Post Office is bankrupt and must cease deliveries on one day as a stop-gap to prevent shut down. Not a solution-----simply a stop gap to slow the inevitable--the collapse of an agency founded by Benjamin Franklin. I suppose when the lights go out and the mail stops---even the most adamant fool must understand we failed........

The alien life form know as the American stock market is convulsive. One day at 14000 the next below, returning to 14000. The market no longer plays a role in the REAL American economy. The market is a sham, a casino, a confidence game with the 1%er's the only winners now assured by the American Government that no matter how foul or disgusting the protocols in which they operate--none will be punished and the most foul of them all will be bailed out....why should they then be more than a whorehouse focused on theft from the common man...and a front for the elite class to rob the retirement dream from the workers. While the market pundits speak of a financial rebound...I see business closing...while they write of a suckers market ( a true headline on cnbc ) I watch a man digging shoes from a dumpster at the car wash attempting without success to find a pair that criminals they are...the stock market and the American banking system is proof that if you provide enough campaign contributions, bribes in common speak, you can get away with anything.....There were good solid reasons why Bank Robbers in 1930's America were folk hero's, why the term Robber Baron exists....they are the enemy, they are the grim reaper of your life's work--they would wear your skins--if it wasn't too much trouble, right now anyway. 

"I do not regard a broker as a member of the human race."
Honore de Balzac

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David Scott said...

Warren - sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees. - just be careful that while you are in the mosh pit you don't get trampled