Friday, April 27, 2012

Bakhshali Manuscript

"It's not a mistake. They don't make mistakes. 
They don't do random. 
There's always an objective. Always a target."

Week follows strange week...i notate minor changes around me...yet nothing overall changes. Ever. The world around me is full of things i care not about....but we go on....
38 tomato plants have been planted and---I'll sling up the new rifle and fill the bandoleer with ammunition this on two military surplus projects i have....This Sunday--doing nothing but science---weird science but nonetheless science--working on the sentry gun. I've received enough materials to begin phase 2 of the construction--control chip, motorized camera mount...I must now begin to activate the chip and attempt to match the software to the components....I'll lay out the materials i have collected so far during the process and take photographs for posting here later.

Lets review shall we?--- stupid, religious fanatic millionaire white guy as President----how'd that work out for us the last time eh?---lets do it again shall we?--I got fooled the last time---you know that hope thing? No way am I getting involved in this upcoming Thunderdome of the stupid. No way.

My town should be renamed "NO CREDIT CHECK"  that is now the wording on the most prolific sign i observe on my daily commute. Everywhere, everywhere my eyes turn, no credit check shouts out at me...perhaps instead of  "In God We Trust" the words  NO CREDIT CHECK should be emblazoned on our national currency now..only 38% of the American Public believes that they will be able to retire "comfortably". Only 60% of the American public now states that they live "comfortably"
 (the definition of comfort in this survey was stated as having any money at all remaining
 prior to the next paycheck).  
50 years of Republican lying Reaganomics, of the destruction of Unions, of transference of wealth to the 1%---yeah---- our national motto should now be....... NO CREDIT CHECK.....

Driving into work yesterday I spotted a beat up old ford Ltd sedan parked in
a vacant lot next to a pawn shop. Alongside the LTD was pitched a tent.
The sedan was positioned to hide the tent as best as possible---this really, really struck me as the vision of our current time---sleeping in a vacant lot next to a pawn shop----The vision of our future is far worse----

Absolutely outstanding--I've read Mr. Windrow's The Last Valley, which was excellent---this book covers the Legion during the sub-Saharan Africa colonial period and very early Indo-China conquests. Filled with interesting facts------- as an example----the world accepted romantic version of the Legion--joining to forget an affair of honor or a broken heart did not appear until the novel Beau Geste and the subsequent film with Gary Cooper appeared in 1924? Before that the majority of the French did not even know of the Legion much less the rest of the world....i had always thought the "run away and join the Legion" myth was as old as the Legion itself...... 

As promised a true photograph of the recently acquired Mas 36--- 7.5x54 rifle with bandoleer. 

"I can tell you the license plate numbers of all six cars outside. I can tell you that our waitress is left-handed and the guy sitting up at the counter weighs two hundred and fifteen pounds and knows how to handle himself. I know the best place to look for a gun is the cab of the gray truck outside, and at this altitude, i can run flat out for a half a mile before my hands start shaking. Now why would I know that?"
Jason Bourne

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Public Key Cryptography

Progress on multiple projects---as well as with the homestead garden planting-- averaging 51.4 mpg for the commuting week in the Prius. 

A sign on a local, downtown business reads--"Open but for Sale". Perfectly summing up the local economic environment here---more and more street side sellers--offering wood, pecans, chili's, vegetables, clean your headlight covers and on and on. My favorite is  hiring people to hold signs on the side of the road--advertising a going out of business sale or diet plan or whatever shitty deal somebody is trying to peddle---these people stand--for hours---being paid to be used as a sign post that is immune to any local  ordinance. I can only shake my head at this "economic recovery" we are having?
 Cash for Gold is the newest business surge (ha!)  with two, obviously temporary, obviously swarmy shops opening up recently in abandoned store fronts.......

So this is trickle down economics eh? 

 Selling shit from the back of a pickup truck on the side of the road???  Holding a sign for 12 hours in the sun? This is how the noble Republican business/economic practices converts the American worker into the American independent business man? Thanks a fucking lot....

This week when the stock market tanked several times--I had to ask myself--why was i happy? I have pulled everything out of the stock market other than what my employer forces me to keep there, which i consider in the waiting room to be stolen by the 1%. But when the stock market tumbles now i get happy..... i discovered the why....

