Friday, November 04, 2011

working--thinking--organizing now.

I am awaiting the call for my first tattoo appointment. In case I have failed to provide updates I have decided to go through with my first tattoo...investigated and chose a location, had a consultation with the artist and made a deposit. I am now just awaiting the call of when to come in. The unusual thing is that i am already thinking of additional work--for my forearms. I have discussed this issue previously and my intense personal reasons for accomplishing this action so late in life. In considering additional work being done to my forearms i have discovered new thought experiments leading to possibly practical reasons for desiring my graphics. I have thought of the fact that since there is only my wife and I in this having no family...when my body is processed by strangers there is something, well something left to tell a small story of my life. A strange outlook, i realize, but surprisingly very important to me once the issue was raised in my consciousness. Those of you that have children and family may not at all understand this issue.

Another thought that struck me is possibly one of the original reasons for visible body art---a sign displaying the message of "back the fuck off me" in a universal language...especially useful at this older stage of life and for the society that is rapidly approaching. If you had a choice of who to fuck with, a standard issue middle class old guy---or an old guy with a long ponytail and tribal tats...who would you fuck with? These two new thought experiments have led me to ask for another consultation on having tribal's done to my forearms. The style and art pictured above is only an example but in the location and type of graphic i am considering....I will advise....

Currently reading Camouflage Uniforms of European and Nato Armies. Researching both Camo that i presently own and what surplus might be of use in the future---an easy read with excellent photographs---purchased used but in perfect condition. After a tough week I need something simple and interesting to become lost in.

Fall/winter is our time for planning and organizing. We are attempting to review our procedures and maximize our outcomes. We are coming to grips with the need to go back over completed projects and detail the results. Planning garden beds...and plantings for next year. Organizing tools, supplies, rotating stored food stocks, cleaning and maintaining vehicles/bicycles. The purchase this month for the stockpile was another case of MRE's . The price of MRE's has fallen a little for whatever reason--so i ordered a case of menu B's with heaters to put back with the others. We also purchased fuel for the emergency heaters.

The local cable company was in the neighborhood this week cutting people off...another neighbor asked for a loan-----not a good sign.

The corporate/political ruling class is creating their own destiny by ignoring the peaceful OWS. All corrupt, failing societies received indicators that change was necessary for survival..and of course secure in their own wisdom and wrapped in the sham of power they ignored indicators of the future. OWS is the canary in the coal mine for the corporate/political should react to this indicator. The next step will be the black block launching themselves through the windshield of your limo...think of stepping out of your multi-million dollar home into the hands of the mob. Too late then---those that are coming for you are not the peaceful hipsters you are ignoring....

We pulled anything we had, that could support the global, investment banking structure out of their hands and placed our homestead pittance in a local bank and a local credit union this week. According to news reports we were joined by some 650,000 people and 6.5 billion dollars. The amount is nothing---it doesn't even cover Big Bank management staff salaries for a year. The solidarity, is important, the concept is important, the ability to overcome the difficulties in moving your personal finances in the world of auto-deposits and auto-payments that they count on to prevent this, is important.
Making the statement that we will no longer allow you to take our money and use it against our own good in bribing politicians is extremely important!
The bursting of every dam begins with a few drops....fuck them.

My Globalization affect Chinese watch repair tool kit has arrived. It's quality is definitely Chinese. Regardless of this the hope is that I may be able to accomplish some adjustments, battery changes and repairs--sort of a screw up while you learn university...first task is to replace a few dead batteries....see if i can manage post-capitalism job training.

A man with money is no match against a man on a mission.

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David Scott said...

Hadn't thought about pulling my money from BoA or Chase and putting it into a local bank. I will look into it. Also I've swap out a lot of batteries and the biggest thing is getting a good seal for water resistance, you may need a press for snap on backs.

. Check out Harbor Freight for a large assortment of watch batteries for a reasonable price. But, get a battery tester to verify charge. To clean contacts try a stock eraser works pretty good. If in real bad shape use a fine emery board to clean badly croatred contacts.