Sunday, January 31, 2010

As soon as this bullshit of work is done and retirement strikes watch out.

It's very true the moniker South Park places on people like me...."Old hippie douche bag". The older i get the worse (or better dependent on your viewpoint)
i get...

There are many many times everyday at work when i'll think what a mistake i made....why oh why did i screw up by becoming straight? How I should have stayed the way i was in 1968... grew the crop and stayed out of the world----because baby boomers like myself had a shot at doing that---we could have stayed cozy in the VW van with Moon Baby and the weed having never taken that fateful step out of the magic bus into trickle down economics, Gordon Gecko and the wall street world of the future. We could have changed the world back then...

But Nooooo. Those of us lucky enough to have experienced that world could not keep recreating it on a daily basis against the forces of pressures surrounding was impossible to keep the----get married, get broke, get credit cards, get rich, get stuff and more stuff, get divorced (a lot) get rid of that Volkswagen, cut your hair, piss in this bottle if you want this job, and just say no.....The grey flannel conspiracy would rather, and did have us working 18 hrs. a day hyped on coke as compared to calling in sick a bunch to watch old movies at home while stoned. Efficiency you know, bottom line. We couldn't resist the pressure and honestly---we sold our souls. Things could have been very,very different right now.

This weirdness in the country surrounding me is created by my failures and the failures of boomers like me to have just said no, NO to Republicanism, wars in the desert, suburbia, SUV's, die at work syndrome, 24 hour cable TV, ab blasters, plastic surgery, weed wackers, doggie day care, and allowing fundamentalist religious people to actually vote or be on TV.
You know there are so many small things we allowed to be prostituted that i am ashamed of the list is endless here's two small examples---- FM radio used to be something--- something important, something underground, powerful and cutting edge--we used to listen to it, and get high-----now it is computerized broadcast garbage. When a new album was released we used to all get together and really listen to the music---in groups, discuss it and enjoy it and of course get very high. We only worked enough part time jobs to get what we needed and of course to get routinely high. Moon baby didn't go to bed with you because your were a company vice-president driving a Porsche and had a 401k---Moon baby went to bed with you if she, thought your were cute and could get high with you.
We boomers had a system in our hippie douche bag youth---which has never been equaled. Until now.....

As retirement looms on the 4 year horizon for me--i am planning on returning to those good old hippie douche bag days the instant, the very instant i retire because after all it is a big cycle is it not? baby to youth to adult to middle age to old age back to baby?
My alternative plan is however---- baby to hippie douche bag to adult to middle age to proudly hippie douche bag out Xers there are going to have a problem with us boomers in retirement cause i believe there are a lot of people my age planning this--they just aren't admitting it!
Oh Moon Baby, I'm hoooome!

As Hudson said in Aliens "Maybe he should be in charge!"

This is the perfect 'Gran Torino' non-violent solution to neighborhood trespassing...."get off my lawn!" The fully automatic paintball sentry gun.

Jesus Christ how we cower like sheep---this is what the Nigerian inept crotch bomber is going to cost us.... for nothing other than security theater.

If it ever does happen to you here are hints and tips on how to survive a fall from 35,000 feet--it's been done several times. PS---you are statistically more likely to survive if you are a crew member--you bastards!

The most recent addition to my action figure collection-----is the dyingest action figure of them all, Kenny from South Park----Kenny is on my shelves.
You Bastards....I decided I would be too weirdly focused by staying with science fiction/fantasy characters so....Kenny. I also purchased a 1/12th scale Vespa scooter (chow)and a black Moto Guzzi crotch rocket motorcycle. These I purchased simply because I had the overwhelming desire the other day to go out a buy a really fast motorcycle because I'm bored with myself----- but being old-- I quieted the fires, compromised so to say, by buying a model of what i wanted...hey it may work.

