Sunday, May 31, 2009

A week yet of vacation--loving it and desperately needed it--I feel like my brain is finally operating again as a complete unit---I'm working like hell internally and on the house--

Just for a dose of old style, Antonio Banderas cool, you need to watch this:
before he got Disneyfied.

The cry of Obama's turning us into socialists, makes me crazed---at work when the subject of politics comes up i get the same old weird jibes thrown at me time and time again such as:

"what you want health care like Canada?" or my personal favorite   "Obama wants to turn us into socialists and Sweden proves socialism doesn't work."
well uh--below is a link and a map displaying the 10 countries hardly even affected by the recent economic unpleasantness (we for sure are not on there)....let's see--there's Canada and oh--there's Sweden--yup we should never-ever consider being like them---how could I even discuss the fact that Canada and Sweden's political systems may have something to offer us as an example for use in our own country?  It is consistently proven to me that we are a nation with a huge population of idiots....

Here's a lady, who wanted to hand President Obama a letter, demanding that he uphold the traditional values in marriage (as in no gay marriage). Apparently when she found out she was not allowed to do this for security reasons--other traditional values, such as, lets say---not going bat-shit crazy in public did not seem too important to her?  This photograph below pretty much sums up the anti element in the United States--you know the type, anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, anti-immigration, anti-legalization of marijuana....they all claim they are standing for a traditional belief system when they are just bat-shit crazy against reasonableness....

I am focused on my personal kit--the items i carry with me, wear, and can use anyplace---anytime to help me.  I always 
look for new material to attach to me or to carry in my messenger bag. I've become insane again for French Laguiole pocket knives. I've wanted one for is so cool that these knives are produced by hand--by only one village in France since the French revolution. It is the law that these knives can be produced nowhere else in France.   
This has become a quest for me to find my personal, perfect version of this French pocket knife. What i want is actually pictured above---it must be silver, with plain black horn slabs--and absolutely no corkscrew! The official pocket knife of french farmers--will work in my world nicely--part of the goal is that i can touch this knife in my pocket and day dream about being a french farmer when things get crazy.

Rides Again!
I went for my first Segway ride since late fall this morning--a nice cool Sunday--it was quiet out---I met a nice older lady walking her little dog she was just beside
herself over my Segway and knew all about it's technology and history--
-it was a very cool experience--I seem to meet and talk with allot of people
from the neighborhood when I'm on the Segway, way more than if i was walking--the Segway is a natural conversation starter and with my trainman, backward
personality I require something to start the conversational ball rolling.
plus when i ride the Seg I'm really not going anywhere in particular
(which in itself is an excellent mental break)---i just set off, so stopping and talking is very nice.
I haven't been able to 
ride much so far this spring since traveling lately has caused me to play catch up all weekend when I've been home---- so i 
intend on snapping that string of events and start riding every Sunday morning again---enjoying the ride and the conversations.

buy yourself a big, loud, comfy shirt and wear it around town----paint something, anything on your house----organize your closet---write emails to everyone you know just to touch base.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I took a couple of weeks off from work----i'm not speaking on the phone or thinking about work for two weeks!---what i am doing is planting my garden, art, working on the house, the cars and  especially working on myself...I got overloaded the past 2 months---I can't really say why or how but i for sure knew i was not doing good--5 days off and already i can feel a difference inside my brain...the world is looking much better to me....

A new science fiction "end of the world" film coming up for re
lease Jan. 15th, 2010--staring Denzel Washington---the little blurbs I'm seeing on it look most excellent apparently he is carrying in his ipod a book that can save civilization---the film is titled "The book of Eli".
 This is so incredibly cool--I just had to show it----an old fashion wind up tin-metal zepplin model, still being manufactured in Germany---man i would love to have had one of these at any age--what kind of 
lucky kid actually gets one of these as a toy!

In the ongoing isn't this Bush shit weird enough ----
What about the religious fanatic, front cover, intelligence reports prepared by Rumsfeld that went to Bush?
I knew these guys were bat shit but it's always hard finding out that the truth is considerably stranger than your thoughts and opinions on these bush guys...these weirdo's shouldn't have been allowed to run a burger king in Encino much less be President and Secretary of Defense for Christ's sake! Even tho we are though this---these idiots are banished and hopefully we've learned idiot prevention in regards to future elections---I still shake my head and wonder how the hell this Bush thing happened to us?

