Sunday, November 13, 2011

This has been a rather unique week.....layoffs at work....physically very week being Thanksgiving I'll work all week so the guys with families can have the time off and I'll bank my leave for camping in the spring...This weekend will be all detail work---on computers/watches/personal equipment and on me as a human as well. I am in some sort of rebuilding mode.

This week has seen the first watch repair attempt....I used my recently received watch repair tools/kit to open a Pulsar PM7 chronograph displayed above. I had put this particular watch away when it failed within two weeks of receiving it several years ago...this Pulsar series PM7 chronograph has a combination of multiple displays--- 3 in total both digital and analog and is actually a very complex display face--- opening the case with my new case wrench, which i could never do before the arrival of the proper tools, revealed two batteries.. i had to order replacements since they were an unusual type as compared to the common, standard single watch battery. When the replacements arrived i positioned them, threaded the case back in position and tightened with the case wrench and the watch functions perfectly. I was sort of amazed...

Bloomberg in planned coordination with 20 mayors across the nation evicting OWS from their encampments has given the movement an advantage---Rather than facing the winter and possible failure--- the Occupy movement can now focus on marching on Banks and Wall Street...rather than spending that time effort on keeping warm, fed and in place.

My favorite comment was from the Oakland mayor advising that the protesters told her(?)--that they wished to be evicted to be separated from the Anarchists that had appeared in their movement. You just have to admire the BIG BIG lie as compared to the little lie....what a crock of shit.

The evictions across the nation of the Occupy movements displayed the use of Homeland Security anti-terrorism equipment against peaceful protesters. Items as sound cannons, and other military equipment provided by your government to police departments. The use of counter terrorism equipment against civilians expressing their displeasure with the banker government will be observed with greater frequency and intensity as the middle class becomes the desperate class and attempts to have their voices heard, their needs met, and are, of course, rejected by their corporate, banker overlords. They used your groundless fear of terrorism to issue equipment to protect themselves from-------- YOU.

11-20-11 is the day of the first tattoo.
A 3hr session.

Attack the Block---excellent just excellent---watched it this past weekend..from the producers of Shaun of the Dead...this film centers on a youth gang defending itself and then it's housing project from a random alien invasion.

It is both funny and not funny at the same moments which may confuse some---the special effects were tremendous, excellent acting and the alien life forms are very original...I don't think this is a film for everyone. Which may be why it might become sort of a cult classic...luckily it comes with English subtitles since both the accents and slang are beyond American English understanding..

An interesting side note is the apparent must have fashion accessory in today's under camera surveillance societies, the face mask and the hooded sweatshirt---when something like this becomes a commonplace item it then appears in films. Attack the Block displays counter surveillance fashion as standard equipment.
Attack the block proves you should always have your EDC kit with just never know when things will get alien weird.

I hate computing by smart phone--
Do not want to do it--and seemingly cannot bring myself to do it as compared to every other human on the face of the earth curse is that i am a tremendous fan-boy of ultra mobile personal computing systems.
I own several UMPC's and just received another, the Sony VGN-UX280P VAIO UX Series Micro PC Handheld Notebook, purchased used from Amazon in truly like new condition for 1/8th of it's original retail price.

I wanted one of these Sony UX's when they first appeared...beyond expensive at that time (1800-2000) and of course unavailable to me. I admit to having great joy in purchasing used computers during that singular window of time--when they are still available in excellent condition, still perform their intended function perfectly and i can obtain them cheap. I use each of these bargains on a daily basis for my personal computing requirements, and are carried within my every day load out consistently. There is something magical to me in pulling out equipment from your everyday carry bag, setting up, and connecting--with equipment designed for this singular purpose..

An overriding cool factor is that this same Sony UX-280 starred in Terminator Salvation as the personal computing/communication devices used by the resistance against the machines...the one thing occupy wall street has proven is that the revolution must be available on the internet---the above 2 photo's are from the film. You didn't see John Conner bent over thumbing a cell phone like some Japanese school girl---no way.

Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living.

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David Scott said...

Sounds like stress level is up at work. Employers try to use fear as a motivational tool and the fear of loosing your job is one of the great fears most who live from paycheck to paycheck have.

You have cool toys.

I hope to post today on philosphical differences on the power elite.