Friday, September 28, 2012

Weierstrass Function

50.2 mpg for a commute average this week with the Prius--a few good evenings pushed me barely up to and over the 50 mpg line but i will take what i can get cause for me 50 mpg weekly average is the holy grail to the weekly commute. Back off me man, I'm a scientist.

I have another one full week of store bought smokes left before i switch to hand rolled only cigarettes---looking forward to it in an experimental way---like one of those medical monkeys they teach to chain smoke ---- but i must develop all new protocols involving smoking---that's the tough part.  

My reading has suffered greatly. A daily agenda of up at 0430, off to work by 0600 return from work at 5:00 PM and bed by 7:30 pm only to start over again the next day--reading is something i have been attempting  to fit in where and when i can--when other matters rear their head into those 2 hours per day of personal free time reading suffers and that is it's status at the moment---i force myself to understand that reading must come and go---and I have to flow along. At the moment reading is in the gone stage......

This year's SAT reading scores are the lowest they have been in 40 years. Many plausible reasons are given--my personal theory is lack of mean Nuns. Nuns in grade school were vicious but.....I can read and therefore can accomplish anything i set my mind to and write...and in a straight line---Nuns..mean Nuns we should draft them if there are not enough signing up-----

Consider it a sign to run, when the Pastor actually dies during your wedding ceremony---no where to go but downhill from that point. 

I am still out of politics, but I gotta say this is just great...

I am on the search for a Beret like his in the video--
gotta have one.

My adopted state can be amazing at times---below is a link to an article on our recent State Fair this year. New Mexico is a state where the fair is important--lots of farming/ranching people---people who raise and keep big animals live in New Mexico---

So the Fair is a big Deal for Agricultural people---and the State Fair is apparently the place to pay for some strange as well since the link below takes you to an article on the 85 arrests for prostitution made at our recent State Fair---what did they run a tent with somebody like huggy bear from Starsky and Hutch out in front of it servicing the random passer-by or what???
Is it just me or does 85 prostitution arrests at an annual State Fair in a State that has 2.3 people per square mile seem a bit well--unusual? It is just New Mexico, not new and Improved Mexico as a friend of mine used to say....

There has been another loss to the Royal Household--the Queen's Royal hand washer has died at 82 (see the link).  Why was i not informed by my high school guidance counselor that these types of jobs existed??? But sadly yes the royal hand washer has passed after a lifetime of service--although for the past bunch of years his duties only involved writing a letter to the Queen advising her he was available for hand washing if she needed him.....which would have made me want this job even more......

In regards to a previous posting I made on discovering the Queen of England has a "Dog Boy" official position, I believe i may have located a photo of said person--

Worked on tool organization and detailing a diorama this week in my little modeling world. My wondrous wooden machinist tool chests came in and i was in nerd heaven filling the drawers, with tools, arranging have no concept of how pleasing this is unless you are somewhere on the OCD spectrum range...

This weekend i am planning on finishing a diorama i have been on and off working and when finished may post a photo---diorama's are never really finished...there is always more and more and more detail to add...and meanwhile i am constantly learning and creating a better product so there is always the "I need to redo this" factor.  At any rate, once i add a bit more background scene detail, another figure and one more vehicle, a motorcycle, i will have to declare it completed. I have also been working on how to protect my finished products from the dreaded nerd cave dust---at 1/35 scale and fragile preventing dust is an absolute...I ordered a clear Plexiglas type storage bin--with the concept of covering this diorama or even possibly two with this clear case...I may have to cut off handles or modify it in some manner but this process is much cheaper than purchasing the model display cases offered for this problem--like i say this is an experiment right now and I'll advise on the outcome....I am intending a photo session when i get some of these projects worked to the point that they are viable subject matter to use the camera on.

"I am not crazy, my mother had me tested."
Dr. Sheldon Cooper

Friday, September 21, 2012

Harmonic Series Diverges

A fairly quiet week--49.1 mpg for the Prius, the weather here is constantly improving until it begins to get wintry---feeling my age this week...and every punch I've ever taken---but i managed to keep getting along....

