Friday, October 28, 2011

Do not be fooled by news announcements spinning the concept of "it's getting better" either by the corporate press, or the owned politicians from any party. It's not ever going to get better.

Roller coaster up and down rides by crashing societies/empires are the norm. This is why so many throughout history were caught by surprise when their world collapsed around them. Why, in Britain do they dig up hoards of Roman gold coins all the time...Romanized citizens believed the spin, clawed for any sign that things were going to remain the same. Until it was too late and they ran out to bury their goods, never to return. The basics of what you need to do to survive the new normal remain the same.
Store food and water
learn to garden
have weapons & know how to use them
develop a skill which will survive the fall of globalization
keep cash on hand
pull your funds from the stock market
invest in personal supplies which will be viable after the fall
own high MPG vehicles or bicycles

The corrupted system we have developed is in the final stages of attempting to grift you of your last remaining wealth.

This is the time for substance...for investing in a greenhouse you can walk into and pick vegetables for dinner instead of investing in the Uranium wells offered by wall street. There will be no government solutions....the bar for the Government has been set so low by selling out to anyone, that failure is now deemed as a success. It's not getting better...those days are gone forever. Understand this now and come to grips with it as best you can. There will be no better.

The 1% have begun attacking OWS movements in several cities at night, of course, crushing the skull of a resistance member who happened to be a vet for peace. Changing laws overnight on street habitation, confiscating generators with the hope of strangulating OWS access to the Net. It is the first sign of fear...a change from Wall Street Bankers laughing at the demands of the people over cigars and brandy----to them releasing their paid for Political and Police lapdogs to begin active repression. It will become worse---much worse.
The OWS resistance members are hero's...

I revisited TERMINATOR SALVATION this week by purchasing a copy of the directors cut for all of $6.00. This was a movie that when released, I viewed by rental, and originally just checked off my, to see, movie list without much thought. I was very wrong.
With personal purchase of the film I actually sat down and watched it, compared to just hurriedly viewing it when it came out, I discovered what a GREAT movie it actually is. I find myself loving the anarchist styled resistance army...their practical, but ad-hock, personalized uniforms--great weaponry and excellent textures. John Conner has an Esse Izula (my personal favorite) knife strapped to his wrist, a beautiful technical detail....the backgrounds of a destroyed society are perfect....i think the best parts are when Conner broadcasts by radio to the resistance. It seems to be real feelings against the world these people face.
I'll watch it again this weekend. This was a movie i originally, quickly, dismissed as SF action schlock, but on a second look it is quickly becoming a favorite. If you are into SF films take another slow look at Terminator Salvation.

The Invicta Russian Diver Chronograph discussed previously arrived...It is excellent, huge and I mean HUGE on the wrist and easy to read with a snap of the wrist. I had to order an additional was just not enough. It appeared that this line of watches was loosing supply as if the model run was being completed. I wished to make sure I had what i needed before the access to this particular model of watch ended.

I just ordered a standard, non chronograph, black ion coated, Invicta Russian Diver watch copy pictured above. It has the same 60mm case diameter, same Arnold like hugeness on the wrist...but time, date, GMT only operation. Watches and knives----- my weaknesses.

The most recent military surplus clothing order arrived this week and my wife JoJo loves her new Arctic bomber hat, and My XL used German naval sweater is in perfect condition and fits.
....a good job ordering this time...

I am waiting for my tattoo appointment, had a consultation last week.
I will no longer be owned.

Despair and frustration will not shake our belief that the resistance is the only way of liberation.
Emile Lahud

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The world is corrupt and you must learn how to operate in it.
Steal from only the rich and use their weakness against them
Protecting the weak is a duty
Never speak your true thoughts to strangers at work
Proven friends are valuable
Keep home and work separate
Treat serious men with respect
Consider Justice a gift but require a service in return
Never meet with anyone on their ground
If unlucky accidents occur blame someone in the room
Not being careless should be a habit, women and children
can be careless but not men
Whoever comes to you requesting a meeting is a traitor

The design of pre/post WW2 Russian and Italian military diver watches are fascinating to me. We Americans did not contribute much to this bizarre little area of interest to me.

This was an age of Hard Hat diving and the beginning of the concept of water and pressure proofing instruments to work in this environment.

