Saturday, October 15, 2011

Working on the VW, organizing, reading and resting are on the agenda for the next nine days as I am on much needed leave next week. My Belgian Army shirts came in and they are excellent..
fit well and obtaining 3 of these shirts for $20.00 is a tremendous, practical, anti-styling protest. My Russian watch has come in and keeps perfect time..I am awaiting a replacement black, Nato watchband to install it on and then add a watchband compass making a great, cheap mechanical timepiece. The 24 hour indicator face takes a bit of getting used to but it is very logical.
The garden is pretty much done for this year---JoJo is going to try making a go of a patch of Winter Wheat this year tho.....

Currently reading---- REAMDE by Neal far Russian mobsters, hackers, Chinese gamer gold miners, weed's all good....

I wonder how I stand it....My Fox News viewing, bible thumping co-workers believe the OWS protesters are some type of revolutionary scum...I turn and walk away but they follow me, dogging me, mistaking my silence for agreement...I control myself instead of turning on them, werewolf like...for there is no use in debate any consolation is my belief that our society's turning point is very near now.

I have been testing and outfitting the new VW Eurovan Camper. Mechanically it is perfect. Cruises at 70mph with plenty of guts left, heater works, AC blows cold, everything necessary seems to work....Drives amazingly well. Our anarchist, peace, free Tibet and Grateful Dead stickers are on it...(very important you cannot own a VW camper without these it's the law)
I ordered a combination porta potty/shower alcove tent, pictured below.......have installed the front protective bra, the TomTom Gps that I picked up used super cheap, modified and installed my scuba diving compass to the dashboard and next week will work on installing the 50 watt solar panel power system. I'm stocking it with paper plates, emergency gear, porta potty supplies and so on.

There are one or two cosmetic items I am working on, but if the van was absolutely perfect--
I would be so depressed with nothing to do plan is to set up the van with side sun porch, alcove tent and pop top up, take and post pictures here of the complete system. But bear with me since I am deep into this......

My father would shake his head and tell me I should become a watchmaker. Not quite the in demand job of today's world----he would often tell me that because I have great patience when it comes to constructing, repairing or assembling small things---and probably because I am an autodidact and very close on the spectrum to having Asperger syndrome.
... In the 1950's, when these father-son chat's occurred, these terms did not exist, you were simply a strange child and being a watch maker or watch repairman was considered one of the "good" jobs...meaning you didn't get ground up in machinery, Thinking of my watch fascination the other day made me consider that when the globalized world stops spinning in the not too distant future...being a watch maker or being able to repair watches may again be a "good" job. A watch will once again become a non-replaceable prized possession. Watch repair tools are actually reasonably priced on Amazon now, since they are Chinese copies, but viable tools for someone like myself and there are several books, reprints from the 40's and 50's on watch making and watch repair....I have bookmarked all these items for purchase next month. Why not study and become competent at a subject I love---watches---- and have a viable niche for the coming new world ?
All this being said of course there is a new Chronograph in route---retailing, supposedly for $500.00 (which I actually doubt) and purchased on sale for $80.00 is this huge, 60mm cased--white faced, 1/2 inch thick, Invicta Chronograph. This is described as more of a wrist clock, as compared to wrist watch---beautiful...... I'll advise.

Cannibals prefer those who have no spines.
Stanislaw Lem

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David Scott said...

I posted to you but not sure it made it through. My computer programs seem to have problems.

Anyway I agree with you all the way. You can't compete against the conserative media and TEA party. Meaness is the order of the day.

Before I reteried knowing it was coming I spoke my mind and I ended up realizing that while I could not keep quite leaving them the impression that I was as they. There was no changing the way the beleived without some major events happening that could not be spinned by the media.

Good luck on the work on VW and watches.

My father was a weak man when it came to answering to those in charge giving in to them. He was still a good man who taught me tolerance in a intolerant time. To aquire skills that could keep your family fed and encourage me to do the same. He taught me to weld, repair a vehicle, wire a house for electricity, to repair plumbing, build a wall, furniute or whatever you might need. Basically not to be afraid of failure in learning a new task for that was the path of learing.

keep up the post.