Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Each week that passes i find myself wondering, thinking and Philosophizing more and more
in the singular category i call---
What the Fuck are we doing?
Our society is now so out of bounds, so lacking in reality that it increasingly hard for me to find any solid ground to use as a thought baseline. We punish the poor and reward the rich...Our leadership is incompetent....we have no basic health care nor human support services other than what the individual can pay exorbitant fees for...meanwhile we shower money on the military and paranoid institutions like DHS while neglecting any possible chance of becoming a mature, thoughtful society as compared to a palace for the elite, built on force. I have to admit that there is now no way back or no way out...it is too late...we deserve our fate created of our own stupidity.

I just received the Italian and Hungarian military surplus shoulder bags mentioned in my previous blog.
It is snowing here this Saturday and today's project is to work on applying my everyday carry equipment to these bags and select one to try out Monday at work. On first inspection the Italian bag, although used, is still very serviceable and is the larger of the two as well as the more interesting. It will be the first I try to put to use. If things work out I will provide photo's of the bag(s) and the contents.....I also need to gear up for predicted snow and rain next week....of course this to me is fun. Strange eh?

We've been discussing for a long time the inclusion of chickens here at our 90'x120' urban homestead---however something new has arisen causing my wife, JoJo to begin research anew--the miniature cow....

About the size of a Mastiff dog, discovering these miniature cows has caused us to pause in the chicken research and switch to thinking of maybe owning a miniature milk cow for--- cheese--milk to trade and of course the all important natural compost....being city pukes we know nothing about cows no matter what their size--- but we are scouring sources to determine if a miniature cow is a possibility for us? They run about $2,000 and can live for up to 15 years....they are bred to feed on natural feed grass and therefore no supply of feed grain is demanded...I am sort of unsure at this point but am open to the concept---when societies fall owning a cow, no matter what size, is an incredible asset....I imagine the city would pull it's lip up over it's head tho---that is if they find out about it or until they fall apart and then it doesn't matter.

This week the Federal Reserve Bank traded US dollars to the European Bank in exchange for Euro's---Yes the same Euro currency that practically all sources advise is doomed.....and can fail within ten days from this posting.The British Government has advised their banks to prepare for disruption from the collapse of the Euro.

Our financial overlord geniuses did this to save their brother bankers overseas, even if it is for only a very short time...You see--the brotherhood of the 1% is the important thing---the continuation of wealth and power by any means necessary to those in their class, be they European or American--- nothing else matters to them----like royalty of old they are interconnected by breeding and class unfortunately the hemophilia thing did not pan out for them meanwhile John McCain in the US Senate is attempting to pass legislation allow for Military detention of American Citizens without application of protection of the law and Homeland Security announces that the "Lone Wolf Terrorist" in now the primary threat for the US, which of course equates to anyone who disagrees with any current US policy.
What we are seeing is random, fearful steps being taken attempting to protect the elite by any means necessary---every possible lifeline is being thrown in any possible direction...but only to each other within the elite class. The rest of us are on our own.....

As a final note, a law to allow for the slaughter of horses and allowing horse meat to be utilized for human consumption in the United States has passed....meanwhile we are laying off meat and health inspectors both local and federal---I am sure however that the Republican businessmen that pushed this law into effect will police themselves---what could possibly go wrong with this and why suddenly do they want us to be able to eat horse? Next comes Soylent Green----

If you command wisely, you'll be obeyed cheerfully.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

two blogs this week

The Human Time Project is a concept I intend to support---the project revolves around watches and health care in the 3rd world--The Human Time project offers for sale the below illustrated watch, selected for simplicity and ability to withstand the elements. If you purchase one watch--an identical watch is provided free to 3rd world health care workers...having a accurate timepiece is an essential part of medicine from the taking of a pulse to administering medicines at the correct times....this is a non-profit operation which offers both a reasonably priced watch and the ability to do good....I like this concept and am investigating.....I hope to support it with a future purchase. Take a look at the below website--and if you are planning on purchasing a watch in the near future please think of them.