The first diving wristwatches had an extremely large (60mm) case diameter and numeral system so as to be visible through the glass plate of the hard diving helmet especially in the murk stirred by the work required primarily on the ocean floor. The large Case size was further required at that time in the designing, manufacturing and repairing of the waterproofing systems used in the mechanical watch mechanism.

This particular time frame Russian and Italian Diver watch is still manufactured today, although hard to find in a realistic format and reasonable price of the few reasonably priced copies is the Invicta Russian diver displayed above. True Russian remakes are available, but the Russian's have learned the value of many of their better designed products (all from the good old revolutionary days) which now rival the pricing of any of the worlds best watches, therefore out of my league.
Even Invicta copies run the price gauntlet from $160.00 to $2000.00. A true watch Otaku will look at nothing other than a genuine Russian (and probably antique) divers watch for purchase consideration--not me--the concept provided by a remake remains true--and although the remakes are battery operated instead of mechanical, which i prefer, an Alfa Romero is beautiful to gaze upon and wondrous to own----
but maintaining it and commuting to work in it is a bitch.
I am hoping to purchase, a true to concept, low end Invicta soon and then if possible build my own mechanic version of a Russian Diver in the future if i can find the appropriate parts---why not? If a 1930's Russian peasant can be trained to build them why can't I?

The former Governor and his Russian Diver.

During my recent wandering at Military surplus stores of the net--I purchased the (pictured above) used, blue, German Naval Sweater in XL for my use against the coming New Mexico Winter---had to search for a military sweater in the new normal, American human XL sizing and finally found one. I also wear my military surplus to work on a daily basis, enhancing, i am sure my career pathing...--- when ordering the sweater, I ordered the below illustrated hat for MY WIFE...
My JoJo said "Let's make a list shall we of all the men in the US who have bought their wife this particular hat?"
It must be understood that I am so lucky in that my wife is as uniquely deranged as I am in so many ways--which is why we do so well in our lives together. She appreciates, lets say, being outside the norm in day to day styling--agreeing with the designed for utility clothing concept--not that she couldn't dance with the Governor if she wanted to....but a parka, goggles, Japanese gardening tool, and small backpack for working around the homestead can and usually is the norm, kinda close to the cat lady thing... she appreciates a warm hat and if it is a weird's even better---the greatest thing about surplus styling is that walking about in public--nobody fucks with us--- I love my wife truly.

The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn't angry enough.
Bede Jarrett

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I find our Corporate Government as amazing as the electrical system in Mogadishu.
It revels in and supports the revolution and death of Gaddafi.

Let's see---
40 year reign of disregarding the condition of the people ?--check.
Varying unsuccessful personal wars draining treasury ?---check.
Huge unemployment ?---check.
Complete lack of a viable future for citizens ?---check.
International Corporations run economy ?----check.
Power and wealth in the hands of 1% of the population
who suck the ass of politician(s) ?-check.
Robbery of the national treasury
for personal use and comfort of the 1% ? ----check.
Just plain failure to do right ?---check

We are a stupid ignorant society--- members of which accept the pap fed to them posing as position. Our leaders wax poetic over the Arab Spring---to be regretted.

We camped in the Capitan's this week--which is about 60 miles of very,very uphill from our Roswell homestead..

It was perfect weather, New Mexico stars and clusters visible at altitude and huge deer grazing. The VW Eurovan Camper performed flawlessly..our only beef was that the Rio Bonito, upon whose banks we camped was dry as a bone...(no climate change to see here, move along-----) living in the desert makes you yearn for water so that massively sucked....all our self supporting necessary systems worked very well---there is of course a great deal of tinkering we need to do with our processes---how to do things efficiently in a small space where there are two of us and two neurotic organization is/will be a key factor next time.

I was so proud of my JoJo--she took to eating MRE's like a hungry Ranger...turns out she loves them and is as i write this searching the internet for more varieties...

We learned that we need another pad for the main fold out bed, and REAL pillows for a true night's sleep--both of these failures were mine---I got into the young me mindset of "just throw yourself down and sleep" like i used to do when just taking the rucksack off was such a break---Uh--not at all applicable for the current Geezer me condition....although I am still the same 18 year old asshole on the inside...the outside requires some additional coddling now...

