Saturday, October 01, 2011

Bravo for life's little ironies

My Norwegian Army Camo Field Jacket has arrived and is in perfect condition...I just need to work in into my EDC system as it turns colder know you are now fat when an XL Norwegian jacket is a little bit tight---still works but it makes you think?

The VW camper is still in California-- we upped the price offer on auto transport and maybe there will be a shipping notice next week? David is right I am getting burnt out and need to take some leave as soon as the camper arrives....

Too tired from work this week to read at night---I just come home 12 hours after waking up, compute a bit and then sleep so no new book reviews this week.

Most of the action around the homestead this past week has involved the kitchen---JoJo is doing all the work, organizing, dehydrating garden produce, and baking bread...I have not really been doing much of anything this past week other than hypermiling with the Prius on the commute to 52.7 mpg, sharpening knives, emailing friends and working on my every day carry equipment and once completed with this blog I'll clean and organize the is that odd early fall...between the what you can and can't do times...
I am constantly grateful and thankful that we grow our own fruits and vegetables---allowing us to ignoring the most recent contaminated produce poisoning deaths of consumers---those still dependent on the commercial farming system, the Republicans want to destroy the FDA...a relative number of citizen deaths from contaminated food is obviously acceptable to the Republican Taliban---after all you can pray over your food to make it safe--can't you????

Congratulations to those 2,000 + protesters occupying wall street---last week I was sure that the occupation would collapse after the arrest of 55 demonstrators...but was I ever wrong. The corporate controlled media still ignores what is happening as does the elite bastards sucking the life out of us...but the action taking place in NYC is a symbol, you don't have to be a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows.... There are no leaders or organization to this protest, no one for the elite classes to arrest, produce propaganda against, or corrupt---this alone should make them afraid...very afraid...there is no violence for the elite classes to use as an excuse to imprison the crowd....i can only hope that this is a beginning-----that it grows and grows and grows.....

My watch Otaku will never subside---i cannot fight it...I give in.....above is my most recent watch order. A Soviet mechanical 17 jewel, 1937 Arctic North Polar expedition commemorative watch, new old stock. I ordered a black Nato web 18mm watch band to replace the standard crummy Soviet watchband that is the usual with these watches. This is the 2nd Soviet mechanical watch in my collection. The other displayed below a Poljot mechanical chronograph, 23 jewel movement, I purchased close to 10 years ago whose value has now increased 10 fold over my original cost--I bought the below chronograph when Soviet watches were practically unknown here...but still one of my better investments? Still works perfectly!

A free society is one where it is safe to be unpopular.
Adlai E. Stevenson

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David Scott said...

Your blog entry is spot on as usual. Maybe with the entry of organize unions it will get more political support from the Dem's or at least give them a little more backbone.

I dig the watches, very cool.