Saturday, April 21, 2012

Public Key Cryptography

Progress on multiple projects---as well as with the homestead garden planting-- averaging 51.4 mpg for the commuting week in the Prius. 

A sign on a local, downtown business reads--"Open but for Sale". Perfectly summing up the local economic environment here---more and more street side sellers--offering wood, pecans, chili's, vegetables, clean your headlight covers and on and on. My favorite is  hiring people to hold signs on the side of the road--advertising a going out of business sale or diet plan or whatever shitty deal somebody is trying to peddle---these people stand--for hours---being paid to be used as a sign post that is immune to any local  ordinance. I can only shake my head at this "economic recovery" we are having?
 Cash for Gold is the newest business surge (ha!)  with two, obviously temporary, obviously swarmy shops opening up recently in abandoned store fronts.......

So this is trickle down economics eh? 

 Selling shit from the back of a pickup truck on the side of the road???  Holding a sign for 12 hours in the sun? This is how the noble Republican business/economic practices converts the American worker into the American independent business man? Thanks a fucking lot....

This week when the stock market tanked several times--I had to ask myself--why was i happy? I have pulled everything out of the stock market other than what my employer forces me to keep there, which i consider in the waiting room to be stolen by the 1%. But when the stock market tumbles now i get happy..... i discovered the why....

We are bombarded by so much spin on the economic recovery, and wall street is constantly singing this tune of happy days are here again---it never compared to what i was seeing around me in real life---in the local economy i live in...but then it came to me--the 1%, and their lapdogs--those who feed on the drippings of the mouth of the monsters--live in a completely different economic dimension--and when the market tanks it makes me feel better because it destroys that lack of reality of the market that bleeds over into our reality, when the stock market crashes out it matches for a limited time, what the one real economy is truly like. I am happy when the 1% are suffering---even a small amount -- suffering at least a bit from the true economic reality. There are now two economies--theirs and ours---the stock market belongs to them---if we are in it---they view us as a money source--to steal our retirement and savings....50% of the real, us,  now have NO money in stocks---who will they steal from when all of us leave their little devils playground...I hope the monsters feed on each other.....

The latest books in route.

I have it--I located and purchased a rifle which i have been desiring for quite a period of time..a French Military surplus Mas-36 7.5x54mm bolt action. The Mas 36 was the last military bolt action rifle designed, manufactured and issued by any nation. The Mas 36 fought with the French through the Algerian war, and the Indo-China wars....only to be replaced by the semi-auto rifle hysteria of the 1960's. My rifle is in mint, arsenal refinished condition.

I have located and ordered several accessory items for my Mas..original surplus include a sling, cleaning kit with pouch, stripper clips for rapid reloading, slip on black, rubber butt plate pad and a reproduction British cartridge bandoleer the P-08 for mounted infantry displayed below. The Mas 36 holds 5 rounds, and the standard French method of the carriage of spare ammunition was in leather belt pouches. I prefer the alternative method of bandoleer carry, with the British P-08 i can easily carry 2 five round stripper clips per pouch for a total of 50 rifle rounds while still leaving the belt area completely free. My plan is to combine the Mas rifle, bandoleer and my Italian large musette bag (previously mentioned on this blog) into a grab and go homestead defense package.
It is strange how the current breed of black rifles, assault rifles with their large capacity magazines, lasers and lights mean nothing to me....but a 60/70 year old French, bolt action rifle.......beautiful. 

The used IBM T-42 Thinkpad arrived and I have it up and running, operating the motion detecting, panning and tilting webcam. Both the laptop and the system works excellent, so far--I've been tracking the dogs and the wife as they move around the house...everything is in the pipe 5x5 on the sentry gun project---the open source software is downloaded and the next steps are-mating the motion cam and programming the control chip---I have mounted the laptop and the motion detecting webcam in one metal briefcase--designated for controlling the system. Next i will order a motor driven camera mount as the future gun platform, and the control chip....the real work begins in mating camera, motorized gun mount, and software to work together as a unit. Photographs to follow once i have everything physically mated. 

"The bourgeoisie might blast and ruin its own world before
it leaves the stage of history."
Buenaventura Durruti

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David Scott said...

Super cool projects. Those who invest in the stockmarket are playinfg liars poker. It all wasps seem to be the same winners. Like my dad used to say never play another mans game.