Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some God shouters, with their kids, rang my doorbell today, nice people, but wanting to "read me just one bible passage"... I told them I admired their dedication but "I'm an Anarchist" between that statement and my pony tail, they rapidly beat feet, herding their children off my porch before they were contaminated.....this is an accidental but massively elegant solution to to the ongoing, God shouters at my door problem---
In further considering this incident and it's accidental solution it reinforced my current thinking that I need this simple, clean, anarchist symbol below tattooed on my arm...

Never had a tattoo before, maybe next weekend, in honor of labor day, I'll see if I can get it done.

I don't know if you share this experience but many people at work and in casual contact recently have been speaking of signs....the east coast earthquake is a sign, the damage to the Washington monument is a sign, the east coast hurricane is a sign--blahblahblahblahblah---blah. As if they can understand these things.....I'm not a believer at all in the 2012 type end of the world scenario thing's. That is the cowards way out---a failure to accept what we have done to ourselves through our own stupidity and acceptance of the stupidity of our supposed leadership...

Our society is going to end because you/we fucked it up---not because of some planetary alignment or natural disaster. The end is going to be slow not fast and your rapture is going to put you living under a highway overpass not heaven---you better get used to the idea....

Congress and the President are coming back from their expensive, corporate or taxpayer funded vacations to face the Federal Budget (which is on a continuing resolution till 09-02-11) an economy running at only 1% growth this past year and the need to reduce the deficit before the new law they passed automatically does it for them in November...I personally hope they screw the pooch and fail on deficit reduction since it is the only way the defense department faces a cut---an automatic 500 billion cut at that...i just want them to keep doing what they are doing---nothing---it's the only way we get any amount of reduction in defense spending....a curse on all their houses.

I totally agree with Robert Reich that this coming Labor Day should be one of protest--not barbeque's---(see the article linked below)

Our yellow Armenian watermelons have come in and they are excellent---these are, of course, an eat em' while you got em' product---but we can trade a few with the folks across the street for something we haven't planted---two baskets of yellow pears are on the kitchen counter ready for canning, and we have planted trays of lettuce along with pots of tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse for the fall. I'm still shelling pecans in spare moments---- we are about ready to see how our one test row of peanuts did, and we are still considering getting two hens in the spring.....

I added another case of commercial, not military, MRE's to the emergency food stockpile and tomorrow I am doing the pre-fall check to insure we are mouse proof in the long term storage food area...all this on a 90'x120' urban lot---3 blocks off downtown in our mid-sized city.....even tho pride is an ugly thing, i am sitting here so pleased with what JoJo and I have built for ourselves out of almost nothing.
I've found that Anarchism as a political belief structure and homesteading click together as if you were reassembling a well oiled, familiar weapon...there are no disconnects between one's belief system and life. The homesteading concept of sharing--trading---cooperative giving of what you have of in excess to others for what you do not have enlightens the day to day world and proves there is another way, a better way.

I've come to grips with postponing retirement---and mentally accepting of it...but we will not live in fear of the future....more on this in other posts.

Anarchism is the only philosophy which brings to man the consciousness of himself; which maintains that God, the State, and society are non-existent, that their promises are null and void, since they can be fulfilled only through man's subordination.

Emma Goldman, "What is Anarchy?"

Friday, August 19, 2011

I hate to advise this but throughout my life I knew, always knew there would be nothing there for me at the end....
JoJo would tell me what a pessimist I was. But honestly, I did know this...I am not saying this in a prideful way or as an attempt to appear as a big ole brain. I just knew it---the same as we all know inside when they speak to us claiming the truth, it is just more lies.
So we came to the conclusion that i will have to work forever---I am actually accepting of this and it is comforting to finally cast off the lies and propaganda. To rid myself of hope. There is always freedom in truth.

I am currently reading two books. The first, continuing my study of Anarchism is "The Art of Not being Governed" by James C. Scott.

The second "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline is a Post Cyber-Punk novel. At the moment I have only scratched the surface of both books but within the first 30 pages of both I feel as if I made good choices---I will review/advise on both when completed. Reading Anarchist Philosophy and Cyberpunk Dystopia appears to be the only way to stay sane faced with our current society.

A term used with frequency to describe our present economic depression is the lost decade. Economists are projecting a 10 year disturbance in the American economic force. This of course presupposes that we, as a nation, will survive. I cannot agree that we are in an economic depression that is a natural event. Our current economic disturbance is due to the fact that we are as a nation involved in economic class warfare---The rape and murder of the American middle class by the elites of wall street, banking and politics....This is no honest economic down turn...corporations are not failing---- they have posted record profits throughout these past 4 years. Corporations are depositing so much money Banks are charging them to hold it.....they are eliminating workers because they wish to increase profits to their fellow elites holding stock---not because they are in fear of collapse.
The goal of these elites is an America of only two classes---the rich and the desperate poor. Forcing us into a 3rd world status where their 1% of the population and their families rule it all..... Those with power and wealth want the rest of us crushed in mind, body, and spirit. They have transferred the entire national wealth into their pockets, our wealth...our security under the guise of an economic depression used to enslave us forever.

