Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Updates on previous entries:

The Scuba Diving wrist compass is in---it is mechanically very cool and huge with a case about 75mm in diameter and very easy to read---one problem tho is a warning that came with it
"Do not expose to the burning sun"??? Which will make usage here in New Mexico a small problem--Duh, it's a Scuba Compass! I didn't see that one coming..have to figure this out?

Our VW EuroVan Camper is still in California---we haven't had any offers at our cheapest transport rate so we will have to get off the dime and pay more for transport by big truck---but we tried to save what we could....maybe we can get it in route next week by being willing to pay more? As soon as it gets here I am taking leave from work.

The morning temperatures have dropped into the 50's, although here in the desert here by noon it's the low 90's---still---- it is nice and the season is definitely changing....the Prius is now getting 52.7 mpg on my daily work commute since the wind direction has changed with the seasons....bite me Dick Cheney....

I have a big pile of books next to the bed awaiting's great...there is nothing better than to have books wanting to talk to you.

I am so thankful we are the way we are---right now there are 12 jars of crab apple jelly sitting on the kitchen counter that my JoJo created yesterday---from our own crab apple tree out front. This weekend I'll be peeling/coring/slicing the last of the traded for apples, with our little Amish machine and we'll can apple pie filling for the winter. Our surplus vegetables are dried, the greenhouse is planted for the winter and on the first day of fall we were as prepared as we could be for the winter---I stood out front of our house this morning and marveled at what we do--(without being prideful, just honest) on a 90x120 lot, with a house built in 1903, 3 blocks from the town business district. It has not been easy, and when others were traveling and vacationing we were working building our soil, putting up a wind generator---sort of an ant and grasshopper thing. But the results cannot be disputed...we are safe from what occurs out there...
Elect your Rick Perry's---we don't care anymore you can't hurt us, we don't need you.

The book of the week is "The World as it is, Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress" by Chris Hedges....a collection of essays on the current situation in the United States and our upcoming descent into 3rd world status....Mr. Hedges is a former foreign correspondent turned social author/activist....he is a brilliant and elegant writer and thinker. Mr. Hedges is one of the last remaining thinkers whose ability to be heard over the roar of stupidity is diminishing day by day as our society falls into idiocracy......I can only recommend this book to those willing to think----

The Wall Street protest is apparently down to about 50 persons left....An American style Arab Spring type occupation protest against wall street capitalists....NYPD blocked off wall street to the protesters keeping them 3 blocks away to protect their corporate masters from actually having to see the common human angry with them and there was a news black out on the subject---very very limited coverage---which isn't surprising since the corporate world owns the media today......I admire the attempt, courage of those who did this.....

Ok I have a thing about applying Military Surplus clothing to my civilian life....the sheer utility and durability of military clothing is perfect for me(and of course for my complete lack of style). Last winter I purchased and used all through the snow season a used French Army is/was excellent...this year I wanted to find a system for when it is cold--but layering is practical as compared to a parka---You are already seen my Italian Marine light field jacket---it is excellent but needs some kind of liner...I was lucky to find the below displayed woolrich tactical vest...I found it in my size on sale for way way way less than 1/3 of it's usual $250.00 asking price. Thin, very warm and loaded with pockets this vest makes the perfect under layer.
My thoughts are to use the above vest as a warmer/liner layer for both my Italian Marine Camo field jacket and my newest military surplus purchase which is on the way--a used, Norwegian Army, Camo field jacket.

With these two latest purchases I am now complete for winter....Norwegian and Italian for fall, and French for deep winter....all on the most excellent cheap.....

Creationists make it sound as though a 'theory' is something you dreamt up after being drunk all night.
Isaac Asimov

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I published two blogs this weekend---an abnormality for me....but much like this weekend---I spent half of it asleep--then awoke with a passion and accomplished much---very strange indeed....I have been making great strides ignoring work while at work...becoming totally zen like against the stupidity in both people and process that surrounds me...... No tattoo yet....but still planning on it when the opportunity permits....working on ignoring society and our government...if i can ignore it hard enough will it go away----do the Amish know who is president??