I just ordered two wooden machinists chests as displayed below..( Cheap Chinese copies of course I could never afford the real ones)---to enable me to keep my modeling supplies, and projects available in the cottage dining room to work on. Packing and unpacking everything every weekend was time consuming..this way i can simply seal up these furniture like storage boxes and leave them out with none the wiser.....Eat you heart out Ozzie !!!

We recently had a friend visit for two weeks, not only was it excellent to see her but it pushed us to accomplish cleaning and organizing around the homestead that usually gets lost in daily life...Things like cleaning, organizing and washing down the front and back porches---so having people visit is an excellent motivator for projects. I even rebuilt the bargain BBQ my JoJo obtained described in previous postings----

There were some things that we could not accomplish on our in, we are still awaiting the solar panel installation crew--as of this writing....and there is apparently no pushing the outcome of when they will arrive---it is something we just have to accept. All of our vehicles are recently maintained and now need cleaning and detailing by me....which I hope to start this week. As the weather here in New Mexico begins to cool i hope to get additional outside work completed prior to the arrival of winter....

with the arrival of winter i will be shelling pecans and making cigarettes indoors. We have pretty much decided to switch over to hand rolled smokes after the success of the first batch I made up without any difficulty last weekend....this would be most excellent, reducing our monthly expenses by a huge amount and giving us one additional level of independence. The garden is pretty much done for soon---giving up only squash and pumpkins now, but it is perfect timing for the garden to go out gracefully. Other than vehicle cleaning, geezer weather station updating, and tearing apart my big shortwave radio--I am actually almost close to being on top of things for once...and it's a good feeling.

Any Religious Fundamentalist sucks---with the exception of the Amish. I give the Amish a pass on this statement---a "new thing" I've noticed commuting to work here in Southeastern New Mexico is the placement of crosses in people's front yards. Small white crosses have appeared in the front of several houses alongside of my commute---the first ones i saw I thought were for little pet graves or something until enough of them popped up in so many yards to make it clear even to a pagan like myself that these people were trying to say something--as in, hey--- here's a sign that  Christians live here-----as with the fish symbol on the back of the soccer mom's SUV as she races to walmart....

The owner of a Pecan Grove on my commute route, had to outdo everyone by putting up a huge, gigantic cross covered in lights in his farm yard ....sort of a Help me Jesus Helipad kinda thing going on, blinding passing traffic with this symbol....Muslim or Christian is immaterial when it comes to the stupidity of fundamentalists---Proud they are that there is no brain activity involved in anything they do---and they cover their weirdness by throwing around the words from old dusty books to cover their killing, abuse of others and attempt to change the world around them to the way their fantasy wants it.

I absolutely hate seeing animals dead alongside the road any animal--killed by passing vehicles--I just hate it---it is not because i have a soft heart---or a good soul---as a famous man once said "I'll kill a man in a fair fight, or if i think he's gonna start a fair fight".  I hate it and it disturbs me for what it represents our selfish destruction of life because we are late for the sale at walmart..these animals killed by us in huge quantities on the roadways are only trying to get by within the range of human stupidity--and we cannot even allow them to cross a roadway without them dying for no reason.....this is why i get upset at any roadkill---it is a sign of our selfishness...our stupidity....our slavery to speed---add to this of course that studies have shown that 6% of American drivers will purposefully change course and aim at a realistically stuffed bunny placed in the roadway shows us for what we really are killers for no true reason.
We shall soon learn tho that we will be the animals in the roadway facing the oncoming destruction we have created---let's see how we feel about it then.

JoJo and I just finished viewing year 4 of the Son's of Anarchy. We are behind a year because of no commercial TV in the house which means we must wait for rental DVD releases...but the wait was worth it all. I consider the Son's of Anarchy the one viable commercial Television show available. A soap opera with guns motorcycles and fat, hairy, dangerous guys it is---make no mistake...but it features excellent writing and acting. There is also to me the enjoyment of watching, even fictitious individuals, do exactly what they want to do, at all times with complete disregard for the rules of society or the Law. I find their complete disregard of society wondrous. Although prison or death things do happen because of this disregard, at least it happens because of actions they took knowingly and willingly. I would have never in my wildest imagination have believed a show like this could be done on commercial Television with it's whore like pandering to any and all groups of religious righteousness that shout loudly at them. For once I am proud of the medium for creating something like this....who'd thought?

