Friday, May 01, 2009

Reducing cigarette consumption has gone like shit--zero progress but i keep promising to do better---we are in a gardening post traumatic stress syndrome, wherein there is alot of moved dirt but no production...yet...let's see---- I'm awaiting the arrival of two Korean science fiction movies bought used---and May 19th i should get my DVD copy of Outlander---vikings vs. Aliens---i can hardly wait----my emergency food storage project is completed---and I'm still working on my solar panel project...everything's of interest to me lately---I'm reading anything i can get my hands on---and we are designing and/or shopping for a greenhouse. A new project is the search for French Military surplus clothing---i bought a couple of light jackets for my wife and i the other day and they are just excellent! We need more french military surplus! But all that being said: 

Jay Leno's now a segway owner----one of the dealers on segway chat advised that he delivered an I2 to Jay at the NBC studio's. Unfortunately due to travel and gardening i have spent zero time riding my segway ...although I am absolutely gonna ride next next Sunday---without fail---i just haven't had the time to get out and about on mine with everything else I've had to do recently. I do miss riding---i will put an end to the no gliding streak I've been forced into next week.   

One of my favorite humans on the planet, Tommy Chong, just got a new prius customized by a place called of course, Hippy Motors! Due to a change in the weather with higher temperatures and lower headwinds this time of year in New Mexico my Prius's weekly MPG ratio has increased to a low of 52.6 mpg with a corresponding high of 56.6 mpg. Extreme head winds out of the North are the real mileage killer on my daily commute--which run through March and early April---now I can expect my weekly mileage to consistently run in these figures until the late fall when temperatures drop...lower temperatures cause the prius engine to run, even tho it does not need it, to heat the unnecessary catalytic converter--amazing eh? For right now tho I'm a happy hybrid boy...

Unemployment and subsequent homeless individuals have developed in Japan over the past 10 years and are increasing due to the current global economic meltdown..(in my opinion Japanese society may have been able to hide previous cases in the "good times") is the self constructed home of an unemployed individual in Japan complete with solar panel for power---- hit the link if you are interested and there is a website with additional photo's and plans---posted by a individual who, over time, became a friend of the builder/owner. 

I'm in a vivacious reading mode again---it's nice to be in the zone--i am just consuming multiple books at a time..One of the books i am reading is THE BIG SORT by Bill Bishop. It is excellent. The premise of the work is that for reasons truly unknown starting specifically in the year 1965, yes according to the math--1965------- 
we Americans have purposefully and without external direction moved to and created communities that are politically
and philosophically tribal---group think in action---conservative, religious, republicans neighbor with conservative, religious, republicans, liberal democrats neighbored with liberal 
democrats---(although there are exceptions like myself a liberal democrat residing in a 
conservative, religious, republican area). A personally important segment of the book are sections on how isolated individuals like myself feel about living in a politically and philosophically hostile community. I am hoping for survival tips-----The statistical analysis is amazing as is the writing and process of the book. I highly recommend this book especially if you feel as if you are a stranger in a strange tells you scientifically you are correct.

I'm back today from a week of business travel---disgusting as always...i can never stand it---I'll be home for 10 days and then gone on business for a week once again---
During this past week the swine flu occurred. This was not pleasant. I was trapped, in the midst of a pandemic "emergency" in the most disgusting and dangerous habitat possible---the American airport---
i was away from home, away from and worried for my wife...i cannot tell you how comforting it was to have an emergency food supply at home which allowed me to advise my wife to stay at home and bunker up---you can't catch the swine flu if you do not go out and get exposed....this episode was proof enough that the money spent on two month's worth of emergency food, solar panels and a water recovery system is truly cheap insurance under our cultures new normal conditions..because of previous preparations i could stop, long distance worry for my wife in any crisis---if i was gone....
An epidemics disturbance of course has more than personal health elements involved---if all the truck drivers become ill---the average grocery store has 4 days of normal demand circumstance food on hand---my preparedness lifestyle is already paying off and i am absolutely sure that in our upcoming turbulent future my backup food, power and water systems will continue to pay off.

I have much catching up to do this coming 10 days before i leave on business again...
plant flowers---pick one community project, just one and join in----ignore republicans----they are bad for you----

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