Cooler weather here in New Mexico, my every day carry systems will change in a few weeks....especially my weapons carriage....(I am a ccw license holder for those unfamiliar with my blog)---Throughout the summer I have carried a .32 semi-automatic pistol in an ankle holster...too hot to carry anything else---but as with all things familiarity breeds contempt...I can barely wait for jacket weather so I can get this thing off my foot---it's become like one of those house arrest ankle things----so I am working on my cold weather carry system....My beautiful, most excellent wife, as a birthday present gave me a Beretta model 87 .22 caliber pistol (displayed below) lucky am i eh?? and I know it...this is a hitter's pistol--front barrel weight, single action, high profile sights and electronic sighting rail...holsters for this type of unique pistol are tough to find but I purchased and modified a nylon shoulder holster which works perfectly, holding this long square pistol and two spare 10 round magazines on the weak side... the recent purchase of a Boker folding knife (displayed above) for attachment to the spare magazine pouches completes this winter weapons system.
I have to adjust the shoulder holster, figure a way to mount the knife and so forth but that is the part that appeals to me--working things out to a successful conclusion...even tho I am getting older... as Laurence Fishburne said in Predators 2010--"I'm the one you don't fuck with".

We were given a box of, less than perfect, apples by a farmer friend of ours...which work out great for us....this weekend using a wonderful little, Amish like, mechanical device, that cores, peels and slices apples...we processed about 40 for the food dehydrator. We'll probably do about 40 more to make and can apple pie filling next.

These were apples that couldn't be sold for one reason or another, blemishes etc...we are really starting to get a system going at the homestead where products we grow or trade for we use in two or three different methods and the residue, in this case the peels and cores go to the worm produce fertilizer and nutrient's for the garden... stuff like this is worm crack, they go crazy for it.
Homesteading is the ultimate resistance---like being a vegetable orientated John Conner...if we can support ourselves---by gardening, with solar panels, by trading, by helping each other in small driving a fuel efficient vehicle or by biking-----this is what the machine is afraid of.....they want you to me spending an afternoon coring apples is resistance....driving my Prius is resistance, helping my neighbors is resistance...
Every minute we inch closer to class warfare in the United States. The unspoken tax the rich necessity propels this conflict forward. How long do those who rule think that we can go on in the current form of stupidity---before the rocks get thrown? Why do Republicans only speak to their supporters if their beliefs and thought structure is so pure and correct---why not bring their theories on trickle down economics to the masses in the unemployment line? To those living in their cars? The reason is class warfare----- the GOP---- is completely and totally against the poor and middle classes. The GOP want's you stupid, want's you to believe that government give away's are the problem...while they protect their banker masters and are lap dogs to the defense industries in open robbery of the people.

Will the middle class wake up?
When it is too late.

I grew up outside of New York City. The concept of North, South, East and West did not exist in what passed for common communication there---directions were such as--- turn right at da refinery and den turn left at da junkyard....this is a handicap i still carry--- here in New Mexico there is no left or right in directional communication----everything is based on you being born with some internal compass navigation system giving them the secret knowledge of where fucking north is...similar to what whales and birds have--- this allows New Mexicans to cross great distances without ever mentioning right or left...I have been making attempts to adapt---almost all my watches have either a compass mode or a small compass attached to the watchband---this is something I have to have.....because once the sunrises I have no fucking idea of what is east! Unfortunately the tiny, cheapo watchband compass leaves a lot to be desired---as in I can't simply look down and figure it out---I wind up turning around in a circle confused----so in a last ditch attempt to keep the locals from laughing at me as they lean against their diesel pickup trucks outside the local cafe---- I ordered a big, fucking, scuba diving wrist compass....if this doesn't show me at a glance what direction I'm going then i am lost forever out here.

Justice and power must be brought together, so that whatever is just may be powerful, and whatever is powerful may be just.
Blaise Pascal

Friday, September 16, 2011

Weeks have become confusing now---I have to stop reading the news---too many talking heads. Too much opinion and spin passing as news---just too much. I have begun to despise us.