Winter has shown up now here in southern New Mexico...it appeared this weekend with temperatures in the low 20's overnight...once again all the plants are brown and dead or sleeping till spring...we are planning our gardens with a new concept in irrigation for the spring---the droughts and increases in temperatures here makes planning the watering system to be built into the gardens prior to spring, of utmost importance...
Dark in the mornings when i leave for work and dark 12 hours later when i return...I feel like a Morlock in the winters---
and with the plant world dead or sleeping it feels like the road out there...

Throughout the winter I try to focus and work on small things, personal things. There are good things about the winter tho---like huddling up on the couch with JoJo and our Boston Terriers watching movies in the dark afternoons.....Putting my military surplus clothing/equipment to real work against the weather and being warm, comfortable and organized because of thinking out problems in advance....the winter for sure makes you appreciate the spring and green when it returns....

I have been doing remarkably better mentally at work---for reasons unknown to me---it may be the tattoo decision the mental freedom it has provided---it may be that fewer and fewer people think that their particular party or religious group has the solution to our overwhelming problems and have ceased their personal propaganda attempts against me-- It has become easier to survive the stupid these past few weeks which is quite a change for me..........

Vehicles--i am going to attempt to clean and organize vehicles this week if the weather allows--the winter is a bitch---I need to wash and organize both the Prius and the VW camper---the Prius is averaging 50.7 on a daily basis and of course is running like a clock---the VW is winterized for the drop in temperatures here to the low low 20's....the vehicles need a good cleaning/organizing due to the winter weather.....

This Wednesday I go in for the first consultation for my left forearm tribal tattoo----------------- the big, visible one--------you first work on a design with the artist---i know what i want it is merely a matter of communicating...then there is a second consultation to check that what she has designed to judge if it meets your approval before the third appointment, the actual application...............so I am about a month away from the first application session on the visible forearm tribal.

I'll be working through all the upcoming, normal people, holidays---saving my leave for late January or early February when I'll take 2 weeks off to do some work around the homestead towards the spring----then I'll start saving leave again to go camping with JoJo in the V-dub during the summer. We have to design an auto watering system for the garden and install it when we build the gardens in the spring if we wish to leave on summer weekends for camping in the mountains......

Winter is here and an old man's thoughts turn to ACTION FIGURES ?

Mine do anyway--it has been quite a while since i have added to my meager action figure collection...and prowling the net the other day I discovered the Robot from the 1998 film remake of the Television series----LOST IN SPACE....

The remake of lost in space was profoundly beaten up by the critics...but there were several excellent items of notice in the film production, design and special effects---one item of note was the "instant on" combat armor worn by the major West character which would be tremendously excellent to have available in real life--feel threatened and instantly incased in armor against the world--- the new film also put forth a newly designed combat robot....which of course would also be the ultimate real life accessory item so useful for pulling the heads off of surly DMV clerks and so forth...our society would actually be polite if we all were followed about by our own individual combat robot.....

I ordered the above illustrated Robot figure action figure from the Lost in Space Film for 1/3 of the original price. It is new in the box and may be one of the last out there affordable by cretins like myself or possibly just the last one---it's shipping weight is 19.8 lbs. !! but i have no true idea of the size since there is zero information available about this figure...I'll find out when it arrives...this item fulfills both my action figure and robot addiction all in one fell swoop for the winter...you really can't ask for more----i am spending the time prior to delivery picking out a display spot in the nerd cave....

A nation is a society united by a delusion about its ancestry and by common hatred of its neighbours.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A week of laughing----
Laughing at the bizarre hope by the commercial market place, that our consumers will push themselves deeper into debt and destruction during the upcoming holidays to bring about profit.....Laughing at the Washington 1% pretending to lead but only desiring, like African heads of State, to continue their soul sucking graft. Laughing at the 2012 Republican so called candidates.
Between laughs I obtained my first (but not my last) tattoo described below....worked....and failed (as i do every year) to understand these present and upcoming Holidays as a singular human.....developed systems for my used sony UMPC....and finally allowed myself to accept the fact that i am correct in my determination as to where our society is headed.
Not much doing about the Winter homestead on thanksgiving day---JoJo is processing peanuts she grew this past year...and will soon be making cheese a new experiment for her...i am going to putz out today, write emails and do little things....i never take time off during the holidays---they mean not much to us---i save it for later...possibly for camping in the spring with the VW. Going into work tomorrow with the concept of completely fucking off since everyone else is gone.