We set up in a campground that is going out of business due to the depression---excellent for our stand alone camp test but sort of a "The Road" kinda thing.
...i was considering how many of these types of campground/RV bankrupted places that will soon exist and make outstanding city and rural campsites to squat in if you have your shit together---the area we stayed in was apparently dying from lack of Texas tourists they had depended on for money...everything had a for sale sign on it---So actual, action, pictures for once..this will probably be the one trip until next spring--getting cold in the mountains and snow there spring and summer beckon tho........

I repurposed ( several items today. I cleaned, trimmed and edged a large mat...that had been partially destroyed by the neighbor's Mastiff--(a story in itself) JoJo had the idea that the Mat was still partially usable especially for when we are camping with the VW bus as a step mat to the interior ...I have to work on this"damaged goods" concept because of my OCD---an item is either perfect or gone---there has been nothing between these two poles for me--The reconstruction actually worked well---I'm not so sure of the black duct tape edging I attempted...but if that fails I will try to heat seal the trimmed edge with the trusty cigarette lighter. My wife also found an old Northface backpack in storage I haven't seen in 5-6 years. After a good cleaning and repairing of various straps and ties it is ready to go as my "new" EDC pack for work. It is somewhat of a first for me that i find repurposing & Repairing is good exercise for the mind and liberating for the soul. But nothing half-assed.

Written during an old guy sleepless night---When I seemingly will never have to sleep again---on this night or any other-----you think, you remember, you appreciate, you plan, you hope, you express love and you are afraid.
Back to work next week.

"Being in a majority can mean that all the fools
are on one side."
(from a sign at our local salvation army h.q.)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I wake up hoping every morning that the news will contain something of value. I find the same stupidity....OWS is the only public entity of value i see and yet because they attempt to work within the system (at the moment) they accomplish nothing. We must go our own way as individuals...the group concept has failed for reasons known to us all----adapt to our 3rd world for ourselves...resist.....innovate at home for your own life...create at home for your own life...grow your own food....give the least to the 1%. Starve them...

Can popular sentiment be ignored? Those in power have a history of simply not acknowledging what the people actually hold as valuable. Think of Nixon ignoring a hundred thousand marching against the war in VietNam....This ability of oppressive states and classes to ignore is why they are stood up against a wall, or guillotined with some frequency. How can bankers and traders in NY go to work every day with 2-10,000 people 3 short blocks away demanding their overthrow? Do the oppressors not think of that one spark---that one small step from waving a sign to taking justice in one's own hands? Does the 1% believe that they are forever safe? I understand that if on a daily basis I worked a short distance from a currently disgruntled pubic, which, at any moment, might become an angry public---I would at least consider my work actions and philosophy? Not these people....they have become so entrenched, so dishonest, so self righteous, so mentally secure in their feeding off the common man---that when the first rock strikes them---they will be dumbfounded.
The concept of... I do not care what the people want...or....what is right and correct for the public good... is a seeping, stinking wound that must be cauterized. A perfect example is the legalization of Marijuana---53% of the Public across all political and moral divides, want Marijuana legalized...they are tired of their children jailed for no reason..tired of the never ending expense...tired of the oppression...and just plain tired of being lied to. What will be done? NOTHING. Although we elect and pay them we have no say.....

There are material objects in existence that I find fascinating--seductive---and I wouldn't know what to really do with them if I could somehow purchase them. Objects I find compelling just to think about. The above displayed Watchmakers work bench is one of them.

Sprint is the latest corporate demon to pull a Netflicks stunt. We (as many did) received a notice from Sprint, our current mobile phone provider that overnight our contract the true spirit of corporate evil Sprint won't tell us what changes they made...(without a doubt it's cost). I am required to have a cell for work--trapped like a rat---and my recent contract is not done until Oct. 2012. I will be dropping my Sprint contact on midnight Oct. 1st 2012 and this is my plan. I will purchase the use by minute smart cards from Walmart---and it will be the lowest amount possible----I hardly use the damn thing--- Then purchase one of the below illustrated JOHN'S CELL PHONES as the operating system for the new cheapo, resistance phone card system.
JOHN'S CELL PHONE is a platform--well not for everyone to be sure...but perfect for me since I have systems in place to access the Internet for free and I hate voice mail only fear is that john's may not be able to survive a year, but if so then I will seek out one of their phones used...Corporate Resistance can take many forms---this abuse I will not stand the benefit is that--I am pushed to simplify by corporate greed...I'll find a way around them---I do not need them---Fuck em'

Security depends not so much upon how much you have, as upon how much you can do without.
Joseph Wood Krutch