Living wages
Health care for all
Marriage for all
Women's Right to Choose
Legalization of Marijuana
High Speed Trains
Adequate Housing
Intelligent and Productive School Systems
Retirement and Honor for Elders
A Clean Environment
Wholesome food safe from Poisons
Separation of Church and State
Why not?
Because our leaders are corrupt
Our society is stupid

The VW Eurovan Camper's paperwork is done--returned and it's paid for. Awaiting auto-transporting to us here at home--meanwhile I have been collating camping gear and purchasing the odd accessory item like the magnetically attached sunshade below for use on the side door area of the camper since ours does not have an awning as the one pictured above has---we're hoping it arrives here before it gets too cold for the first camping expedition. No matter since we are deliriously happy about our van.
Purchased two of those small items that have meaning to me as i wander along---the first is the above T-shirt another obscure password------------do you know what it refers to?

The second is the above $24.00 watch I found trolling the sale aisle in Amazon---I'm going to add a watchband compass and enjoy it...there is something so cool about both cheap and styling...the instructions came only in Spanish??

The food storage shed is all organized and winterized now as well as anti-moused--just in case. With a turn for the better in the weather some plants we thought were done for because of the heat and drought are starting to produce? Amazing--- We gave away a ton of perfect, huge---Desert Sun yellow watermelons----as always it feels excellent to give something like this to people who do not have............
We are prepping for the fall and winter....this months food to storage I found new types of end of the world meals on Amazon---tuna with pasta and pepper beef---the tuna with pasta comes in a case of 6 and the beef pepper meals come individually, i obtained 3----both have that unlimited shelf life circumstance as long as they are kept from extreme heat in storage--the beef pepper meals also have their own heater---even tho these meals are not military---sort of science fiction like---I am going to have to try one this month for testing and will advise on it----

"All government in essence," says Emerson, "is tyranny." It matters not whether it is government by divine right or majority rule. In every instance its aim is the absolute subordination of the individual.

Emma Goldman, "What is Anarchy?"

Friday, September 09, 2011

Independence, homesteading work, and ignoring the crumbling society around us are the orders of the day.......No Gods, No Masters. Laugh at them.

Subversive urban camping, now this i like.....I sort of fell into this concept while doing research on how we could underground camp, in the VW camper, in an urban environment. There are those hidden, beautiful spots we have all encountered in any city---where I have wound up thinking how nice it would be to be able to stay there for a couple of days....while in the process of research I found that there is much information on urban camping and not just underground campers but campers who focus on areas of a city but the busiest......I am continuing reading on this practice.....

Nasa is pretty much done for, edging quietly to that good death with no one noticing....I can't say I'm sad about it---the entire space program was built to display which cold war government in the world had the biggest penis, and provided zero results for our culture. People always respond to this statement with speeches about how science was advanced etc...well science would/could have advanced remarkably, if the money spent on the space program was invested in good, solid, research...instead of putting jock test pilots on the moon. Good riddance.

Suddenly on the anniversary of 9-11 there is a threat? The head of DHS only last week was saying there were no credible threats? I imagine that another bunch of poor retards, who couldn't plot their way to the latrine, without an FBI informant leading the way, will wind up being arrested---amongst much hero hoopla.

Currently reading "The Art of not being Governed" by James C. Scott. An interesting analysis of why hill people, forest people, swamp people--well you know---are not barbarians but rather simply chose not to be governed by the low land culture centers...that often the cultural center's people escape to the hills fleeing government....that the outlander groups are often not natural...the book focuses on SE Asia for examples but the process and interpretations are viable anywhere...absolutely not for everyone---my JoJo makes the ugh! face when I speak of how good it is......

Rented STAKE LAND this week. Bear in mind that this was not a high budget film but---i think it was excellent. The usual Zombie/vampire (you're never really sure what these things are) plot line with survivors on a road trip---there's no faking in this movie however and the way humans have banded up in differing ways to survive is interesting in itself---this is a rental for sure, but if you like these kinds of movies, as I do---there's nothing better than STAKE LAND and pizza for an evening.
John Burroughs has stated that experimental study of animals in captivity is absolutely useless. Their character, their habits, their appetites undergo a complete transformation when torn from their soil in field and forest. With human nature caged in a narrow space, whipped daily into submission, how can we speak of its potentialities?

Emma Goldman, "What is Anarchy?"