Jon-----from the reality TV show----Jon and Kate plus 8 needs to divorce that disrespectful she-devil....
Who can blame him for going out and getting wasted with that technologically fertile Myrtle dissing him all the time--over every little thing?
It would be worth indentured, divorce, cash servitude for the rest of your life to beat feat away from from that one...does the payment table for child support goes up to that many kids? Trapped by fertility treatments dude---Just the word fertility treatment should in every dude's mind equal LIFE OVER--- come on dude? You never thought about that? Like where tf was your brain? 
Kate treats him like dirt---treats the kids like prisoners and---when she was forced into free solar power she was rude to Steve Thomas--- how can you dislike Steve Thomas from this old house?  She doesn't even like their 2 dogs!!!  Just Bitch--Bitch--Bitch all the time----Run dude, it's over anyway---the learning channel already has another 12 kid, clown car vagina fertility family in the wings warming up...

I received my copy of the SF film Outlander this week...excellent! The film was so pleasing to my little SF heart that i actually broke down and wrote a review on Amazon for the first time. A segment of which i have posted below. If you at all like Science Fiction films you need to see OUTLANDER.
"This film has a well written unique plot that works--Aliens---swords---Vikings!! The photography, locations, plot line and Computer Generation are all first rate. James Caviezel displays a particular alien quality which is very,very believable...the very few flat spots in the film could easily be fixed by a directors cut edition---I would have enjoyed seeing more of Caviezel's retractable body armor and more of the most excellent Ron Pearlman in the film but you cannot have everything....Outlander as it stands is one of the best SF movies I have seen in a long time..I enjoy hunting quality, relatively unknown SF DVD releases such as Outlander, the french SF film Chrysalis, and the upcoming Hunter Prey...Outlander however has been the best, unknown SF film, in recent memory".

Organize everything--it will make you feel powerful--start taking pictures of simple things that interest only you---go to youtube and type in Boston terriers that'll pick your spirits up.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I traveled this week--hated it---tremendously glad to be home---

The singular good thing that happens to me when i travel is that there can be forced time to think---when you are a slave to business travel there are those times when you can close out the world around you and concentrate on internal thoughts--in the hotel room of quiet desperation---the airport boarding can obtain
 a small amount of time for only your thoughts--- if you can manage to close off from the world around you to think. I thought a great deal on the direction my life is taking---what I needed to accomplish when I finally got home---on the nature of things in general---
i did much thinking on this last trip---although there were no amazing break throughts for me i did  return with several new concepts on how i want to attempt to re-address issues I've been dealing with some recent ------some for my entire life---it is amazing how a shitty hotel room can force me to mentally take stock of myself----there is forced mental honesty somewhere in that shitty little hotel room-------all you have to do is find it.....

My current read is "SIMPLE PROSPERITY" by David Mann--an interesting book commenting on our national consumer culture and how it must change to something simpler and much more local in nature--containing examples from across the country and information on the impact that rabid consumerism in all its complexity has had on our society for example---
Mann on TV advertising just notes in passing that only 17% of the American public can name 3 
Supreme Court Justices---but 87% can name all of the 3 stooges.
This book is so far an excellent read and I recommend it but only to those folks who wish to find a different path through our current version of the world.
..this was my recent travel book--and i am about 1/2 way through---i have a couple of other books on standby 

Sit on your balcony-patio-or front stoop and simply sit---watch the world go by for a few minutes. Try not to think.... Read something on a subject that has never interested you to see if you have changed. When traveling leave a tip for the unseen housekeeping staff....

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Each day that goes by there are seemingly more and more
 voices raised in favor of the legalization of marijuana--thankfully--our nation's medieval attitude toward marijuana has been amazingly self-crippling---creating criminals out of an entire generation---preventing the US from maturing as a nation. The Governor of California advises that he now  believes that a debate on legalizing marijuana in the State should be on the table. Collate this with the fact that the majority of American voters, 52% believes that marijuana should be legalized. This change i attitude is displayed across party lines, 56% of democrats and 46% of republicans according to a recent survey are pro-legalization---How much longer the forces of stupidity can hold out against the wave or reason is anybody's guess but you can tell when society has changed----like a ripple in the water---you could feel it in the last election--you could feel it over the war in Iraq---you can feel when people change their consciousness for the better---- 

Traveling again this coming week, at least the actual travel portion is by vehicle and not by air so i am master of my own domain so to does make me hate it slightly less than by air but still----Overall i have been struggling with the feeling as if I've been trapped in a stage of total appears as if i get projects or items 1/2 accomplished and then something beyond my control steps in to hold the project or anything i am doing, locked in place---half completed...half-assed. In attempting to be honest the project blocker does not always come from the outside--it can be from within--improper preparation---non-viable hopes and such the like--but definitely half the time the stumbling block comes from the outside--not enough time---improper equipment description--i have to get out of this state---somehow cause it is really starting to get to me. 

