Friday, January 22, 2010

I am thrust backward to where I stood before the Presidential election, buying MRE's and solar panels to be able to stand outside of us and not be a part of what is going on..................

I have lost all hope for us. This recent vote in Massachusetts has confirmed my worst fears for the future. We are now a true Idiocracy. Ted Kennedy spent his political life trying to insure health care for all Americans. He dies and this is how his constituents remember his cause? His dedication to this issue? Idiots! Worse still are the talking heads and the celebration of the Republicans and their Right wing religious nut case stormtroopers. The Republicans truly understand the stupidity of the American public and play it so well...They are the ones who brought you a lower standard of living, less pay, less freedom, an illegal war and you love them for it don't you? You are going to vote them right back into office...If not how could this election have happen...don't claim it was independent voters, there were independent candidates that got only 1% of the vote---you like being screwed, you must. You must like it that your children can never become artists, writers, farmers, craftsmen because of lack of health insurance...that they will become disposable machines to corporate bonus bosses and not independent journeymen and women. You must want this you fucking idiots.

Are we such an incompetent society that with the loss of a single vote in our governing bodies we must give up everything that has been desperately worked on for an entire year? The senatorial vote in Massachusetts going Republican means game over for change? Christ I am sorry for us as a nation. Does this mean we are going to allow those corporate whores to again strip us of our humanity? Of what remains of our wealth? Just WTF is wrong with us? I am completely and totally at a loss and would not be upset if Obama suddenly turned and said "you can have this shit I am outta here.." Who would want to be the leader of such a bankrupt, sad, ignorant, Jesus lands here at Walmart inspired nation of fat, stupid, ungrateful, tea party, Jesus fanatics.
We really need to get a grip on the fact that we must face our issues and face them based on the concept of creating a mature, civilized society, one that refuses corporate greed and quick profits to the cost of a decent society. If we do not---if we return to a Republican ---drill baby drill---marriage is between a man and woman only----no stem cell research---buy SUV's----no trains--- philosophy---- YOU ARE GOING TO STARVE TO DEATH IN THE DARK, SICK, POOR AND ALONE YOU FUCK. Because you are stupid and apparently deserve to.

A conservative is one who admires radicals centuries after they're dead.
Leo Rosten

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