There is a vast world of work out there in this country, where at least 111 million people are employed in this country alone - many of whom are bored out of their minds. All day long.
Richard Nelson Bolles

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I have been relatively pleased with myself lately. I am living up to my to do list expectations---working on my art, photography, staying organized----and reading. I've been hanging out alone much more which pleases me....taking my daily coffee shop break with a book. I might even work up the courage to bring my kit and sketch in there one day. I am currently reading THE GREAT GAMBLE, a history of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Watching the SF movies Pandorum and Moon this weekend.
The past few weeks here have been daily alternating pleasant weather with winter storms which is unpleasant---be one way or be another, you know? I still have zero success with the electric company in contacting anyone or discovering how to sell back electricity from my solar panels, so soon I will buy 4 additional panels and hook all 8 up to my residence with or without the electric company's permission---I've tried my best...they can therefore bite me.
My recent vacation helped me attain balance at work this week---although I constantly wonder how long the effect will last? At least there was one week of proper, human type balance I suppose. The household is clean, happy and organized. Therefore so am I.

Clutched in the grip of winter we are still trying----last week we planted blueberry bushes, raspberry bushes and grape vines for wine at the homestead. The only real thing we can do right now is plan, lay out seeds, start some plants indoors and wait for the coming of spring.
JoJo and I have agreed that there will be no farmers market for us this coming year...a little too weird, with too many rules. We will just give away our excess to those who need or want it. Having Saturday mornings free allows for more gardening time anyway.

Predator 2010, which is either currently filming or just completed has started filtering out to the web. There has been much discussion on this film based on can a re-make of any classic hold up to SF geek (like myself) expectations.
I believe that any film can live up to and exceed expectations...we humans only remember those that do not. Predator movies are now a genre like westerns. They need not be specific to one script track line or another...they are stand alone now, risen above the sequel status.
The leaked script for P2010 involves Predator abduction of outstanding human hunting stock from earth to a Predator planet-- soldiers, serial killers, criminals etc are hunted for sport and ritual....Adrien Brody is the featured character as an SAS operative abducted from Afghanistan. The supposed release date is July 7th 2010. My motto is "any Predator movie is better than no Predator movie" if you have to have a motto----what a DVD night this is going to make.

I agree with this piece on the ultimate doom of our economy.

8 in 10 Americans support Medical Marijuana---my back hurts you know.

Pretty scary--an active map tracking the rise of unemployment across the US by date. Watch it and weep.

If love it or leave it was the law---it would be pretty lonely around here right now

Oh yeah they just love us......

Awful weather has resulted in weekly lower Prius MPG figures...In New Mexico it has become routine this winter that the week will start out with beautiful weather and 55.6 MPG figures and by Thursday or Friday, snow, rain and cold not only makes the commute terrible but kills my MPG down to 46.8. I have discovered that weather closely follows driving technique as the major influence on MPG results. The weather cannot be controlled however... so my mileage over the past few weeks has been consistency and closely following weather reports is now a big part of being Hybrid Boy.

Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.
H. L. Mencken

Friday, January 22, 2010

I am thrust backward to where I stood before the Presidential election, buying MRE's and solar panels to be able to stand outside of us and not be a part of what is going on..................

I have lost all hope for us. This recent vote in Massachusetts has confirmed my worst fears for the future. We are now a true Idiocracy. Ted Kennedy spent his political life trying to insure health care for all Americans. He dies and this is how his constituents remember his cause? His dedication to this issue? Idiots! Worse still are the talking heads and the celebration of the Republicans and their Right wing religious nut case stormtroopers. The Republicans truly understand the stupidity of the American public and play it so well...They are the ones who brought you a lower standard of living, less pay, less freedom, an illegal war and you love them for it don't you? You are going to vote them right back into office...If not how could this election have happen...don't claim it was independent voters, there were independent candidates that got only 1% of the vote---you like being screwed, you must. You must like it that your children can never become artists, writers, farmers, craftsmen because of lack of health insurance...that they will become disposable machines to corporate bonus bosses and not independent journeymen and women. You must want this you fucking idiots.

