Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Updates on previous entries:

The Scuba Diving wrist compass is in---it is mechanically very cool and huge with a case about 75mm in diameter and very easy to read---one problem tho is a warning that came with it
"Do not expose to the burning sun"??? Which will make usage here in New Mexico a small problem--Duh, it's a Scuba Compass! I didn't see that one coming..have to figure this out?

Our VW EuroVan Camper is still in California---we haven't had any offers at our cheapest transport rate so we will have to get off the dime and pay more for transport by big truck---but we tried to save what we could....maybe we can get it in route next week by being willing to pay more? As soon as it gets here I am taking leave from work.

The morning temperatures have dropped into the 50's, although here in the desert here by noon it's the low 90's---still---- it is nice and the season is definitely changing....the Prius is now getting 52.7 mpg on my daily work commute since the wind direction has changed with the seasons....bite me Dick Cheney....

I have a big pile of books next to the bed awaiting's great...there is nothing better than to have books wanting to talk to you.

I am so thankful we are the way we are---right now there are 12 jars of crab apple jelly sitting on the kitchen counter that my JoJo created yesterday---from our own crab apple tree out front. This weekend I'll be peeling/coring/slicing the last of the traded for apples, with our little Amish machine and we'll can apple pie filling for the winter. Our surplus vegetables are dried, the greenhouse is planted for the winter and on the first day of fall we were as prepared as we could be for the winter---I stood out front of our house this morning and marveled at what we do--(without being prideful, just honest) on a 90x120 lot, with a house built in 1903, 3 blocks from the town business district. It has not been easy, and when others were traveling and vacationing we were working building our soil, putting up a wind generator---sort of an ant and grasshopper thing. But the results cannot be disputed...we are safe from what occurs out there...
Elect your Rick Perry's---we don't care anymore you can't hurt us, we don't need you.

The book of the week is "The World as it is, Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress" by Chris Hedges....a collection of essays on the current situation in the United States and our upcoming descent into 3rd world status....Mr. Hedges is a former foreign correspondent turned social author/activist....he is a brilliant and elegant writer and thinker. Mr. Hedges is one of the last remaining thinkers whose ability to be heard over the roar of stupidity is diminishing day by day as our society falls into idiocracy......I can only recommend this book to those willing to think----

The Wall Street protest is apparently down to about 50 persons left....An American style Arab Spring type occupation protest against wall street capitalists....NYPD blocked off wall street to the protesters keeping them 3 blocks away to protect their corporate masters from actually having to see the common human angry with them and there was a news black out on the subject---very very limited coverage---which isn't surprising since the corporate world owns the media today......I admire the attempt, courage of those who did this.....

Ok I have a thing about applying Military Surplus clothing to my civilian life....the sheer utility and durability of military clothing is perfect for me(and of course for my complete lack of style). Last winter I purchased and used all through the snow season a used French Army is/was excellent...this year I wanted to find a system for when it is cold--but layering is practical as compared to a parka---You are already seen my Italian Marine light field jacket---it is excellent but needs some kind of liner...I was lucky to find the below displayed woolrich tactical vest...I found it in my size on sale for way way way less than 1/3 of it's usual $250.00 asking price. Thin, very warm and loaded with pockets this vest makes the perfect under layer.
My thoughts are to use the above vest as a warmer/liner layer for both my Italian Marine Camo field jacket and my newest military surplus purchase which is on the way--a used, Norwegian Army, Camo field jacket.

With these two latest purchases I am now complete for winter....Norwegian and Italian for fall, and French for deep winter....all on the most excellent cheap.....

Creationists make it sound as though a 'theory' is something you dreamt up after being drunk all night.
Isaac Asimov

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David Scott said...

Loved the Dilbert cartoon.

Chris hedges is a great writer.

Finally if the van is reliable to drive a thousand or so miles check on a car courier service.