Sunday, November 06, 2011

I have been laughing all this week---at the incredible joke the republican party is---the stupidity of their chosen candidates---of the blustering talk of going to war against Iran----of the incredibly lame right wing spin accusations against OWS---at the attempt in Mississippi to make the moment of conception legally a person--( apparently masturbation in that state would have then become murder ? ) It has been a week of shaking my head with a depressing laugh. Can we not let our society fall, at least gracefully, without making a terrible historic joke out of us?
Apparently not.......

My only hope in our vapor locked government has been the knowledge and belief that the congressional super committee on budget reduction would fail by Nov. 23rd 2011...therefore creating automatic cuts in the defense department by law---This was the only possible method, i felt, to cut the throat of the largest hog at the trough, devouring the last of our national fortune---- the military. We as a nation lack the humane systems of any responsible culture but we have predator drones....Our militarism has destroyed us---and these auto-cuts i had hoped would be a first step towards the reason required to face the fact that we are a crippled, exhausted, failing empire and and last ditch attempt to salvage something of value during the fall. I understand now though that this will not be the case. Already the spin begins on how these auto-cuts cannot be allowed---since of course the super committee is going to fail, as everything we touch now fails. The military and the defense contractors will insure that they will maintain their positions of power and huge amounts of our remaining funding goes to their stupidity...while the country descends deeper and deeper into poverty. Watch and wait---there will be no cuts to the military. Failure will be spun, and advertised as a success. Your children will go hungry but the saber rattling will go on.

That the bankruptcy of the state of Alabama's largest city and county has absolutely no effect on the American stock market? Why does a shoe falling in Europe create drastic increases and falls in trading on the American stock market but dramatic economic issues within America pass completely unnoticed in wall street trading?? It is due to the fact that NOTHING in the American 1% elite financial system is invested within our nation any longer---they have zero interests in our society----other than controlling the power systems to provide them a secure home base. Our nation, our condition, our environment does not even register to the elite....we are ants beneath their feet.

We have (tiny, so far) Tomatoes and good sized lettuce flourishing in the greenhouse! We have proven through this experiment that we can grow food on the homestead on an all year basis utilizing our gardens and greenhouse with the proper procedures and organization.
This success is very meaningful to us as a vindication that we can survive on a 90x120 ft. city lot. That we are as immune as we can honestly make ourselves from the current insanity that surrounds us and the dying empire we live within. Urban Chickens are next on the agenda--for eggs and fertilizer for the garden.

Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.

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David Scott said...

Did you ever wonder why the Heath industry was pushing health care reform? They ere the beneficiary of it not the ones who needed it.

45% of the nations citizen gross income is equal to 1% of the nation elite gross income. There are in reality only two class in the world the working poor and ├╝ber-rich.

Every time You grow your own food repurpose what some else has disposed of, or you generate your power you buy your freedom.

Keep it up and I'll try to do the same. This is the best revenge again.