This week the Mob that is our society has spoken and it's decision is that of the meek cow to the slaughter. The mob accepted the failure of the Congressional super committee to cut both the income of the 1% and the money sucking stupidity of the military industrial complex..our Representatives specifically choosing vapor lock and no action as the best possible outcome. The mob accepted the destruction of the OWS movement by the 1% and the use of counter terrorism equipment for the suppression of free speech.....and the mob accepts the Republican Spectacle of the Absurd, their candidate selection process, as viable. The mob accepts the new normal of an American 3rd world life as Europe economically crumbles, our economy stagnates and there is no way out.......Soon we dine on cat like Eli.....I told you so.

The search for the perfect shoulder EDC bag continues----trapped between wanting to carry everything i could every possibly need in any emergency--and the weight and size of the bag needed to carry this material---i constantly battle the forces of large and complete versus small and necessary. Displayed above and below are two recent orders of surplus military shoulder kit bags with the hope of balancing wants vs. needs. The used Italian military shoulder bag, displayed above is simple. A large, single, open, pouch with bottom tie straps, which i would use to carry a down vest or Keffiyeh http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keffiyeh this is an attempt at total simplicity in a carry bag...

The other order displayed above this paragraph is a new condition, never issued Hungarian military shoulder bag. This bag which is slightly more complex has 3 exterior pockets, 4 interior pockets and exterior ties which again can be used for attaching a vest for layering or a Keffiyeh.
Each bag was extremely low cost, and will be hopefully like all military surplus, sturdy and practical....The real problem is me---I have to decide and accept limitations as to what EDC equipment can be carried as absolutely necessary and what i use/need on a daily basis. The reduction in the physical size of my computing equipment now allows for the carry of a smaller, shoulder bag as compared to a backpack and i need to mentally follow suit...but in our new normal 3rd world life in the United States, the ability to escape and evade to return home becomes more and more necessary it is tough for me to develop a protocol on this issue-----i'll advise on how these bags work out.

As i write this---- the tattoo is 5 days old...

The photo above is the result of a 3 hour session last Sunday afternoon....
--yes it did hurt----especially in the 3rd hour------ but---the instant we were done i made an appointment to design the black tribal half sleeve for my left forearm..... i couldn't wait to continue with this process to get where i want to be....
Do I feel different or am i different?---yes is the honest answer---I feel as if i have passed some type of initiation that i really do not understand yet....a test i designed and then passed as the singular member of my very peculiar tribe.....having a design on you--- be it tattoo's or warpaint makes the wearer feel strangely powerful---having the ability, even if it is hidden to display plumage, for lack of a better term...something that a mere uniform cannot provide---I now understand why cultures tattoo themselves to expose before their enemies their personal histories and make sure their enemies know exactly who they are fighting before they begin---there is suddenly some primal urge you get when pissed off to pull off your shirt and display your markings prior to fighting.......it is who i am.

One of my top ten all time favorite movies is 20 years old this week--The Rocketeer...
I've written on this film previously--beautifully filmed with a what's not to like about it aura.
The Rocketeer has 30's art deco, gangsters, Nazi's, cool airplanes, jet packs, airships, spies, broomhandle mauser pistols and Howard Hughes. Wow--- 20 years old ?

In honor of the film's anniversary i purchased a book containing the complete graphic novels of Dave Stephens...who was responsible for inspiring the movie and reinventing a time, place, and the character of the Rocketeer in his graphic novels----- Mr. Stephens i understand, unfortunately died very young...but he left a history of tremendous art based on the 1930's--1940's styling..it's my day after thanksgiving, work is deadly boring, reading material at my desk----for this year.......