Wall street banks are full -----fed by Massive secret Government loan programs-- these same bankers foreclose on regular homeowners....Corporations pay no tax and we cut school lunch programs----Demands are made for cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid---but no budget cuts to the defense department or viable reductions in the two foreign wars our poor, young and uneducated fight for them...How can these actions be explained other than as a class war? You tell me....please.....there is no way to make this right is too late, the largest theft in the history of mankind has succeeded and as a population our masses are too stupid, brainwashed and lazy to understand what is happening....but these same elites cannot eat money---grow your own food, sell none but give away to others like us---start your own schools----create and personally manufacture something useful, trade the result with others for products you need. Set up co-ops for everything from health care to food production--- Do not invest in their companies and corporations---use your money to invest in physical products that will be of real use after the upcoming fall. This physical investment they cannot take away from you---The worst thing you can do to an asshole is to ignore them---and this is what we must do to our government, our banking system and the elites---ignore the processes that make them money--develop our own systems---and throw the rock at their Mercedes as they drive by. Refuse them, their system, stave them------

the newest sticker on my Prius

The Anarchists are simply unterrified Jeffersonian Democrats. They believe that 'the best government is that which governs least,' and that which governs least is no government at all.

Benjamin Tucker

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Reading--Chickens in your Backyard, The Beginner's guide to Anarchy and The Survivor Personality---enduring the heat and the drought here on a daily basis...storing MRE's...dehydrating vegetables from the garden...fighting off, as best I can the brain death numbness of work....and like everyone else, watching our government and economic system twirl into the death spiral...

I have been fighting a general sense of malaise off for 14 days now---there seems to be no purpose in anything that I do, as well as a lack of enjoyment....this seems to run concurrent with the people I deal with on a daily basis as well...there seems to be an undercurrent of something i cannot describe both within and.....out there...

The British government is amazed and dumbfounded they say, that when the concentration of wealth is in a few grasping hands, people will take any opportunity to obtain what is denied to them. Their response, of course, is that more control is necessary.

The American religious right wing conservatives are at war with the Taliban because they are so much alike, not because they are so different.

We are forced into stock based retirement plans for our old age by the elite class---then forced to watch as they steal it...........

The field of American Republican candidates for President are debating to show which one of them hates the poor, the sick and unemployed the most..........and therefore deserves the nomination of their party......

It is only on the Internet that you can watch a semi-normal human blogger, go from simply confused, to outraged, to revolutionary----- somewhat like tracking the downfall of a society in microcosm.....

The successful revolutionary is a statesman, the unsuccessful one a criminal.
Erich Fromm

Monday, August 01, 2011

Well, I guess you can't make fun of my tinfoil hat theories any longer

We are close to the end now---the stock market has finally realized that there is a real economy out here that is fucked and that their Little Richie Rich play trading and banking is useless---the Chinese call us irresponsible, Russia's Putin says we are economic parasites on the world's economy, debt ceiling debate shows the factual idiocy of our supposed leadership, unemployment compensation for hundreds of thousands will soon run out and our national bond economic rating----stable since 1917 at AAA is downgraded to a level which is equal to Belgium's. We were lucky in the fact that the truth did not truly will out in this bond rating process otherwise we'd be ranked with the Sudan since our infrastructure will soon be at the same level as theirs.

American's for all their bullshit talk of "don't tread on me" will not do the righteous thing. We never take to the streets in mass for our own defense as do the Europeans---we need to pull up cobblestones and throw them through the front windows of AIG's headquarters....we need to stone the limousines of the political cretins and bankers every time they pass us by----- exactly the way the English attacked Prince Charles's limo a couple of months ago----for all of our big Clint Eastwood talk we Americans are weaklings and the elite know it---that's why they are walking all over us.....dooming us to poverty and an old age of hunger and darkness.
We need to pick up a rock.

I am current reading Dark Ages America by Morris Berman. Although published in 2006 the thoughts and theories in this book are up to date and current, accurately describing our downfall process even 5 years later----proving Mr. Berman's theories and projections as truth. The book is an excellent reminder that the ignorance, stupidity, and religious fundamentalism of the Bush Administration is what caused our downfall to 3rd world status.

In the nightstand stack is Anarchism, a beginners guide by Ruth Kinna. Looking forward to starting this one. It is sort of hard to believe that there is a beginners guide to Anarchism? Sort of an Oxymoron in a way?

Viewed the Movie Source Code this past week and thought it excellent---the film focused on a theme of a recurring 8 minute time frame, the main character's very cool watch was often featured. A bit of research and I determined that the chronograph featured in the film is a Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic XLS MT--- runs about $700.000---- movie watches are always excellent but always expensive.....Although I have now acquired enough watches to cover my needs---my watch Otaku remains...

I know of no more disagreeable situation than to be left feeling generally angry without anybody in particular to be angry at.
Frank Moore Colby