Monday, August 01, 2011

Well, I guess you can't make fun of my tinfoil hat theories any longer

We are close to the end now---the stock market has finally realized that there is a real economy out here that is fucked and that their Little Richie Rich play trading and banking is useless---the Chinese call us irresponsible, Russia's Putin says we are economic parasites on the world's economy, debt ceiling debate shows the factual idiocy of our supposed leadership, unemployment compensation for hundreds of thousands will soon run out and our national bond economic rating----stable since 1917 at AAA is downgraded to a level which is equal to Belgium's. We were lucky in the fact that the truth did not truly will out in this bond rating process otherwise we'd be ranked with the Sudan since our infrastructure will soon be at the same level as theirs.

American's for all their bullshit talk of "don't tread on me" will not do the righteous thing. We never take to the streets in mass for our own defense as do the Europeans---we need to pull up cobblestones and throw them through the front windows of AIG's headquarters....we need to stone the limousines of the political cretins and bankers every time they pass us by----- exactly the way the English attacked Prince Charles's limo a couple of months ago----for all of our big Clint Eastwood talk we Americans are weaklings and the elite know it---that's why they are walking all over us.....dooming us to poverty and an old age of hunger and darkness.
We need to pick up a rock.

I am current reading Dark Ages America by Morris Berman. Although published in 2006 the thoughts and theories in this book are up to date and current, accurately describing our downfall process even 5 years later----proving Mr. Berman's theories and projections as truth. The book is an excellent reminder that the ignorance, stupidity, and religious fundamentalism of the Bush Administration is what caused our downfall to 3rd world status.

In the nightstand stack is Anarchism, a beginners guide by Ruth Kinna. Looking forward to starting this one. It is sort of hard to believe that there is a beginners guide to Anarchism? Sort of an Oxymoron in a way?

Viewed the Movie Source Code this past week and thought it excellent---the film focused on a theme of a recurring 8 minute time frame, the main character's very cool watch was often featured. A bit of research and I determined that the chronograph featured in the film is a Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic XLS MT--- runs about $700.000---- movie watches are always excellent but always expensive.....Although I have now acquired enough watches to cover my needs---my watch Otaku remains...

I know of no more disagreeable situation than to be left feeling generally angry without anybody in particular to be angry at.
Frank Moore Colby

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David Scott said...

I am with you on the attitude of the average USA citizen. We are way to concern about whether anyone will be our friend on Facebook and not on what is right.