Saturday, May 09, 2009

Each day that goes by there are seemingly more and more
 voices raised in favor of the legalization of marijuana--thankfully--our nation's medieval attitude toward marijuana has been amazingly self-crippling---creating criminals out of an entire generation---preventing the US from maturing as a nation. The Governor of California advises that he now  believes that a debate on legalizing marijuana in the State should be on the table. Collate this with the fact that the majority of American voters, 52% believes that marijuana should be legalized. This change i attitude is displayed across party lines, 56% of democrats and 46% of republicans according to a recent survey are pro-legalization---How much longer the forces of stupidity can hold out against the wave or reason is anybody's guess but you can tell when society has changed----like a ripple in the water---you could feel it in the last election--you could feel it over the war in Iraq---you can feel when people change their consciousness for the better---- 

Traveling again this coming week, at least the actual travel portion is by vehicle and not by air so i am master of my own domain so to does make me hate it slightly less than by air but still----Overall i have been struggling with the feeling as if I've been trapped in a stage of total appears as if i get projects or items 1/2 accomplished and then something beyond my control steps in to hold the project or anything i am doing, locked in place---half completed...half-assed. In attempting to be honest the project blocker does not always come from the outside--it can be from within--improper preparation---non-viable hopes and such the like--but definitely half the time the stumbling block comes from the outside--not enough time---improper equipment description--i have to get out of this state---somehow cause it is really starting to get to me. 

Stay away from the talking heads on television---they lower your I.Q. ----------Rescue a cat from the humane society, let it live in your backyard,  statistically Democrats own more cats---Republicans own more dogs, it figures does it not? .....order used DVDs if you want to buy one----pickup the alley it's good for everybody----

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