Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rabid interpersonal strangeness this week and nothing of any true value accomplished---
I therefore, bunker up at the homestead waiting and hoping for something, anything to change next week.. to prevent the disgusting sameness that surrounds me.

Had to take a mental health day off today (Friday the 13th) a complete week of the suck at work. Sitting in meetings holding each others puds and telling ourselves how great we are---I truly lack the social skills required for these kinds of events---so i sit and say nothing--and daydream of freedom.....if there is such a thing anymore?

51.9 mpg for the Prius average this week, down a 1/10th of a mile pg from last week. Gasoline seems to rise and fall in price during the if it is somehow tied into a system like gold pricing or the stock market---I'll leave home for work in the morning with gas at one price at all the stations and when returning after work the price has all changed either up or down? I always make sure my tank is topped off on Friday tho---weekends are when things happen that fuck us--I would recommend you do the same---One Monday morning we are going to wake up to outrageous gasoline pricing or simply no gasoline---they will do it over a weekend.

Still awaiting the arrival of the basic components for the sentry gun project, so today I will be working on the Robotic Manipulator project-----pictures to follow in the next blog edition-------I will sit building the manipulator arm in my bathrobe and singing to the's probably extremely difficult to get that vision out of your head right now eh?

When Wall Street tanks as it did one day this week---I like it, I actually become happy---in wondering why I eventually determined the root of this is that Wall Street and all it represents---their profits---their announcements that happy days are here again---is in no way representative of the people---they are a representation of only the 1%er's now---buying hog bellies on futures---selling your future down the drain---Wall street's good times are fabrications for the 99% to lure money into the losing machine--and when the bankers and brokers tank- the common folk take the hit...the economy of the US is now a confidence game...
When wall street hits hysteria and the bottom falls out I am pleased...for it is a true, right now, representation of the economy you and i have to live in...I have nothing invested in their bullshit system any longer, neither should you and as always, hopefully, it may get bad enough for a few of them to jump.

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of Library."
Jorge Luis Borges

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David Scott said...

Mental health days are a good thing. It keeps you from walking in too work with a ak47 and several clips of ammo.