It is not a fragrant world.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

This has been a rather unique week.....layoffs at work....physically very tired...next week being Thanksgiving I'll work all week so the guys with families can have the time off and I'll bank my leave for camping in the spring...This weekend will be all detail work---on computers/watches/personal equipment and on me as a human as well. I am in some sort of rebuilding mode.

This week has seen the first watch repair attempt....I used my recently received watch repair tools/kit to open a Pulsar PM7 chronograph displayed above. I had put this particular watch away when it failed within two weeks of receiving it several years ago...this Pulsar series PM7 chronograph has a combination of multiple displays--- 3 in total both digital and analog and is actually a very complex display face--- opening the case with my new case wrench, which i could never do before the arrival of the proper tools, revealed two batteries.. i had to order replacements since they were an unusual type as compared to the common, standard single watch battery. When the replacements arrived i positioned them, threaded the case back in position and tightened with the case wrench and the watch functions perfectly. I was sort of amazed...

Bloomberg in planned coordination with 20 mayors across the nation evicting OWS from their encampments has given the movement an advantage---Rather than facing the winter and possible failure--- the Occupy movement can now focus on marching on Banks and Wall Street...rather than spending that time effort on keeping warm, fed and in place.

My favorite comment was from the Oakland mayor advising that the protesters told her(?)--that they wished to be evicted to be separated from the Anarchists that had appeared in their movement. You just have to admire the BIG BIG lie as compared to the little lie....what a crock of shit.

The evictions across the nation of the Occupy movements displayed the use of Homeland Security anti-terrorism equipment against peaceful protesters. Items as sound cannons, and other military equipment provided by your government to police departments. The use of counter terrorism equipment against civilians expressing their displeasure with the banker government will be observed with greater frequency and intensity as the middle class becomes the desperate class and attempts to have their voices heard, their needs met, and are, of course, rejected by their corporate, banker overlords. They used your groundless fear of terrorism to issue equipment to protect themselves from-------- YOU.

11-20-11 is the day of the first tattoo.
A 3hr session.

Attack the Block---excellent just excellent---watched it this past weekend..from the producers of Shaun of the Dead...this film centers on a youth gang defending itself and then it's housing project from a random alien invasion.

It is both funny and not funny at the same moments which may confuse some---the special effects were tremendous, excellent acting and the alien life forms are very original...I don't think this is a film for everyone. Which may be why it might become sort of a cult classic...luckily it comes with English subtitles since both the accents and slang are beyond American English understanding..

An interesting side note is the apparent must have fashion accessory in today's under camera surveillance societies, the face mask and the hooded sweatshirt---when something like this becomes a commonplace item it then appears in films. Attack the Block displays counter surveillance fashion as standard equipment.
Attack the block proves you should always have your EDC kit with you...you just never know when things will get alien weird.

I hate computing by smart phone--
Do not want to do it--and seemingly cannot bring myself to do it as compared to every other human on the face of the earth now.....my curse is that i am a tremendous fan-boy of ultra mobile personal computing systems.
I own several UMPC's and just received another, the Sony VGN-UX280P VAIO UX Series Micro PC Handheld Notebook, purchased used from Amazon in truly like new condition for 1/8th of it's original retail price.

I wanted one of these Sony UX's when they first appeared...beyond expensive at that time (1800-2000) and of course unavailable to me. I admit to having great joy in purchasing used computers during that singular window of time--when they are still available in excellent condition, still perform their intended function perfectly and i can obtain them cheap. I use each of these bargains on a daily basis for my personal computing requirements, and are carried within my every day load out consistently. There is something magical to me in pulling out equipment from your everyday carry bag, setting up, and connecting--with equipment designed for this singular purpose..

An overriding cool factor is that this same Sony UX-280 starred in Terminator Salvation as the personal computing/communication devices used by the resistance against the machines...the one thing occupy wall street has proven is that the revolution must be available on the internet---the above 2 photo's are from the film. You didn't see John Conner bent over thumbing a cell phone like some Japanese school girl---no way.

Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living.