Friday, August 19, 2011

I hate to advise this but throughout my life I knew, always knew there would be nothing there for me at the end....
JoJo would tell me what a pessimist I was. But honestly, I did know this...I am not saying this in a prideful way or as an attempt to appear as a big ole brain. I just knew it---the same as we all know inside when they speak to us claiming the truth, it is just more lies.
So we came to the conclusion that i will have to work forever---I am actually accepting of this and it is comforting to finally cast off the lies and propaganda. To rid myself of hope. There is always freedom in truth.

I am currently reading two books. The first, continuing my study of Anarchism is "The Art of Not being Governed" by James C. Scott.

The second "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline is a Post Cyber-Punk novel. At the moment I have only scratched the surface of both books but within the first 30 pages of both I feel as if I made good choices---I will review/advise on both when completed. Reading Anarchist Philosophy and Cyberpunk Dystopia appears to be the only way to stay sane faced with our current society.

A term used with frequency to describe our present economic depression is the lost decade. Economists are projecting a 10 year disturbance in the American economic force. This of course presupposes that we, as a nation, will survive. I cannot agree that we are in an economic depression that is a natural event. Our current economic disturbance is due to the fact that we are as a nation involved in economic class warfare---The rape and murder of the American middle class by the elites of wall street, banking and politics....This is no honest economic down turn...corporations are not failing---- they have posted record profits throughout these past 4 years. Corporations are depositing so much money Banks are charging them to hold it.....they are eliminating workers because they wish to increase profits to their fellow elites holding stock---not because they are in fear of collapse.
The goal of these elites is an America of only two classes---the rich and the desperate poor. Forcing us into a 3rd world status where their 1% of the population and their families rule it all..... Those with power and wealth want the rest of us crushed in mind, body, and spirit. They have transferred the entire national wealth into their pockets, our wealth...our security under the guise of an economic depression used to enslave us forever.

Wall street banks are full -----fed by Massive secret Government loan programs-- these same bankers foreclose on regular homeowners....Corporations pay no tax and we cut school lunch programs----Demands are made for cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid---but no budget cuts to the defense department or viable reductions in the two foreign wars our poor, young and uneducated fight for them...How can these actions be explained other than as a class war? You tell me....please.....there is no way to make this right is too late, the largest theft in the history of mankind has succeeded and as a population our masses are too stupid, brainwashed and lazy to understand what is happening....but these same elites cannot eat money---grow your own food, sell none but give away to others like us---start your own schools----create and personally manufacture something useful, trade the result with others for products you need. Set up co-ops for everything from health care to food production--- Do not invest in their companies and corporations---use your money to invest in physical products that will be of real use after the upcoming fall. This physical investment they cannot take away from you---The worst thing you can do to an asshole is to ignore them---and this is what we must do to our government, our banking system and the elites---ignore the processes that make them money--develop our own systems---and throw the rock at their Mercedes as they drive by. Refuse them, their system, stave them------

the newest sticker on my Prius

The Anarchists are simply unterrified Jeffersonian Democrats. They believe that 'the best government is that which governs least,' and that which governs least is no government at all.

Benjamin Tucker


David Scott said...

Don't know what to say. I have always felt that way but realize it is that the level you are talking about are invisible to the commoner like you and I.

What to do is the question? Usually if violence breaks out it is not the uber-rich that suffers but the common man. Reflect if you will on past riots rarely is it in the haunts of the rich but the poor.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against riots, but as the poster above says, it's the common man who suffers. In riots, BOTH sides are the common man. In fact, the cops are more "common" than the rest. What could be more "common" and ignorant than be the brute squad for the elite? How do you BECOME that? not being a member of the thinking class; by not having introspection; by not understand the true nature of things. Becoming a working-class Authoritarian, you are a traitor to you own class and a tool of your masters. What a horrible thing to be!

BTW, I really like your blog. How many people read it?


Warren said...

Hello Dboy--

thanks for the comment--I appreciate it---as to the number of people who read this--- no idea--but I'm very glad you did...
I think more and more of the success of brainwashing explains so much.