We are bombarded by so much spin on the economic recovery, and wall street is constantly singing this tune of happy days are here again---it never compared to what i was seeing around me in real life---in the local economy i live in...but then it came to me--the 1%, and their lapdogs--those who feed on the drippings of the mouth of the monsters--live in a completely different economic dimension--and when the market tanks it makes me feel better because it destroys that lack of reality of the market that bleeds over into our reality, when the stock market crashes out it matches for a limited time, what the one real economy is truly like. I am happy when the 1% are suffering---even a small amount -- suffering at least a bit from the true economic reality. There are now two economies--theirs and ours---the stock market belongs to them---if we are in it---they view us as a money source--to steal our retirement and savings....50% of the real, us,  now have NO money in stocks---who will they steal from when all of us leave their little devils playground...I hope the monsters feed on each other.....

The latest books in route.

I have it--I located and purchased a rifle which i have been desiring for quite a period of time..a French Military surplus Mas-36 7.5x54mm bolt action. The Mas 36 was the last military bolt action rifle designed, manufactured and issued by any nation. The Mas 36 fought with the French through the Algerian war, and the Indo-China wars....only to be replaced by the semi-auto rifle hysteria of the 1960's. My rifle is in mint, arsenal refinished condition.

I have located and ordered several accessory items for my Mas..original surplus include a sling, cleaning kit with pouch, stripper clips for rapid reloading, slip on black, rubber butt plate pad and a reproduction British cartridge bandoleer the P-08 for mounted infantry displayed below. The Mas 36 holds 5 rounds, and the standard French method of the carriage of spare ammunition was in leather belt pouches. I prefer the alternative method of bandoleer carry, with the British P-08 i can easily carry 2 five round stripper clips per pouch for a total of 50 rifle rounds while still leaving the belt area completely free. My plan is to combine the Mas rifle, bandoleer and my Italian large musette bag (previously mentioned on this blog) into a grab and go homestead defense package.
It is strange how the current breed of black rifles, assault rifles with their large capacity magazines, lasers and lights mean nothing to me....but a 60/70 year old French, bolt action rifle.......beautiful. 

The used IBM T-42 Thinkpad arrived and I have it up and running, operating the motion detecting, panning and tilting webcam. Both the laptop and the system works excellent, so far--I've been tracking the dogs and the wife as they move around the house...everything is in the pipe 5x5 on the sentry gun project---the open source software is downloaded and the next steps are-mating the motion cam and programming the control chip---I have mounted the laptop and the motion detecting webcam in one metal briefcase--designated for controlling the system. Next i will order a motor driven camera mount as the future gun platform, and the control chip....the real work begins in mating camera, motorized gun mount, and software to work together as a unit. Photographs to follow once i have everything physically mated. 

"The bourgeoisie might blast and ruin its own world before
it leaves the stage of history."
Buenaventura Durruti

Friday, April 13, 2012

From concept

to start


"I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success....such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything."
Nikola Tesla

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rabid interpersonal strangeness this week and nothing of any true value accomplished---
I therefore, bunker up at the homestead waiting and hoping for something, anything to change next week.. to prevent the disgusting sameness that surrounds me.

Had to take a mental health day off today (Friday the 13th) a complete week of the suck at work. Sitting in meetings holding each others puds and telling ourselves how great we are---I truly lack the social skills required for these kinds of events---so i sit and say nothing--and daydream of freedom.....if there is such a thing anymore?

51.9 mpg for the Prius average this week, down a 1/10th of a mile pg from last week. Gasoline seems to rise and fall in price during the if it is somehow tied into a system like gold pricing or the stock market---I'll leave home for work in the morning with gas at one price at all the stations and when returning after work the price has all changed either up or down? I always make sure my tank is topped off on Friday tho---weekends are when things happen that fuck us--I would recommend you do the same---One Monday morning we are going to wake up to outrageous gasoline pricing or simply no gasoline---they will do it over a weekend.

Still awaiting the arrival of the basic components for the sentry gun project, so today I will be working on the Robotic Manipulator project-----pictures to follow in the next blog edition-------I will sit building the manipulator arm in my bathrobe and singing to the's probably extremely difficult to get that vision out of your head right now eh?

When Wall Street tanks as it did one day this week---I like it, I actually become happy---in wondering why I eventually determined the root of this is that Wall Street and all it represents---their profits---their announcements that happy days are here again---is in no way representative of the people---they are a representation of only the 1%er's now---buying hog bellies on futures---selling your future down the drain---Wall street's good times are fabrications for the 99% to lure money into the losing machine--and when the bankers and brokers tank- the common folk take the hit...the economy of the US is now a confidence game...
When wall street hits hysteria and the bottom falls out I am pleased...for it is a true, right now, representation of the economy you and i have to live in...I have nothing invested in their bullshit system any longer, neither should you and as always, hopefully, it may get bad enough for a few of them to jump.

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of Library."
Jorge Luis Borges