Are we such an incompetent society that with the loss of a single vote in our governing bodies we must give up everything that has been desperately worked on for an entire year? The senatorial vote in Massachusetts going Republican means game over for change? Christ I am sorry for us as a nation. Does this mean we are going to allow those corporate whores to again strip us of our humanity? Of what remains of our wealth? Just WTF is wrong with us? I am completely and totally at a loss and would not be upset if Obama suddenly turned and said "you can have this shit I am outta here.." Who would want to be the leader of such a bankrupt, sad, ignorant, Jesus lands here at Walmart inspired nation of fat, stupid, ungrateful, tea party, Jesus fanatics.
We really need to get a grip on the fact that we must face our issues and face them based on the concept of creating a mature, civilized society, one that refuses corporate greed and quick profits to the cost of a decent society. If we do not---if we return to a Republican ---drill baby drill---marriage is between a man and woman only----no stem cell research---buy SUV's----no trains--- philosophy---- YOU ARE GOING TO STARVE TO DEATH IN THE DARK, SICK, POOR AND ALONE YOU FUCK. Because you are stupid and apparently deserve to.

A conservative is one who admires radicals centuries after they're dead.
Leo Rosten

Monday, January 18, 2010

I thought I would provide follow through information on projects I have discussed here in public. I'd hate for you to think that I just talk instead of accomplishing anything.....I have been off for two weeks and I have spent considerable time on my projects/experiments that I plotted out. I managed to physically work on several projects I had in my brain for quite some time. It feels very good to purge these projects out of my grey matter.
There is nothing more important in the world than follow through! Without follow through our greatest plans, ideas, concepts and hacks lie unused within our brains....
There are one or two items I still need to accomplish----contact our local power company about buying back some of the solar power I am producing....Clean and organize our supply shed...mentally and physically prepare for the return to the work world. I'll finish these items up before the end of the week.
I have had some type of cold while I've been off--the kinda that seems to stick around and refuses to leave. That up and down, better and then sicker type of thing---but I have really tried not to let it get in the way.

I am still sketching every chance I get.....these are a few of my most recent attempts above and below this entry....still enjoying this activity and hoping to keep this up even if I am a juvenile styled sketcher....I am surprised to find how calming drawing/sketching is----it also appears to allow me to loose myself in it.
I have to see if I keep up with this endeavor over the long term...i think doing this will have a good effect on me overall. Doing more art was one of my New Year's resolutions....

AHA! My little Roomba Dirt Dog works like a champ....this robotic sweeper (not a vacuum) is perfect for our little house with all wood or tile floors! It has definitely exceeded all my expectations. Dust, dirt, dog hair, and just nasty, floor crap gets scooped up as this little boy works it's way around our rooms.
I've found the best process is to close the roomba into a room, and just let it do it's thing. It does get caught up on a piece of furniture now and again but not enough to make you crazy fixing it. I wanted one of these for years but JoJo was hesitant about the concept, now she loves it. I won't ever be without one again! Besides doing such a good job I have to admit I feel like Klatoo ( obscure reference from the movie day The Earth Stood Still).... when I turn on my killer robot to clean the house.

This week I adapted a set of Bonneville Salt Flats hubcaps to "fit" my Prius
(i hope).... during this vacation along with washing and cleaning the baby this was one of the big goals. Above and below are photographs to prove it actually happened.....It took me about an hour per hubcap to make these fit. The results seem to be worth the effort however. The Prius looks really sharp with these on. Sort of like a shuttle craft for the Enterprise or the true car of the future we were all promised back in the 50's and 60's.... Looks was not the reason behind this project, I hope to actually get a mileage increase, although a small one I'm sure, by decreasing wind resistance at the wheels. The overall appealing factor to me in the process is the attempt to reduce personal oil consumption even further--and of course to screw Chaney and the Saudis and all the rest of the oil consortium. I believe it is our responsibility to be personally prepared for the next gasoline price rise or possible shortages. It is my small, continual attempt towards independence. If everyone of us increased our MPG and produced a little of our own electric power for our residences.... what a difference that would make overall.

Alas, after a certain age every man is responsible for his face.
Albert Camus