The recent ancient piece of papyrus talks about Jesus's wife---that should stir up the pot of the born again....
Apparently so far this piece of writing has passed all the required tests for historical accuracy and is close to being considered a real relic..

My favorite company, probably still secretly run by my favorite human Dick Cheney helps out America again---by losing the below illustrated, radioactive cylinder oil tool--- somewhere in Texas..What i really enjoy is that Halliburton's press release shown in the link, says it's no danger to the public unless---
YOU GET WITHIN 25 FEET OF IT! Bah! I Imagine that right now this thing is being used somewhere in Texas to prop up a swing set used in an illegal trailer park day care or something---Halliburton and Cheney--the gift that just keeps on giving......

Three New Zealand soldiers were killed in Afghanistan recently...the watch this link---- shows their unit doing the Maori Haka for brave warriors who die in combat..the men welcoming their departed home are all colors and and i am sure all religions---it does not matter as they honor their fallen in the traditional manner....inspiring and saddening at the same moment.

"If a man's wit be wandering, let him study the mathematics."
Francis Bacon

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Csaszar Polyhedron

This was a somewhat quiet week---several days of rain---which is unusual here in New Mexico for us brightened the week up---we are probably the only people who are happy when it is dark and rainy. 
Work was work with no surprises for a change...this was also good...I have some odd jobs around the homestead to complete while we STILL await the solar panel installers---construction is always at their pace, not your own. 
With the change to cooler temperatures a small drop in weekly MPG to be expected. 
I'm not writing about the election or Libya---both of which are the result of the cauldron of insanity we now exist within...there can be no sense made of anything any longer...and there should be no attempt to try. 

I've finished my Italian Breda gun truck--I still have to take photo's however, sorry, and am preparing to start my next project the CV3/L3/35 Italian tankette--a two man, very small tank, this style light tank at one point the Europeans believed to be the future of armored warfare---the Italians fought in them until 1943 !! all the while out-gunned and out designed by the world powers around them....
Myself, the Oz and a friend Bruce are talking of starting a armor modeler's club here in town to meet drink coffee and talk about our shared hobby. I am not good at these types of things, groups, but the hold on me that modeling has obtained is demonstrated by me really wanting to do this....strange behavior for a hermit like myself....I'd better watch out or else i might become  actually sociable. 

I am so proud of my, cheesy, $40.00 perimeter alarm works perfectly. No false alarms, no problems other than I imagine every few years I will have to replace the system due to weather attacking the sensors---but at that price i have no problem with that issue. It feels good to figure out how to adapt something cheap to fulfill a need and have it work.....

Today i am going to make my first attempt at rolling my own cigarettes with a both a fight against blackmail capitalism and as part of the ongoing attempt to determine a method by which we can afford to smoke when retired--- I have no predetermined concept of how to do this--or what the end result will be---but I am going to have at it--we've obtained tobacco (which we plan on growing ourselves later) a rolling machine, papers, filters, and cases to carry our homemaders with us....I'm really interested in seeing and trying the results...Jed Clampet here i come. 

The link below takes one to a CNN article on how terrorism numerically does not really exist--domestic extremists create more deaths than our supposed national Bogey man, the Muslim fundamentalist...Since 2001 19 Americans died by domestic extremist individuals or groups. 17 by supposed Jihadists, most of the Jihadist deaths were in the singular, US Army event at Fort Hood which killed 13...strange eh? So basically removing the US Army personnel deaths at the hands of one of their own...we are talking 4--4 citizens dead domestically since 2001 at the hands of individuals linked to overseas groups.
Think of the freedoms lost, the billions spent--against who or what? 

The FBI has been quietly working on developing a national, computer based facial recognition system. It is completed and was activated this week. Only 1 Billion dollars was spent on this system that combines facial recognition, voice printing, iris scans and DNA samples...Oh, by the way, it collects streaming data from public surveillance camera's constantly. 
Of course we have a billion dollars to spend on this--why should we insure our citizens have a decent life--tracking our citizens is much, much more important....

"In the absence of light, darkness prevails"
In Absentia Luci, Tenebrae Vincunt