Monday, May 25, 2009

I took a couple of weeks off from work----i'm not speaking on the phone or thinking about work for two weeks!---what i am doing is planting my garden, art, working on the house, the cars and  especially working on myself...I got overloaded the past 2 months---I can't really say why or how but i for sure knew i was not doing good--5 days off and already i can feel a difference inside my brain...the world is looking much better to me....

A new science fiction "end of the world" film coming up for re
lease Jan. 15th, 2010--staring Denzel Washington---the little blurbs I'm seeing on it look most excellent apparently he is carrying in his ipod a book that can save civilization---the film is titled "The book of Eli".
 This is so incredibly cool--I just had to show it----an old fashion wind up tin-metal zepplin model, still being manufactured in Germany---man i would love to have had one of these at any age--what kind of 
lucky kid actually gets one of these as a toy!

In the ongoing isn't this Bush shit weird enough ----
What about the religious fanatic, front cover, intelligence reports prepared by Rumsfeld that went to Bush?
I knew these guys were bat shit but it's always hard finding out that the truth is considerably stranger than your thoughts and opinions on these bush guys...these weirdo's shouldn't have been allowed to run a burger king in Encino much less be President and Secretary of Defense for Christ's sake! Even tho we are though this---these idiots are banished and hopefully we've learned idiot prevention in regards to future elections---I still shake my head and wonder how the hell this Bush thing happened to us?

Jon-----from the reality TV show----Jon and Kate plus 8 needs to divorce that disrespectful she-devil....
Who can blame him for going out and getting wasted with that technologically fertile Myrtle dissing him all the time--over every little thing?
It would be worth indentured, divorce, cash servitude for the rest of your life to beat feat away from from that one...does the payment table for child support goes up to that many kids? Trapped by fertility treatments dude---Just the word fertility treatment should in every dude's mind equal LIFE OVER--- come on dude? You never thought about that? Like where tf was your brain? 
Kate treats him like dirt---treats the kids like prisoners and---when she was forced into free solar power she was rude to Steve Thomas--- how can you dislike Steve Thomas from this old house?  She doesn't even like their 2 dogs!!!  Just Bitch--Bitch--Bitch all the time----Run dude, it's over anyway---the learning channel already has another 12 kid, clown car vagina fertility family in the wings warming up...

I received my copy of the SF film Outlander this week...excellent! The film was so pleasing to my little SF heart that i actually broke down and wrote a review on Amazon for the first time. A segment of which i have posted below. If you at all like Science Fiction films you need to see OUTLANDER.
"This film has a well written unique plot that works--Aliens---swords---Vikings!! The photography, locations, plot line and Computer Generation are all first rate. James Caviezel displays a particular alien quality which is very,very believable...the very few flat spots in the film could easily be fixed by a directors cut edition---I would have enjoyed seeing more of Caviezel's retractable body armor and more of the most excellent Ron Pearlman in the film but you cannot have everything....Outlander as it stands is one of the best SF movies I have seen in a long time..I enjoy hunting quality, relatively unknown SF DVD releases such as Outlander, the french SF film Chrysalis, and the upcoming Hunter Prey...Outlander however has been the best, unknown SF film, in recent memory".

Organize everything--it will make you feel powerful--start taking pictures of simple things that interest only you---go to youtube and type in Boston terriers that'll pick your spirits up.

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