Stay away from the talking heads on television---they lower your I.Q. ----------Rescue a cat from the humane society, let it live in your backyard,  statistically Democrats own more cats---Republicans own more dogs, it figures does it not? .....order used DVDs if you want to buy one----pickup the alley it's good for everybody----

Friday, May 01, 2009

Reducing cigarette consumption has gone like shit--zero progress but i keep promising to do better---we are in a gardening post traumatic stress syndrome, wherein there is alot of moved dirt but no production...yet...let's see---- I'm awaiting the arrival of two Korean science fiction movies bought used---and May 19th i should get my DVD copy of Outlander---vikings vs. Aliens---i can hardly wait----my emergency food storage project is completed---and I'm still working on my solar panel project...everything's of interest to me lately---I'm reading anything i can get my hands on---and we are designing and/or shopping for a greenhouse. A new project is the search for French Military surplus clothing---i bought a couple of light jackets for my wife and i the other day and they are just excellent! We need more french military surplus! But all that being said: 

Jay Leno's now a segway owner----one of the dealers on segway chat advised that he delivered an I2 to Jay at the NBC studio's. Unfortunately due to travel and gardening i have spent zero time riding my segway ...although I am absolutely gonna ride next next Sunday---without fail---i just haven't had the time to get out and about on mine with everything else I've had to do recently. I do miss riding---i will put an end to the no gliding streak I've been forced into next week.   

One of my favorite humans on the planet, Tommy Chong, just got a new prius customized by a place called of course, Hippy Motors! Due to a change in the weather with higher temperatures and lower headwinds this time of year in New Mexico my Prius's weekly MPG ratio has increased to a low of 52.6 mpg with a corresponding high of 56.6 mpg. Extreme head winds out of the North are the real mileage killer on my daily commute--which run through March and early April---now I can expect my weekly mileage to consistently run in these figures until the late fall when temperatures drop...lower temperatures cause the prius engine to run, even tho it does not need it, to heat the unnecessary catalytic converter--amazing eh? For right now tho I'm a happy hybrid boy...

Unemployment and subsequent homeless individuals have developed in Japan over the past 10 years and are increasing due to the current global economic meltdown..(in my opinion Japanese society may have been able to hide previous cases in the "good times") is the self constructed home of an unemployed individual in Japan complete with solar panel for power---- hit the link if you are interested and there is a website with additional photo's and plans---posted by a individual who, over time, became a friend of the builder/owner. 

I'm in a vivacious reading mode again---it's nice to be in the zone--i am just consuming multiple books at a time..One of the books i am reading is THE BIG SORT by Bill Bishop. It is excellent. The premise of the work is that for reasons truly unknown starting specifically in the year 1965, yes according to the math--1965------- 
we Americans have purposefully and without external direction moved to and created communities that are politically
and philosophically tribal---group think in action---conservative, religious, republicans neighbor with conservative, religious, republicans, liberal democrats neighbored with liberal 
democrats---(although there are exceptions like myself a liberal democrat residing in a 
conservative, religious, republican area). A personally important segment of the book are sections on how isolated individuals like myself feel about living in a politically and philosophically hostile community. I am hoping for survival tips-----The statistical analysis is amazing as is the writing and process of the book. I highly recommend this book especially if you feel as if you are a stranger in a strange tells you scientifically you are correct.

I'm back today from a week of business travel---disgusting as always...i can never stand it---I'll be home for 10 days and then gone on business for a week once again---
During this past week the swine flu occurred. This was not pleasant. I was trapped, in the midst of a pandemic "emergency" in the most disgusting and dangerous habitat possible---the American airport---
i was away from home, away from and worried for my wife...i cannot tell you how comforting it was to have an emergency food supply at home which allowed me to advise my wife to stay at home and bunker up---you can't catch the swine flu if you do not go out and get exposed....this episode was proof enough that the money spent on two month's worth of emergency food, solar panels and a water recovery system is truly cheap insurance under our cultures new normal conditions..because of previous preparations i could stop, long distance worry for my wife in any crisis---if i was gone....
An epidemics disturbance of course has more than personal health elements involved---if all the truck drivers become ill---the average grocery store has 4 days of normal demand circumstance food on hand---my preparedness lifestyle is already paying off and i am absolutely sure that in our upcoming turbulent future my backup food, power and water systems will continue to pay off.

I have much catching up to do this coming 10 days before i leave on business again...
plant flowers---pick one community project, just one and join in----ignore republicans----they are bad for you----